Wife Beating Degenerate Will Folks of FITSNews Disgusted by Mark Sanford’s Affair

Because, you know, who better to take the moral high ground then a degenerate who likes to slam his old lady into some furniture when she lips off. Here’s a snip of Folks’ hypocrisy that makes you wonder why people take this criminal seriously:

On a personal level, Mark Sanford is the guy who gave me my big break in politics. He’s someone whose brutal, demanding management style instilled a work ethic in me that’s directly responsible for all the success I’ve had in this venture and all of my other professional endeavors.

Or at least half-responsible …

As it happened, there was another person in the basement of Sanford’s Sullivans’ Island home seven years ago who was every bit as influential in my development, and she just happens to be the woman who Mark Sanford so thoughtlessly betrayed and publicly humiliated in this depressing soap opera now unfolding before us.

Mark Sanford would have never been elected to anything without his wife, Jenny, which above and beyond all the “cheating on Father’s Day” window dressing remains the central irony in all of this.

More than perhaps any wife who’s ever been cheated on, Jenny Sanford didn’t deserve this.

Says the wife beater.

Oh wait, he’s a fiancee beater. That’s why he was able to get off with a 30-day suspended sentence when he should have been locked up for a few years.

In my new home of South Carolina this Will Folks character has managed to hold on to some credibility after exposing his O.J. Simpson-inspired relationship style to the world. He’s best known for making up facts, and acting as a conduit to the media for smear campaigns. And more than Sanford ever will be, Will Folks is a stain on the credibility of the local GOP.

Yet even after helping create this media circus he’s demanding Mark Sanford leave public life, because the Governor’s personal behavior is an embarrassing distraction Democrats will use to derail badly needed reform in this state. Unlike woman-beating smear merchants.

And he’s able to say this without the slightest hint of irony.

7 thoughts on “Wife Beating Degenerate Will Folks of FITSNews Disgusted by Mark Sanford’s Affair

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  2. This reminds me of that guy Andrew Young who lied about getting some woman pregnant to help out his good friend John Edwards. Will Folks wants you to believe that he has such high moral standards, but supposedly had an affair with a married woman. During his court hearings for beating on his finance’ he said he was only pleading guilty because he didn’t want to bring out some dirty revelations about her or her family and hopefully this would say something about his character, of course this was after he denied that it ever took place. And how convenient that this supposedly affair took place before he was married. I believe that either Andre Bauer or Henry McMaster is behind this sabotage of Nikki Haley or Will Folks is just a demented jerk. If Haley loses the election I hope she will sue Will Folks for everything of value. His house, car, money in the bank, the whole lot and barrel.

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