Juggalos: Crazy Clown Cult or Asinine Drug Subculture?

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I’ll go out on a limb and say a little of both. The hardcore fan of rap group/pro-wrestlers/D-list comic convention guests Insane Clown Posse straddles the line between gang member and cultist in a new and exciting way. New and exciting if you’re some guy with a degree in Religion blogging about them from the comfort of home that is, but if you live by any these face painting pot smokers you might feel a little different about this potential threat to you and your children:

Two teens with their faces painted like clowns were arrested by West Valley City police last weekend for allegedly trying to kidnap a 5-year-old boy – the second time in recent weeks that members of the so-called Juggalos gang have crossed paths with law enforcement.

On July 29, two suspected Juggalos attacked a Kearns teen outside his home with a knife and a four-bladed replica of a medieval battle ax topped with a spiked ball.

The victim suffered life-threatening injuries, including an 8-inch gash to his neck, and required more than 300 stitches to close his wounds.

The two alleged attackers waived their right this week to a preliminary hearing in 3rd District Court.

Cody Jesse Augustine, of West Jordan, and Scott Tyler Stapley, of Murray, both 21, are each charged with one count of first-degree felony attempted murder. Arraignment is set for Oct. 3 before Judge Judith Atherton.

The attempted child kidnapping occurred Saturday evening near 4000 South and 1500 West, where two teens with faces painted like clowns – half smiling, half frowning – tried pulling a 5-year-old boy to a car. Police said one teen threatened to kill the boy.

The pair finally let go of the victim, who ran to his apartment, where his father called police, according to Capt. Tom McLachlan with West Valley City police.

The two suspects an 18-year-old and a 15-year-old – were found in the area with paint still on their faces.Police said they acknowledged involvement in the incident, but offered no explanation. The 18-year-old was booked into Salt Lake County Jail on suspicion of an attempted kidnapping, a potential felony, and marijuana possession, a misdemeanor.

I thought pot smokers were mellow. Apparently not if they’re Juggalos. I don’t doubt though that the two kids had no explanation as to what they were going to do with the kid, I’m sure if you get high enough and are the type of person who paints themselves up like an evil clown grabbing kids to scare them is second nature.

The Juggalos apparently have their own religion based on the lyrics of a six album concept arc by the band. No, I’m not joking. They even have an online petition up to have their “faith” recognized which has close to 4000 signatures.

There’s been a movement among police to classify Juggalos as a gang, which seems too similar to the whole “goth gang” nonsense so-called police experts spread about. But unlike goths Juggalos do glorify violent behavior so while they’re no MS-13, they’re dangerous enough in their own right to be taken seriously.

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130 thoughts on “Juggalos: Crazy Clown Cult or Asinine Drug Subculture?

  1. First time lurker on red-alerts.com, and this article shocked me (as did these comments).

    Juggalos, if you want to know why so many people hate you it’s because you come off as:

    1. Insanely (excuse the lame pun) moronic — None of you seem to know how to spell. I don’t mean to be a grammar-nazi, but this shit is just ridiculous. Half of the posts made by juggalos aren’t even readable. When you misspell the word “plastered,” it totally ruins the credibly of your argument and post.

    2. Cult-like: You consider yourselves “family” even though none of you are related by blood. You swarm innocent Internet forums and message boards like this one and have the audacity to defend your stupid subculture even though several juggalos committed heinous crimes. When questioned about your beliefs, you actually believe the Dark Carnival’s “Joker Cards” will judge your soul upon death. The fact that “Violent J” may have simply created a carnival gimmick to make his music/image more entertaining is inconceivable to you.The band ICP is obsessed with retaining and getting new members; they also exploit the juggalos’ herd mentality to sell merchandise. During television interviews, Violent J and Shaggy constantly proclaim that society is against Juggalos and that it’s “US-vs-THEM.” Juggalos then display an excessively zealous and unquestioning commitment to their leaders and regard their belief system, ideology, and practices as the truth and law. Anyone who doesn’t agree with them are either ignored outright or attacked 20 on 1 (again, this thread). Just look at the way they mindlessly defend their idiotic subculture! An online petition created by a juggalo is actually calling for the United States to legally consider “Juggaloism” to be a FUCKING RELIGION! They are actually calling upon the ACLU to provide “equal rights to the juggalo religion!” What a slap in the face lady liberty! When I first saw this, I didn’t think it was real. I mean, it just HAS to be a fucking joke, right?! It actually has 4000+ signatures. How scientists trained over 4000 primates to connect to the Internet, type their name into a box, and hit the “submit” button is a mystery worthy of Sherlock Holmes.

