Ground Squirrel with Bubonic Plague Found in California

Plague has been in Arizona and other Mexican border states for a while so this isn’t surprising. One of the problems with an open border is that people who cross illegally aren’t screened for diseases that are uncommon here but common in the third world hell holes they are sensibly fleeing. If liberals really cared about these “undocumented workers” they’d want them screened and treated with good old-fashioned American medicine. What they really care about is creating an impoverished underclass that will vote them into power.

But I digress.

As the economy gets worse people are going to be tempted into subsistence hunting of small game. Doing so in California may be dangerous so be aware:

A ground squirrel found in the Cedar Grove Campground on Palomar Mountain has tested positive for plague, San Diego County health officials announced Thursday.

Officials found the infected animal during routine monitoring, county environmental health officials said. Humans can catch the often-fatal disease if they are bitten by infected fleas.

On Wednesday there were no reports of humans catching plague in San Diego County, officials said.

Officials said it’s not unusual to find plague in local mountains during the summer. People should look for warning signs posted in areas where plague has been found.

People visiting the wilderness in mountain should avoid contact with wild animals, especially if they’re sick or dead, avoid camping by animal burrows, and treat pets for fleas or leave them at home.

Anyone who has a sudden fever, chills, or tender, swollen lymph nodes within a week of visiting a known plague area should see a doctor immediately, officials advised.

It’s a sad state of affairs when the government is claiming that bubonic plague is not uncommon in the mountainous regions of America.

h/t Extinction Protocol