Alabama N.A.A.C.P. Defends Judge Who Raped Black Inmates

With friends like the N.A.A.C.P. who needs enemies? From Breitbart:

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) – Herman Thomas was a rising star in Alabama politics with an enviable track record at the polls: a black Democrat who kept getting elected in a county overwhelmingly white and increasingly Republican. He seemed to have it all. Respect as a circuit judge and at one time the Democratic Party’s choice to be the first black federal judge in south Alabama.

Then his career on the bench collapsed—first under allegations that he was bringing inmates into his office and spanking them with a paddle, then with an indictment that accuses him of having sex with male inmates in exchange for leniency. The trial—on charges of sodomy, kidnapping, sex abuse, extortion, assault and ethics violations that involved oral and anal sex, as well as the spankings—is set to start Monday.


Thomas, who was known for wearing distinctive bow ties, stepped down from the bench in 2007 after the allegations of paddling surfaced and just ahead of a judicial ethics trial that could have forced him out of office. He was indicted on the more-serious charges this past spring by a Mobile County grand jury. If convicted of the most serious charges—sodomy and kidnapping—he faces from 20 years to life in prison.

The oldest incident in the charges dates to 1999, his first year as a circuit judge. The first public claim against Thomas surfaced in lawsuits filed by an inmate in 2001 in Mobile circuit court and in federal court that claimed the judge offered to help him with his case in return for sex. Both lawsuits were dismissed, and Thomas’ reputation remained unblemished.

Chief Assistant District Attorney Nicki Patterson said authorities began looking at Thomas after he changed a jail sentence in 2006 for his cousin, former Mobile County school commissioner David Thomas, even though the case was being handled by another judge. Other cases that Thomas had taken over from other judges without their approval soon surfaced, she said.

Some inmates in those cases described being checked out of the jail for meetings with Thomas in his car or in his private office in the county courthouse. First, there were reports of inmates having to pull down their underwear for spankings with a wooden paddle. Then came allegations of sex, according to court records.

For more than a decade the well connected Democrat preyed on Black men. So when the charges come to light what reaction would you expect from the N.A.A.C.P. and other Democrats? Why, this of course:

Defense attorney Robert “Cowboy Bob” Clark calls the accusers “lying felons” who are trying to wreck the career of “a prestigious member of the Bar for over 20 years.” The NAACP has defended Thomas and claims race is behind his prosecution.

They claim race is behind the prosecution even though Thomas’ victims are Black and the article goes on to point out that semen from an inmate Thomas checked out of jail was found on his office carpet:

But Patterson disputes that, noting that each of the victims is black, and says that jail checkout records back up inmates’ claims about trips to Thomas’ private office, and other inmates spotted marks after paddlings. There also is other evidence, according to court records, including one inmate’s seminal fluid on the office carpet. The inmates also were able to describe in detail Thomas’ unmarked windowless office.

What does Thomas and his lawyers have to say about this? Well, they called it a “high tech lynching” in one of the most disgusting displays of race baiting I’ve ever witnessed. Thomas used his position as a judge to sexually abuse vulnerable Black men. The N.A.A.C.P. and the Democrats are taking his side. This should prove to Black folk once and for all that these groups don’t speak for Blacks, just politically connected leftists.

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  1. Rob Taylor,

    Why is the N.A.A.C.P. defending this guy? Regardless of weather the inmates were black or white or Asian or Latino, what on Earth justifies rape? Even people who have been convicted of heinous crimes do not deserve to be violated in that way.

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