    Proof here: http://www.petitiononline.com/12w33d/petition.html

    These are all cult-like behaviors and it’s sickening. They claim that the majority of juggalos aren’t like these criminals, but ICP’s lyrics glorify violence and gang-rape.

    And just because these acts of violence are reserved for “rednecks” and “bigots” during their stupid songs doesn’t let ICP off the hook. That’s just a cover-up and excuse for the media when they are accused of promoting violence. Violent J’s logic:

    “Sure we promote violence, but it’s against the right people! That makes it the right thing to do!”

    I’ve known a few juggalos personally and they ALL have severe emotional problems, poor impulse control, and an inability to keep their temper under control. And what’s even more disturbing is that they all have a morbid fascination with some form of violence. Some might collect weapons, other might worship serial killers.

    3. Antisocial behavior: Here in suburban Indiana, there are plenty of juggalos. Some of them are teenagers, but oddly enough, the grand majority of them are between the ages of 21-37. Every juggalo that I grew up with are now currently either locked up in jail, prison, or steal for a living. Seriously, like 87% of all the crime that happens in this community is because of juggalos. They sell all the drugs, habitually steal, and jump people 10 or 20 people on 1. Since we live in a small town, the local law enforcement has not caught on to the fact that they are all “juggalos.” The cops just consider them to be criminals that all hang out in the same group. When they aren’t being arrested for drug related charges or theft, they are usually arrested for domestic battery (wife/child-beating); which brings me to my next point about our beloved juggalos. The irony of ICP’s success is that they became rich marketing their music to the very people that they despise the most — rednecks and misogynists. To those that aren’t in the know, ICP is (apparently) strongly against “rebel-flag” waving “chickens.” In fact, Shaggy and J denounce them in every public interview they give. Every ICP song that I’ve heard had at least one or two references to killing rednecks, but these same people buy ICP albums buy the tens of thousands.

    Juggalos, hopefully this post clears up some misconceptions about our feelings toward your subculture

  2. Wow! usually when i read a anti jugalo web blog i kinda laff it off because it usually lasts about a month or to … because they start reading the actual lyrics of an icp song .. like to “catch a predator” and most say well dang there really not all that bad. And forgive our “lingo” for its the way we talk to each other . allot if not most of us are respectful upstanding people that contribute more to the people then most do. i don’t see you bringing up that fact. Your ignorance to open your eyes and except people for more then face value is on your shoulders. if you want to live your life as a Nazi feeling that your business. Heck it would even surprise me if you don’t post my blog. because you would actually have to admit that most of us have more then a “2nd grade education” and admit that your hatred guided at group of people is more from being not excepted as a child . that you fell your fears and values of life are not being hurd . that the moral fibers of all humanity is falling apart and no one will listin to you . oh wait i just described most of the jugallo nation. Why don’t you write about Goreans and the way they treat there kajira? .. its time just to open your eyes. and admit that most of us are not bad people. And i hate to bust your bubble on the hole drug thing to . believe it or not most of us that have grown up with icp are no longer “pot smokers” and have grown out of that stage. yes there are kids that do and some adults. but i would be willing to bet if you knocked on 10 of your neighbors doors at least 2 of them are “pot smokers”. to look at your right wing banter makes me want to puke. its obvious that your education is some what high and that your writing skills are worth wile. so why do you go write for a republican talk radio show like you want to . at least there you will actually be able to persuade a few hundred people . It people like you that write this garbage that actually believe that hati was punished for having a deal with the devil.. its time to stop your what 2 year crusade against a group of people out to have a good time and relax with friends. and before you get all huffy and thinking that a kid actually put you in your place i’m a 35 year old Army m.p.. yup look at me the big criminal that i am lmao.

