Patriotism Vs. Pedophilia: Can You Guess Where YouTube Stands?

A good hustler goes with whatever sells, and the boys at YouTube, as I’ve pointed out before, like to sell. Patriotism doesn’t get YouTube’s base into the buying mood the way a 13-15 year old girl shaking her ass does, so the ratio of “flagged” videos leans heavily on the conservative side.

About a week ago, Dean Esmay servitor Queen of All Evil posted a story about yet another YouTube travesty this time involving James Hooker. The very entertaining James put a video full of patriotic images on YouTube accompanied by one of his songs. It was immediately flagged. Dean and wife of course have much to say, and were promptly embroiled in one of those comment board arguments that you’re usually embarrassed to have been involved in later. Surprisingly enough Dean called someone an idiot.

What Dean’s missed in this is that while “intolerant liberals” may have flagged Hooker’s video, YouTube chooses not to censor material people have flagged all the time. More importantly, it’s not what the YouTube community flags that’s important, it’s what they don’t flag that should upset us all. The same YouTubers that flagged Hooker don’t flag pre-teens acting out sexually, Jihadist propaganda and anti-Semitic rants. That patriotism offends them, but sexually exploiting teenagers doesn’t should cause us all alarm.

Below are a selection of things Youtube viewers find appropriate, if the fact that these videos are considered less offensive then some guy loving his country doesn’t sicken you, you’ve a stronger constitution then I. I personally flagged one, can you guess which one it was?




By far the worst offender is Prince Of Misery who uses YouTube to market his underage porn blog brought to you by the good folks at google.

The middle video was posted by a user who runs a “teen modeling” site. Teen modeling sites were of course on the fore front producing child porn that just barely stayed on the right side of legal by putting pre-teen girls in bikinis and thongs and claiming they were “developing a portfolio”, while selling the D.V.D.’s of the photo session to perverts. John Walsh exposed these scams on his now defunct daytime show, but they’re still around, and have a whole new venue at YouTube.