Dear Mr. Moreco … I Mean Moredock: Why Bloggers Get Dragged Down Into The Gutter.

So I posted a screed about Ward Churchill, thinking I’ve really done something clever by attacking something different then the usual stuff. After all, how many times can you say someone is an America hating commie? I get a comment defending Churchill, and guess what? It’s some sort of form hate mail from some dude I’ve never heard off.

Though to be fair he’s likely never heard of me. But that’s not the point.

The point is he didn’t even read my post,my lovingly crafted post that managed to combine anti-Communism, Black Power and the pretentious disdain for academia in one offensive post. This guy sends me a form letter that’s also sent to like a dozen other Bloggers (including Michele Malkin, so I’m in good company) that’s basically saying that I should apologize to Churchill for calling him white.

Now, the most important point for me is that this guy really didn’t read my post, because I’m vain. But now I’m also angry because this person’s offended that I called some white guy white. I get called white all the time, it doesn’t bother me, but then again I don’t hate white people.

So Mr. Moredock sends me his form comment that basically says that if I can’t take Russel Means’ word for it that Ward Churchill is an Indian, I’ve “got the ethical intelligence of a fucking woodpile”, because a man who claims to be 1/16th Cherokee, doesn’t like being called white. Mind you my Mother’s Black, I grew up in an all Black household, and I don’t get all misty-eyed if someone calls me white, but Churchill, and his cheerleader, are all aghast by my tremendous faux pas of calling some white guy white.

Now I’m angry, so I comment on Mr. Moredock’s Blog. First sentence: “You clearly didn’t read my post”

That’s what’s important. See I realized something when I saw that long whinny comment on my blog, that all Internet feuds are caused by one thing and one thing only. Vanity.

This Moredock fellow may or may not have a valid point, and I frankly don’t care, but if he’s going to come after me he could have the decency to actually read my blog. I mean good f’n God man, I spent at least ten minutes pouring my heart out about some guy I don’t know in a post on this backwater blog, take the time to read the damn thing.

And when I get some hate mail, I’d like it to be aimed at me specifically, not every person who’s every mentioned Ward Churchill.

Damn commies.

2 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Moreco … I Mean Moredock: Why Bloggers Get Dragged Down Into The Gutter.

  1. “John Moredock” and “Charley Arthur” are two of Churchill’s online sock puppets. The man is mentally illl, and cannot distinguish truth from fiction.

  2. Mr. Taylor, I read your postings on with interest and left many of my own. As someone who is comfortable being white, I have nothing but contempt for these self-hating liberal white people, particularly the ones, like Churchill, who actually pretend to be a minority. There is nothing more pathetic than this type of gross self-loathing.

    Charley Arthur is definitely Ward Churchill. I am not sure about John Moredock, but I do know both names are pseudonyms, and they are a bunch of spineless cowards. It is impossible to debate phonies who hide behind fake names and facts. I am going to take a long shower, disinfect myself, and try to forget I ever came into contact with such a bunch of losers.

    Good comments, I enjoyed them even if arguing with those mindless cretins is a form of water torture.

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