Muslim Brotherhood Subversion of Conservative Politics

This video presentation by Frank Gaffney talks about MB subversion and infiltration of both the Bush and Obama administrations but his warning is aimed squarely at conservatives who still inexplicably pal around with Brotherhood operatives like Suhil Khan. Part of a larger presentation put together by The Center for Security Policy. Via Jawa Report:

2 thoughts on “Muslim Brotherhood Subversion of Conservative Politics

  1. It looks as if America is always the victim, Cinderella in the evil world. What about American infiltration and destruction of other countries; America has troops in 127 countries at the moment. Who is next, which country, on your “Hit List”?

  2. Most Americans would be glad to have our troop withdraw from Europe and all UN peace keeping missions, as well as withdrawing from the UN completely. Every time we float the idea people like you cry about having to spend your own money on defense. Since we’re broke we will be withdrawing from all the world – good luck with Russia, China and the Muslim Brotherhood as the superpowers exerting influence in Europe and the Middle east. It’s not like Russia just threatened to nuke Poland or anything.

    Also have fun when we can no long give the lion’s share of funding to the IMF and UN. That’s going to work out great.

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