Mississippi Degenerates Discipline 12-Year-Old Daughter with Fatal Rape and Torture Seession

I don’t blog about Mississippi much. In fact the last few times I blogged specifically about the state was to note that I.C.E. raids actually lowered unemployment numbers in the area, and that two “middle eastern men” were found living illegally in the state after crossing the Mexican border. Mississippi is also home to Jew-hating stoner/wanna-be Presidential assassin Stephen Joseph Christoper and was one of the states where the F.B.I. recovered child prostitutes being held against their will in a nationwide sweep.

I’m sure Mississippi is a nice place, but it seems the biggest news coming out of there is always painting the good people of Mississippi in a negative light. This story is no different.

12-Year-Old Ashley Andrews missed the school bus one fall day in 2005. Her mother Cristina Dillard along with Ashley’s step-father Shaun Dillard and her half-brother Kyle decided to teach her a lesson in responsibility that only backwoods meth heads could think up:

The whole family was home that day and were the only ones to witness the events of that and the following two days. According to statements given in the investigation, Andrews failed to listen to her parent’s demands that Monday and was beaten with tree limbs, a fishing rod and a belt. As a result of the beating, Andrews did not go to school the following day since the parents feared reports would be made to the Department of Human Services.

On Oct. 11, she was again beaten to the point that hair was pulled from her head, Bryan read from the evidence. Again on Oct. 12, a Wednesday, Andrews was not allowed to go to school for fear of a report to DHS. Andrews died that day due to manual strangulation, according to autopsy reports.

Evidence showed that Christina participated in the beatings of Andrews. Bryan said that since Christina Dillard was Andrews’ mother she had a duty to protect Andrews and see that Andrews at least received medical care.

But the story gets worse:

Evidence presented in the preliminary hearing held in 2005 stated that Andrews also was sexually assaulted prior to her death.

Shaun Dillard was initially charged with capital murder, statutory rape and two counts of sexual battery when he went before Harrell in July of 2008. Shaun Dillard pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting in the capital murder of Andrews. During that plea hearing, Shaun Dillard was asked if he had ever seen Christina Dillard choke Andrews. He said he had.

So if I understand the prosecutor’s timeline little Ashley was beaten half to death, raped and then most likely her own mother strangled her after allowing her husband to rape the girl.

Word on the cyber street is that it was a jealousy issue with a drug addicted mother finding out her old man was raping her daughter and blaming the child. Here are a few comments from a local board I found, grain of salt obviously, but they were too interesting to pass up.

This is from a Jennifer Cooke who claims to have known the mother:

I knew both of them.My husband’s Aunt was best friends with Ashley’s Parents and we all thought something was wrong.Ashley was always having to tend to her little brother when he was a baby.And never really got to be happy because of the life she had to live with both of her biological parents.I wish that I knew what was going on.As far as I know Chris is still in the county jail in protective custody as far as he goes I have no clue.But I hope they both get the death penalty or that the same thing happens to them that they did to her.She was always saying oh Ashley is only 12 but she has legs like a grown woman.Chris always wanted the perfect life like a fairy tale so I think maybe at first she didn’t know that he was having unconsentual sex with her daughter and when she found out she got so mad and jealous and treated her daughter like she was a woman messing around with him.I think it got to the point to where he would’ve rather slept with a child than her.And I don’t know why he done what he done the story I heard from a reliable source was that they were both on oxycontin and other drugs.Either way there will never be justification for what they did they deserve to thrown in the prison population an have the guards shout out what they done.So they can get their A** BEAT.

Here’s a comment from a woman claiming to be the victim’s step mother regarding Dillard:

She has had drug problems on and off since Ashley was born. Absolutely a judge knew that. DHR was not involved after me and father got custody of her, so it was a family court judge that said she needed to go back since my ex husband was single now. Another thing that bothers me is that the DHR never once received any complaints that anything was wrong. I have spoken with the person in charge of the child neglect division and she said if they just had one person had complained about Ashley she would have taken right out of that home. I have heard many people say that they thought something was wrong but no calls were ever made to the DHR!! As far as her sister and brother , it will them that one day gets to decide if they want to see Chris be put to sleep for murdering their sister and that is one decision I never wanted to have to make.

Like I said grain of salt, but if this is true it’s more proof that if you see something you should say something. Get involved people.

Now Dillard has lucked into a plea deal that saves her sorry life when she deserves to be strung up for her crime. The maximum sentence this filthy degenerate can get is 20 years, meaning she may be out in a little under ten if she gets parole. Shaun Dillard got life without the possibility of parole. Both sentences are a grave injustice.

Only through the death of her tormentors could Ashley truly have received justice. After being raped and tortured she is denied even that small humanity. Christina Dillard will walk amongst us too soon, ready to snuff out another innocent life. Why do we continue to allow this to happen?

h/t Parents Behaving Badly