A Short Response to “ilyka” of Pandagon

Dear Hysterical White Undergrad,

I read your response to my recent post about the plight of 150,000 Iranian women arrested the other day and it was very droll madam. Very droll indeed. It does leave me with several questions, however. Perhaps you could address them in yet another homophobic straw man post.

1) You imply several times that I’m gay. So what if I am? Does it relate to the plight of these 150,000 women?

2) You claim that I’m calling for an invasion of Iran and that such an invasion would include Christians raping and killing Muslim women. I’m not advocating an invasion, just a speaking out against these arrests. International pressure has worked before to save young Iranian women from draconian punishments, and it could work again. But only if people speak out.

Also, not being a Christian myself I won’t defend them or take offense at the dig. But do you know for certain the rapists in the referenced story are Christians? Isn’t it just as possible that, coming from a religiously pluralistic society, they’re Hindu or Neo-Pagan or Atheists or even (gasp) Muslims?

3) Your implication that as a man I just accept or promote rape would be like me saying that as a White person you just write off the women in Iran, or Darfur or Thailand, or that you save your most vicious attacks for people who aren’t White. Is that fair?

4) Our young elite worship a fictional serial killer? Your link went to Salon’s front page so I’m not sure, but if you’re saying what I think you’re saying isn’t that bit of rhetoric, shall we say, overwrought?

5) Why the history lesson on suffrage in Canada? Why the whole VAGINA application vignette? Are you saying that I can’t be concerned about Iranian women unless I read a bunch of books written by White women? Is the whole satire in that section based on the idea that unless I feel for the “suffering” of rich White people who point out how awful people other than themselves have it I have no right to ask why ALL Americans aren’t appalled by Iran’s arrest of 150,000 women for dress code violations.

Perhaps you can explain why calling me a gay, rape-loving, Christian atrocity apologist is more acceptable than me saying, “Hey, where’s the outrage over this or that” but rather than force you into some sort of introspection, I’ll answer for you.

You’re a spoiled rich White child who is offended not because I did something wrong, but because you believe that by virtue of the color of your skin and how you voted last November you have the absolute right to not be criticized. Your inflated sense of entitlement, the product of permissive parenting and coddling throughout your life, makes it impossible for you to disagree with someone without vilifying them, or calling them gay or writing “motherfucker” somewhere. Like a 12-year-old who didn’t get the Jared Leto poster they wanted for Christmas from their waspy, distant parents you vomit forth as much venom as you can muster in an effort not to really get what you claim to want (Conservative men to agree with your version of Feminism) but out of the desire to hurt others who have the temerity to point out your own hypocrisy and almost destroy the carefully crafted self-delusion you have of being oppressed, radical and righteous.

UPDATE: ilyka apologized. I appreciate that and will admit I wrote the above before reading her apology.

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  1. I’d say more libs are insane than conservatives…

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe hates
    to see womens’ skin…

    gives Muslim men tent in pants
    they may grab and pounce like cats

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