Sick Day Political Link Round-Up

I’m not feeling well, so it’s time for some hot tea and a few hours of Neverwinter Nights 2 Gold. And some of my famous home made sick day tacos.

Mike Gravel defends Sarah Palin on some crappy Liberal radio show, as Allahpundit puts it you can actually hear the host’s hearts breaking.

Some of the Conservative women of the blogosphere want you to know “I am Sarah Palin.

Liberalism explained through dream interpretation. Remember this article next time a liberal is lecturing you about how well adjusted they are.

Sarah Palin didn’t ban any books. Nice try panicky lefties.

Jenn Q Public debunks another Palin smear.

And she did indeed stop the bridge to nowhere.

Anti-Republican activists met with FARC terrorists, coordinated the riots in St. Paul and are members of the University of Minnesota and work for AFL-CIO. Can we question their patriotism yet?

Muslims urinate on Torah scrolls in Hebron holy site. I’m sure the streets will be flooded with Jews violently protesting any time now.

College bookstores are still promoting Che. What, no displays of Vlad the Impaler?

Why is C.A.I.R. trying to stop cops from getting anti-terror training in Florida?

Advocates for illegal aliens are trying to stop drunk driving checkpoints. Is one of the jobs Americans won’t do killing people in alcohol related car crashes?

Here’s your G.S.G.F jazzy foreign policy analysis ration. It’s like Cowboy Bebop meets Special Report.

Velvet Hammer needs help identifying a weird medallion. I swear it’s related to politics.

Vegans are commies. I’m paraphrasing Z.A.C. but having met a bunch it’s actually true, most are commies.

U.N. food convoys in Darfur are under constant attack. The U.N. will suspend operations rather that fight the Jihadists.

Maybe after a breakfast of tacos I’ll do a crime link round-up. Later.

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