Charles Barron Calls For “Regime Change” In NYC

Communist agitator Charles Barron, a supporter of anti-American comintern project A.N.S.W.E.R. and disciple of genocidal dictator Robert Mugabe, continues his call for a “regime change” in New York’s highest levels of government. The former Black Panther, who’s been the source of controversy because of his unabashedly racist platforms, is using the shooting death of Sean Bell last month as a platform from which to launch his attacks of “White capitalism” which he and his supporters believe are the root of all evil.

Barron’s thinly veiled threats of violence form his supporters if he doesn’t “get action” on his issues has alarmed many in Gotham, and the angry reaction to another police shooting, this time of a 19 year old man who fired a gun at officers, have further inflamed tensions, and worries that Barron’s rhetoric, aimed at causing a French style intifada, is working.