Thanks for Making Us Look Good Dyron Hart

20-year-old Dyron Hart is a former Nicholls State football player who sent threatening, racist emails to Black students following the Obama election victory. Hart, however, is a little different than the White Supremacists he was attempting to emulate during his online escapade. He is Black.

Way to represent, Dyron:

A black man who pretended to be a white supremacist on the Internet has entered a guilty plea to charges that he issued death threats.

U.S. Attorney Jim Letten says 20-year old Dyron Hart pled guilty in federal court to “communicating threats in interstate commerce.”

“According to court documents, Hart… admitted that he created a fictitious name and used the photograph of a white supremacist to communicated a threat. He then purported to be a person outraged by the election of President Barack Obama,” Letten said in a news release.

Letten says that Hart sent the threat to an African American student at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux “indicating he wanted to kill African American individuals because of the election of the President.”

Hart now faces a maximum 5 years in prison and a fine of $250,0000.

Sentencing has been scheduled for November 18, 2009.

So Dyron Hart threw away a promising future to create some hoax designed to … do what exactly? Maybe one day he’ll explain. If it was to make Black folk look silly, mission accomplished.

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