China to be Given Financial Aid by U.S. as Part of Climate Change Agreement

So the U.N.’s embrace of Global Warming reaches its endgame: the bankruptcy and dissolution of the United States. From CNS News:

( – U.S. Special Envoy for Climate Change Todd Stern said that there was “no question” that China would receive both financial and technological assistance from the United States as part of upcoming climate change talks to be conducted in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“This is a developing country issue, which includes China,” Stern told reporters on Friday.  “I think there is no question that a Copenhagen agreement is going to have to include mechanisms to provide the financial flows and technological assistance to developing countries.”

The Copenhagen talks are part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC), the U.N. body responsible for negotiating the Kyoto Protocol and its successor treaty, negotiation of which will be finalized in Copenhagen this December.

China, called a developing country by the U.N., is being given a special definition by U.S. negotiators who want any final agreement to reflect that despite its vast swaths of undeveloped rural countryside, China is rapidly urbanizing, boasting fully modern cities. Stern outlined this split personality, saying China was “both” a developed and a “developing” country.

“I’ve said on a number of occasions now that it’s accurate that China is in effect both a developed and a developing country at this point,” said Stern. “They are developed in some of their major cities, Beijing and Shanghai, but they’re still developing and still quite poor in a large part of the countryside.”

Regardless, the United States will be spreading the wealth China’s way, helping them to meet whatever final carbon emissions reduction goals come out of Copenhagen.

“It [assistance] needs to focus both on mitigation – the means of producing your CO2 emissions, putting you on a low carbon path – and adaptation, which has to do with dealing with the effects of climate change that has already happened,” said Stern, then, “yes, there will need to be those [assistance] mechanisms.”

Those mechanisms will no doubt include some sort of payments to China annually from a country whose economy is already crumbling. We can’t afford this treaty and the U.N. knows it.

4 thoughts on “China to be Given Financial Aid by U.S. as Part of Climate Change Agreement

  1. This is just plan stupid. I highly doubt China will follow the Kyoto Treaty rules, as they’d prefer to be the only power in the Pacific.

    Likewise, I also believe the USA should adopt more pro-business friendly laws in the USA and more anti-union laws. It’d also prevent our businesses from also heading over to China and not make us feel guilty. That whenever we criticize China for its human rights abuses, we’re ironically subsidizing them.

    I also got some commentary of the Communist-controlled ALF-CIO supporting phony former Red Chinese moderates, while open Leftist shills call that “imperialism”.

  2. mah29001,

    I agree with you, unlike the Obama administration, the chi coms aren’t that naive. In fact, I think they’ll play obama for a fool. Most likely they’ll either use the money to oppress and spy on their own people, or build up their military.

  3. They won’t use it to clean up any enviramental mess that they’ve made. They care far more about staying in power, than clean air, clean water, or global warming.

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