A dangerous alliance: Chavez, Islam and the Aryan Nations

A new “popular front” has been forming that should worry every American. White Supremacist organizations have been loitering on the fringes of radical left politics for decades, but open displays of loyalty amongst such groups were considered taboo until now.

It is a widely held misconception that organizations like the Aryan Nations or the Ku Klux Klan are right-wing, pro-American groups but they are not. They are dedicated to the destruction of the United States and will ally themselves with anyone to further their aims.

The so-called “Kreis faction” of the Aryan Nations voice their solidarity with Chavez on their web site’s front page, as well their reasoning for why they believe like-minded groups should support the Bolivarian Revolution. If you scroll to the bottom you’ll also notice the first of many nods they give to their Wahibist comrades.

While most decent Americans know that there are no depths these traitors won’t stoop to in pursuit of their seditious desires, the alliance formed between the Aryan Nations and Muslim terrorists is shocking at first glance. The official position of the Nations these days is that conversion to Islam is not only acceptable, but also compatible with their National Socialist ideology. Their main page displays a YouTube video purportedly made by Iraqi insurgents as well as justifications for Jihad. Their forum has an Islamic section, and they link to both Turkish Nazi/Islamism sites and the disgraceful Radio Islam web site.

The Nations are kind enough to provide this link to put their love of Islam into historical context.

Given the predilection of groups like the Aryan Nations to violence, their association with radical Islam goes beyond unseemly, it is dangerous. Their attempts to unite with the “new left” Chavez supporters is also an issue citizens should be concerned with. It is only a matter of time before these traitors in our midst act on their twisted beliefs at the behest of one of their newfound allies; vigilance is our only deterrence.

Citizens, it is up to you. Report any activity by the Aryan nations or like-minded groups that seem suspicious to your local authorities or to the F.B.I. Your safety, and that of your loved ones could be at risk.

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