I.C.E. Raid Actually Lowers Unemployment in Laurel, Mississippi

It also netted dozens of fraudulent I.D’s, many of which were cobbled together through identity theft:


I guess there are plenty of Americans that are willing to do those jobs Americans just won’t do. Unsaid in the report but patently obvious is the fact that illegal immigration is marginalizing Black Americans in ways it doesn’t for White Americans, no doubt the reason many liberals think criticism of open borders policy is racist. Ted Hayes and his Crispus Attucks Brigade have been on the forefront of the battle to make people realize this simple truth.

There’s an article in the Hattiesburg American that quotes several residents who were locked out of jobs by the plant’s preference to hire slave wage earning illegals:

Shantay Holles, 26, of Heidelberg said she used to work at Howard Industries as an electric tester but was fired last year. She said she is applying today because she heard on the news about the ICE raid.

“That’s all they would hire – Mexican, Mexican, Mexican!” Holles said.

Samantha Stevens, 18, a 2008 graduate of Heidelberg High School, said she couldn’t find a job and she is glad the ICE stepped in.

“We were here first. It’s not fair for them to have a job,” Stevens said.

Will Obama be standing up for Black folks once he accepts the nomination and will have the power to make this a real issue? Don’t count it says a new Republican PAC ad.

h/t Immigration Watchdog who have been strangely silent on their hero Alex Jones and his attempt to incite a riot to murder Michelle Malkin.

4 thoughts on “I.C.E. Raid Actually Lowers Unemployment in Laurel, Mississippi

  1. This is a good example of illegal immigrants doing the jobs that Americans would be more than happy to do.

    But I’m kind of disgusted with Samantha Stevens saying “We were here first.” I understand the source of her bitterness, but the issue is not who got to the country first or what country they came from. All legal, upstanding residents of this country who don’t have criminal records should have the same shot at gainful employment, whether they are recent immigrants or natural born citizens.

  2. I sincerely don’t believe these peoples are taking our jobs. We have to admit that they work harder and more honest that some of us do. Lets sit and wait what happens after these “happy american citizens” blow their chances to keep their job. Who are they going to blame then?
    Have you seen some employees at you name it, Walmart, Mc Donals etc. behave? some are so busy texting,or talking to somebody else, then when you ask them a question or place an order all you get is a bad attitude in return. Lets be honest to ourselves and stop blaming anybody else for our own faults.It’s time to get off your butts, get off food stamps and welfare and earn an honest living.
    For those that might think am wrong, could you tell me which ethnic group is the one that collect the most welfare and food stamps?

  3. marcy said,

    on August 27th, 2008 at 5:29 pm

    “I sincerely don’t believe these peoples are taking our jobs.”

    I disagree with that. I believe that illegal immigrants often do take jobs that American citizens or permanent residents would like to have. This is especially true for lower income Americans. However, the wages that a citizen or permanent resident would expect to earn is generally higher than what an illegal immigrant would accept. If the cheaper labor provided by illegal aliens was not available, employers would be forced to pay fair market wages (minimum wage or higher), making their jobs much more attractive to citizens and permanent residents

    Americans with higher incomes do not see illegal immigrants as a threat to their jobs, because the overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants are not qualified to fill them. Many cannot even speak English or have a very limited vocabulary. If your profession or trade requires a certification or state licensure, your job is probably safe. Do not think for a second though, that an illegal alien would not take your job if given the opportunity.

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