Democratic Underground Forum Plagued By David Duke Supporters!

DU Moderators have their hands full repelling an all out incursion of their forums by supporters of American hating traitor David Duke. At least that’s the narrative the DUer’s use to explain the virtual civil war that’s broken out on their boards over Duke, the infamous Holocaust Denial conference and support for both by “anti-Zionists” who have finally shown their true colors to their well meaning but gullible liberal cohorts.

Hot Air has a screen cap that shows the frustration of a moderator who really doesn’t understand why viciously anti-American anti-Semites were turning up on the DU board, but of course many of us have stated before that anti-Zionism and sympathy for radical Islam, both staples of DU ideology, attract National Socialists and other assorted scum like honey attracts maggot-infested flies. The flies in my metaphor are the souls of the anti-Semites by the way.

The DU members, in their zeal to be “progressive” have tapped into the dark progressivism that began to develop in the early part of the 20th century and led ultimately to World War II. The desire for a state, perhaps an international one, that would be the arbiter of morality, that would be responsible for the planning of the economy and the social structures that were the foundation of society, that would act as parent to citizens from cradle to grave, is a powerful Utopian vision for some. For others it is a promise of the destruction and evil they crave to be visited onto “undesirable” groups, the chance for mere bureaucrats to actually hold the power of life and death in their hands. The “perfect society” of progressives offers the worst of us the means to bring our most evil desires into fruition.

The price those who would remake our country, our world, even humanity itself, must pay is the attention, and too often the allegiance, of those who make the idea of remaking society seem like a good one in the first place.

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