Are These The Right Wing Extremists DHS is Scared of?

While liberals fret over how violent the Tax Day Tea Parties are going to be they seemed to miss the real violence that happened at a Tom Tancredo speech at the University of North Carolina. When the almost all White protesters found they couldn’t stop the talk by Tancredo on tuition benefits for illegal aliens with the usual antics (calling him a racist, holding up a sign that said “no one is illegal”) one of their cohorts smashed in a window causing police to shut down the event while Tancredo fled, fearing for his life. After Tancredo left, protesters blocked the exits in an attempt to no doubt corral attendees for more violence.

From News Observer:

 University of North Carolin at Chapel Hill police released pepper spray and threatened to use a Taser on student protesters Tuesday evening when a crowd disrupted a speech by former Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo opposing tuition benefits to unauthorized immigrants.

Hundreds of protesters converged on Bingham Hall, shouting profanities and accusations of racism while Tancredo and the student who introduced him tried to speak. Minutes into the speech, a protester pounded a window of the classroom until the glass shattered, prompting Tancredo to flee and campus police to shut down the event.


Before the event, campus security removed two women who delayed Tancredo’s speech by stretching a 12-foot banner across the front of the classroom. It read, “No dialogue with hate.”

Police escorted the women into the hallway, amid more than 30 protesters who clashed with the officers trying to keep them out of the overcrowded classroom. After police released pepper spray and threatened the crowd with a Taser, the protesters gathered outside Bingham Hall.

That’s a mild description of what happened. Check out video taped by an alumni which shows how wild and out of control the protesters were.

Here’s when the window was busted. Notice that even without the window breaking the situation was already escalating out of control:


Here’s some mayhem in the hallways. Notice that despite how the reports of the pepper spraying sound only some ham-handed actors seem overly affected. That’s because if mace or pepper spray is set off to clear a room and you do the rational thing and leave, you won’t be affected. If you’re yelling and screaming and maybe rushing the cop who is doing the macing…


Videos courtesy Breitbart

Oddly, I don’t see the groups involved in this protest listed in the DHS report on homegrown terror threats. A simple mistake they’ll rectify I’m sure. But this generation of violent radicals coming out of our college campuses is exactly why I own multiple shotguns.

WTVD has more.

Update: Atlas makes a good point:

I have covered these events for years. No matter how leftist/commie/nazi/Islamic extreme the speaker – those on the right always allow the enemy to speak.
OTOH, speakers and defenders of freedom must be accompanied by security. It is almost always a dangerous situation, violent.
Tancredo was invited to speak at UNC. The leftist jack boots went nuts. This is going to get worse — and of course it’s your taxpayer dollars underwriting all of these colleges and universities.

I defy anyone to show me an incident when college Republicans shut down a speech by a left-wing group with violence.

4 thoughts on “Are These The Right Wing Extremists DHS is Scared of?

  1. I also can’t believe how stupid that Department of Homeland Security under Obama would label Tea Parties to be part of the “right-wing” extremist group.

    Even the ones which they label to be “right-wing” extremists often believe in promoting rabid anti-Capitalist propaganda. Which open Communists would enjoy to hear. Alex Jones and his compatriots are promoting propaganda in support of neo-Communist Moldova which states that Romania is to “blame” for the ongoing turmoil in the country.

    Jones and his idiotic volunteers happily take in that information to blame the USA and root for the Kremlin to have military intervention in Eastern Europe. How right-wing is that?

  2. I wonder if the intention of the DHS report was to seed the lefty blogs and MSM with the idea that “rightwing” is synonymous with dangerous, violent extremism. It’s no accident how vague the report is, and the lack of details makes it all the more provocative to liberal bloggers looking for an easy way to demonize the political right and obscure or distract from violence on the left.

  3. I think it’s highly interesting that the Obama administration allows conservatives to be labeled ‘terrorist’ threats just for our thoughts when the president himself had a working relationship with known domestic terrorists and nobody was allowed to talk about it and the MSM didn’t even blink an eye!

    Again, it’s do as I say and not as I do. Watch out, here comes the thought police.

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