How Bad are Russian Prisons?

Apparently so bad that people will go to extremes to cover up evidence of their crimes. How extreme you say?

How’s eating the brother you murdered in an argument in an attempt to hide evidence grab you?

From Sky News:

Two men have reportedly admitted killing their elder brother and eating parts of his body which they kept in the fridge for months.

The pair, named only as Timur and Marat G, said they murdered their brother Rafis at their home in the central Russian city of Perm, according to newspaper Tvoi Den.

Police grew suspicious when the brothers reported Rafis missing but were vague about his details.

After raiding their house, officers are said to have found the victim’s skeleton, which had been stripped bare and buried in the garden.

Timur reportedly said he had fought and killed Rafis because he bore him a grudge over a 10-year prison sentence.

This related to Rafis reporting his 28-year-old brother’s part in the murder of a neighbour to police.

Timur said youngest brother Marat, 23, had sided with him in the fight.

They then came up with the idea of eating the evidence so Timur would not have to go back to jail.

“Yes, we decided to eat him,” Timur was quoted as saying.

“I did not want to go back behind bars, so we cut off his head and buried it and cut the body into parts and kept (them) in a refrigerator.

We have been cooking and eating his meat for six months.

I’m speechless. They could have tried a lot of different ways to cover up their crime besides cannibalism, and frankly I assume that this family had some issues to put it mildly. But what’s interesting is that the report simply takes it for granted that keeping out of jail seems a valid enough reason to eat the corpse of your own brother.

Perhaps the Old Ones have returned?