    Mutch Love to my Juggaloooo’s and them sexxy ass juggalettes! raise your Ax’s high! The demonic one is BACK! ( and no i don’t worship the devil its just words my friend)

  3. You didn’t read the post did you?

    I’m a pagan so and Pat Robertson is a Christian so we don’t agree on Haiti however almost all Republicans denounced Robertson for his comments so turn off MSNBC, put the bong down and stop pretending it’s unfair for you to be judged by how you present yourself.

    If you’re 35 maybe you should stop acting like a teenager, and learn to express yourself like an adult. Or here’s an idea, why not try ot be a good role model for the teens you hang around? Oh, silly me. That’s what decent people do, I forgot that decency was “Republican.”

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  5. So i would just like to say that i sure as hell am no part of any cult im a juggalo and i ain’t gang bangin most of the juggalos you see you didnt even realize they were juggalos because you all are too caught up in the bad rep we have been givin some of my best friends are juggalos and they save lives i know firefighters, paramedics, doctors, and even cops that are juggalos. Bein a juggalo is bein a part of a world wide family and the only violent behavior that im guilty of is protecting my family. And to all the juggalos that think its kool to be a little gang bangin bitch you are wrong ICP never said to do those things all their music is metaphorical or they would be in jail we need to step our shit up and show every one that we are familyand not a bunch of gang bangin faggots!!!
    Much Motha Fuckin Klown Love 4 Life

  6. Honestly. Who ever wrote this P.o.S. has no idea on earth what they are talking about. Took a couple stupid news links, and decided it was a good idea to classify an entire fan base, as a gang or cult.

    In every state of this county, there is AT LEAST, 2 or 3 thousand “juggalos”
    This article named, four. I can find, three more “juggalo” related incidents, so that makes, seven.

    Seven people.. and you mean to tell me, every person who listins to ICP should be classified as a gang member? Right. So wait, let’s see if I can give you an example of how ignorant you sound.

    Seven fulll blodded, white, Americans, all commit a crime…..So, ALL White Americans, should be feared because, these seven assholes, killed someone.

    I got a better one.
    Miley Cyrus, teenage pop star,has a sex tape. Now every 17 year old white girl from Montana is a whore.

    Get my point?

    Theres a bad apple in every bunch. Sure. Insane Clown Posse, maybe a lil eccentric. But, FFS, it’s a gimmic. It;s entertainment. Its TEO WHITE PEOPLE RAPPING IN CLOWN PAINT! HOW THE HELL IS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY?!?!

    And if youwere a fan , youd know they didnt “make their own religion” TThey took a religion already belived in (christianity) and made a lil metaphor bout it, a story. Thats it moron. It aint a freaking religion. and anyone whos heard “Thy Unveling” could tell you that.

    The next time you go blasting a band or it’s fan base, do yourself a favor and do some research, instead of taking a couple links, and blowing them out of porportion.

    Real “Juggalos” arent gang members. They are fans. IDIOTS are gang members.

  7. juggalos should just be fans, but when you see the re ta dees running around demanding that others not disrespect their “religion” you blow off any reasonable insight into peoples belief.
    it’s not even that people are trying to be disrespectful, it’s they way the dumbasses project their beliefs, just like a tantrumed child trying to make a point that they are rebelling because they are different.
    -who cares, keep it to yourself- that should be the 11th commandment (thank you George)

  8. Wow what a garbage sensationalist knee jerk article..I’m sure you considered dead heads as gang members as well because they committed crimes right……Ohh whats that the silence of hypocrisy ..I am a music fan that happens to respect(where deserved) my fellow fans nothing more nothing less.

  9. wow i am a juggalo ive been down for three years and some of these juggalos r giving us a bad rep and for all of u other los and lettes please just read the damn article and the first ten comments he obviosly understands that it could b a mistake just made because some kids got messed up on something painted their faces and were trying to scare kids now all u dumb asses who bitch and moan at rob just shut the hell up he dosnt need your bullshit about this article for all of you los and lettes that actually took the time and didnt make your selfs look like jackasses mmfwcl

  10. listen just becuz some fake ass bitches claiming that they part of the fam take the shit wrong and go out and do stupid shit doesnt make that what we are about. im a juggalo and a stoner but i am also a functioning member of soceity. i work 9 – 5 7 days a week. i spend most of my free time wit my family or tight homies just chillin. WE ARE NOT BAD PEOPLE WE ARE JUST DIFFERENT AND IF U CANT EXCEPT THAT THEN FUCK THE FUCK OFF!!!!!


