This is Red Alerts

Thank you for visiting Red Alerts, and welcome. Red Alerts is dedicated to protecting America and all its peoples from forces both internal and external that would destroy our way of life. Here you will find reports on the activities of organizations whose core goals are at odds with the principals of freedom and individual rights that are the cornerstone of our republic. Many of these groups openly declare their hope to overthrow our government, but just as many hide their true motives under a veneer of “advocacy.”

Because of this, Red Alerts will be attacked by those exposed here. Red Alerts is not a partisan project, nor do we espouse the usual divisive politics that many websites trade in. Red Alerts does not make the case that Democrats or Liberals are the enemy; far from it Red Alerts position is that all Americans should be united, no matter what their political persuasions, in a stand against fascism, totalitarianism, and Marxism.

We welcome civil debate and hope you enjoy our site.