The Occupation In France

Large swaths of France are occupied by Islamic insurgents who won’t let police or other government agencies operate in safety. Dhimmi Watch links to this Daniel Pipes blog post that translates the French government’s own reports which list 751 “Sensitive Urban Areas” where the French Muslims have total control. The French have a listing of the occupied areas here which breaks down the occupation zone street by street and has handy maps with the Muslim controlled areas highlighted in red.

Towns such as Marseilles have more than ten zones deemed sensitive, and a thorough perusal of the maps (carte) on the list will leave you feeling depressed. France is crumbling quickly, unable to bring order into their own cities. The zones are expanding, and will merge in some places in a matter of years.

How long will it be until American troops are needed to liberate France again. A decade? Perhaps two decades? What is sure is that France, and Europe, as we have known it is gone and a Third World War is already being fought in the suburbs of Paris.