Thanks for Making Us Look Good Harlem

As if Pam Spaulding and Francis Holland (read his comments) weren’t cringe worthy enough in their slavish obedience to the pet causes White liberals, including getting the Bi-racial son of a Kenyan Communist who was raised by a White family in a Muslim country elected the first “Black” president, Black folk in Harlem have given every American with ties to the Black community a new reason to shake our heads ruefully and dream of what could have been:


Oy. Almost all these people are fairly conservative if you take them at their word, so at best they’ve been bamboozled by White liberals who are taking advantage of them, but that can be only half the equation.

As I was saying in conversation just recently the Black community allows White Liberals (and Marxists) to dictate to them what to think through their well paid surrogates like Communist shill Jesse Jackson and race baiting riot monger Al Sharpton.

Roy Innis and CORE has always had a much more positive role in both Black empowerment and racial equality and certainly a more positive message that worked to lift Blacks from poverty while Jackson and Sharpton (and Spaulding and Holland) continue to work to keep Blacks dependent on the non-existent largess of White Liberalism which has at it’s core the White Supremacist philosophy of Marxism.

More than 30 years of cultural and intellectual Liberalism, pumped into the Black community by the venomous fangs of White Marxist teachers, “community organizers”and their Judas lackies has decimated Africa-Americans. And now these same people look away as the new favored minorities, Latinos and Muslims, exterminate Blacks in racist pogroms and vicious hate crimes that people like Spaulding and Holland never report on. Holland has told me directly that he will never report on Latino hate crimes against Blacks because it “won’t get Obama elected.”

Meanwhile Black folk don’t even know what the Democrat platform is. Instead too many Blacks, including many in my own family, simply vote the way some White guy told Al Sharpton to tell them to vote. What happened to self-determination? What happened to pride?

They were beaten out of Black folks on the new plantations of the north: the White run educational system.

Free yourselves! If you want to vote Obama I understand that but at least know what his policies are. There are people alive today who risked their lives for you to be able to fully participate in the system without being beholden to White interest so the least you can do is take five goddamn minutes out of your day to learn what candidate supports the majority of your views.

2 thoughts on “Thanks for Making Us Look Good Harlem

  1. “vote the way some White guy told Al Sharpton to tell them to vote.”

    Are you kidding? You blaming Whites for Al Sharpton?

    Typical black whining. Al Sharpton is your problem.

  2. Spoken like a racist Liberal. What does “typical Black whining” mean? Is it typical for Bi-racial people to say that the Black community needs to distance themselves from the ideology that has destroyed them or is it just typical that you get irritated with Black folk and decide to insult them?

    Sharpton shills for Democrats. The Democrats are owned by Whites, like Dean, Soros etc. Thus Sharpton is working for them, not Black Americans.

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