I Just Got a Death Threat from a Pot Smoking Alex Jones Groupie

Pot smokers are funny. On the one hand they claim their drug of choice is different than other drugs, and that I can’t claim they are addicts like some meth head. On the other hand, unlike said meth head it is only the pot smokers who send me death threats, and oddly, almost all chronic pot smokers are conspiracy theorists, including Andrew Sullivan.

Anyway I jumped on the computer to check my email and make sure no spam was on my sites when I found this message on a post I wrote about Andy Dick getting high and groping a seventeen year old girl:

OMF Rob Taylor is a cock smudge said,

on September 13th, 2009 at 10:01 am

firstly….Rob Taylor is a total and complete fucking ignoramous and should just be put out of his misssery with a big old rusty machete to the throte and then spat in the face for being so ignorant. Rob i really do feel sorry for you because you think your the shit and you know it all but truth be told buddy your fucking wrong! and you will live a sad unforfilling meaningless life until you realize that you must allow your beliefs to change as new knowledge is aquired and only then wil you understand uour path in life and it sure as motherfucking pie isnt to sit on a blog all fucking day or night or watever and spread the social decline of ignorance to the masses……..so now that i have sed my say i bid you farewell and as a succecful punk rock musician would do i aslo say….Fuck You Rob Taylor and may you enjoy your sad existance =)

Ah yes, successful punk rock musician Joe Manik (surely you’ve heard of him!) who in previous email correspondence had told me he is a successful office worker at a shipping company (reach for the stars Joe!) but in reality is an unemployed conspiracy theorist as his own blogspot profile, which he’s linked to, explains.

But readers will want a little back story on Joe “Machete killer” Manik which will explain his over the top reaction as well as why he can’t put together coherent sentences. A few days ago Z.A.C linked to a YouTube video teaser for a documentary being made that will expose effeminate alleged pill popping coke head con artist Alex Jones which showed footage of the “man” stalking, intimidating and harassing Michelle Malkin on the streets of Washington D.C.

There I made the boilerplate point that a man shouldn’t harass women. Which of course Alex Jones fans disagreed with. You can see my comments there posted under the name Hellfireblogs.

After that I received several all caps emails to my YouTube channel’s inbox claiming that I was evil, fat and should have my ass kicked. Somewhat out of left field, the messages also spent a lot of time complaining about my stance on pot. My response was measured and courteous, as you can imagine, and just as I was becoming bored with the whole thing someone (with similarly stunted English and logic skills) posted my Andy Dick piece on this pro-drug abuse forum. At which point Manik brought his freakout party here and you can go through the comments and see our interaction. You’ll notice that his behavior escalates unreasonably, almost as if there’s something wrong with him.

The point here isn’t that I take this implied threat seriously, although I believe he would try to kill me if given the chance (I just don’t think he could) but to point out that the only thing it takes to get a pot head violent is to criticize either his drug use or the paranoid fantasy life his drug use causes. Juxtapose this to “hard” drug users. I have known several in my life time and without exception all simply agreed when you said heroin or whatever was bad for you. None defended the drug use, though they all had some sob story about how it wasn’t their fault that they had a habit.

No coke user will send you all caps emails about how you should stop being “brainwashed” or they’ll kill you. It’s always the pot smokers, supposedly mellow and passive, who send me thinly veiled threats and childish insults. It’s always the pot smokers who claim Alex Jones was right to try to get a crowd of men to attack a woman. It’s always the pot smokers who seek to escalate their petty Internet conflicts.

Make no mistake, I simply don’t care if people smoke pot, just like I don’t care if they snort coke or frankly if they die. It’s their life to throw away if they want. I do care about the burden those people place on society and have argued and continue to argue for better and more honest education on drug use. Drug users make terrible parents and too often tax payers must pick up their slack. Drug users commit crimes, and selfishly demand society care for them while they spend their lives in perpetual adolescence. How many pot smokers do you know who don’t need other people to care for them? I have seen people in their mid-20s still being claimed as dependents on their parents tax returns, still getting allowances, still hanging around high schools. They were all people who put getting high before growing up.

Is there anything more immature than claiming some person you disagree with on the Internet should be decapitated in a comment written on a 6th grade English level? Yet these same people claim they are well adjusted adults. Is there anything more immature than believing in the Illuminati? A conspiracy theory designed to remove personal responsibility from individuals for their failures, this claptrap is the hallmark of the downwardly mobile. It is a lazy and specious theory that makes degeneracy like abusing women acceptable to these drug addled man-children who lodge their empty and laughable threats on the Internet as a last grasp at the potency they don’t have.

Frankly I get emails and comments like this from pot smokers and Alex Jones fans (two groups that overlap to an eyebrow raising degree) at least twice a week, most consigned to the spam folder or simply deleted. More than once someone has left a similar thought for me then asked me to remove it after enough time goes by.Things look different when you’re sober I guess.

I posted this because recently there has been, among Conservatives, a movement to claim that pot smokers shouldn’t be treated like any other user. My experience is that in some respects they are worse. Few people on crack evangelize for others to use, and I have lived in a crack blighted community where drug addict prostitutes picked up tricks in the lobby of my apartment building and as violent as any crack addict will become if they can’t get money for their habit, all will tell you that drugs are a mistake. Pot smokers tell kids drugs are fun, harmless and consequenceless even as children are endangered by pot smokers. They tell everyone that pot simply doesn’t make them crazy despite the 40+ years of research that says it does. They’ll tell you pot doesn’t make you paranoid even though they subscribe to the most unreasonable conspiracy theories.

And if you disagree with them they will threaten to cut your head off.

3 thoughts on “I Just Got a Death Threat from a Pot Smoking Alex Jones Groupie

  1. Actually, I should point out the Alex Jones Deception has already been released. Just type in MrAlexJonesDeception on Goggle or other search engines and you’d find it.

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  3. As an ex pot smoker I can tell you that cannabis is a powerful drug that will exacerbate an existing psychosis. It will make one inclined to violence even more violent or, as in my case, turn a homebody into an agoraphobic. I would get high then would be too paranoid to leave my apartment even just to dump garbage down the chute at the end of the hall. You may be gratified to know that was not years but decades ago even though high quality “BC Bud” is abundant and cheap here.
    That said I would argue that prohibition creates a moral hazard that saps individual responsibility. In the nineteenth century, before the onset of our progressive welfare state, narcotic drugs were available to anyone willing to pay for them at the local apothecary, the word “Heroin” being a registered trade mark of the Bayer Corporation. Visitors to the Turkish pavilion at the Chicago World Fair could sample varieties of hashish and until 1903 Coca Cola was the real thing.
    The solution to the “Drug Problem” is Darwinian. In the Victorian Age, the apex of individual liberty, individuals were responsible for their own welfare, not the state, thus prohibition was not an issue. It is no accident that prohibition and social progressives came about the same time.

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