Memorial Day Weekend Link Round-Up: Honor our Heroes

Today is the day we honor the sacrifices of the millions of men and women who paid the ultimate price for our freedom, and pledge as a nation to remain free people at any costs. Today we give thanks for the heroes who died defending us and promise to remain ever vigilant for the sake of future generations of Americans:

The U.S.O. does great work for the troops, and is always looking for donations.

Wounded Warriors is another great organization that could use your help.

The Special Operations Warrior Foundation provides funds for the children of fallen Spec ops forces.

Cell Phones for Soldiers is also a great cause. As is Operation Iraqi Children.

Treats for Troops is a good way for you to put together care packages for the troops.

Operation Ward57 is another great cause that helps our troops.

America’s Heroes of Freedom helps our troops and civil personal who are often in harm’s way.

The Pease Greeters are also a great group to support. They’ve been giving our troops a hero’s welcome since 2005.

So while we’re enjoying our cook outs take some time to give to one of these worthy organizations, or any other that honors American heroes.

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  1. One more great organization is Soldiers’ Angels. They have more than 30 different programs designed to support our troops and their loved ones, including providing care packages and letters for deployed soldiers, supplies and adaptive devices for the wounded, and memorial portraits for the families of fallen soldiers.

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