When One Hate Crime Just Isn’t Enough

Islam has a built in prejudice against Gays and Blacks, especially in any fundamentalist or literal interpretation of the tradition. The problem with Islam is that it is an Arab Supremacist ideology which holds that Arab language and culture are sacred and other cultures are blasphemous to Allah. While Europe Slept and The Legacy of Arab Islam in Africa are two excellent books that deal with those respective issues quite thoroughly.

Here’s an example of that attitude in action. Two Muslims, both of whom were in the country illegally, were just Westernized enough to do a little drinking and drugging for recreation. At some point they came across two gay men and attacked them after berating them for being gay.

When the two Muslims were picked up by police, including several Black officers, the Muslims repeatedly called them “Nigger’ and demanded to let go. Religion of Peace indeed:


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