Gardening Day Link Round-Up


I’m working on a post relating a lot of the recent news (like the craigslist murders and the Tila Tequila stalker) to an overall acceptance of misogyny which I hoped would be finished but, being a crazed survivalist,  I’m starting a garden so I just got home after buying a bunch of plants to go with my fig tree. Yeah I bought a fig tree, what of it? I also may be at the Greenville South Carolina Tea Party tonight so if you see the guy in the camouflage cowboy hat that’s me.

I’m also working on a piece for a Wrestling site and compiling links for a post about Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors for Fiendish Delights. So my post, which will be a must read for any serious thinker if I do say so myself, may be up later tonight or tomorrow.

But here’s some links to tied you over:

G. Gorden Liddy speaking with Tom Tancredo about assimilation, immigration and all sorts of things. Surreal and insightful at the same time.

Jenn Q. Public takes the maker of a new film outing gay Republicans to task.

The Pagan Temple questions the MSM’s portrayals of the Tea Party Protesters.

G.S.G.F. on China, Russia and the politics of missile development

Absolute Zero posts a damning piece on Jim Freeman who was the executive director of anti-sex offender registry advocacy group SoHopeful International. Surprise! He’s a filthy pervert on his way to jail for trading child porn online.

Experts are predicting Pakistan’s collapse. Yay! Free Nukes for everyone!

Z.A.C. on American Communists helping the Jihad

UMass Amherst apparently has a fascism training program run out of their student government.

If you support the SPCA Adult film actress Bree Olsen has promised to give the prize money from some porn contest to the Ft Wayne Indiana SPCA if you help her win. A good cause, or a good way for me to get Google traffic by using a porn star’s name? Either way it’s a win/win!

And to check out Dax Riggs. One of the only original performers out there he deserves your support.

One thought on “Gardening Day Link Round-Up

  1. I’d also like to add with a small update that the same “legal” fronts of the Communist Party USA are also supporting the release for an accused terrorist locked up in the United Arab Emirates.

    Along with also on my WordPress version of my blog, so-called right-wing extremists seem to adhore rabid Marxist sites that hate Israel.

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