  11. how do all of you have the time to sit around and badmouth a bunch a juggalos let us be it just goes to show how busy the people are who talk all this garbage bullshit

  12. What Those little criminals are, are fake. They call themselves something they are not. A juggalo does not kill or murder.Get your facts straight….



  14. I’m 16. A juggalette. and i believe that this is some fucked up bullshit homies. like for real. if ya’ll think we a gang or cult or whatever, just listen to Thy Unveiling. It explains our Rel;igion. HELL WERE FUCKING CHRISTIANS you DUMB FUCKS!! WHOOP WHOOP! MCL!

  15. After reading the comments associated to this article I have come to the sad conclusion that society as we know it has finally hit rock bottom.

    For a marketing scheme from a 3rd rate group to actually have made these sheep believe they are part of a religion is utterly moronic. I bet at the end of the day those 2 idiots wipe off the paint, kiss the kiddies good night, and Scrooge Mcduck style swim in all the cash these idiots give them. At the same time slapping each other on the back for coming up with an idea to milk the masses of sheep that follow them of every cent they have.

    Im not particularly religious in any sense but I find the fact that they classify them selves as one very insulting. As I’m sure Christians, Jews, Muslims, and every other established religion do too. The only thing this is comparable to is Scientology, a made up “religion” to drain money from the gullible. I bet L Ron is laughing his ass off.

    Even funnier are the “Jugga-whocares” that sit here and defend it, using grammar and spelling that would make an illiterate Mongolian laugh. I particularly like the shouts of “FUCK THE POLICE” it highlights you’re intelligence ever so brightly. I bet you’re parents are so proud.

    To the author, well written observation on a sad sub-culture that prey’s on the defenseless. You don’t see an article about these hardcore “Clowns” hitting up a park in Compton or Inner City Detroit do you? They only attack children and families. Try your shit on someone that wont think twice about putting you in a grave to defend themselves or family, bet you piss your selves at the thought.

    Get an education, get a job, stop being a burden on the paychecks of honest americans and make something of yourselves that doesnt involve a top story on the local news.

  16. Juggalos are the closest to Extreme as the Islamic its seriously getting way outta hand and this whoop whoop fam crap needs to stop

  17. I would just like to say that God knows what is really going on in all of this. But if you are a Christian and read the Bible, as Christians should, you would know that in there it says to watch what you say. God doesn’t like swearing. It’s rude and vulgar and shows no self-discipline whatsoever. Not saying that I’ve never said some nasty things, but if you were all the Christians you say you are then you would not be so defensive about this kind of stuff, and you would not use so many choice words.

  18. Great Leaders work throughout two principles: Control and Domination. They don’t train anything – learning theory is based off of results, both good quality and bad. Best Leaders do not suppy results; they provide sufficient torque in the handler’s arm to actaully compel the pet into a specific position.

  19. So why does two people fuckin up have to give everyone else a bad name? im pretty sure some fo you old fucks are fans of kiss, the paint their face and promot sex, violence, and all of that so think before you speak

  20. I honestly enjoy having the police around. The whole “Juggalo” thing has gotten out of hand. I had friends that were fans of it at one point. Also, the literacy of the Juggalo’s is very poor. I think it is humorous that all the Juggalos are promoting the vulgarity towards the author that they say they don’t have. They seem to be implying that if we don’t stop making comments about the Juggalo lifestyle, they will hunt us down and make us “pay”. If the creed is to kill the “wrong doers”, would you kill someone who has a different opinion other than your own? I understand that people have a tendency to defend their interests, but this seems WAY to serious. I would like to also point out that the idea of comparing an interest in music (the family) to the suffrage of black people is not a good argument. Drinking and drugs, partying with your “homies” seems very juvenile. I’ve never been a fan of that lifestyle and I have to say that living life by the seat of your pants can’t be done forever. It’s time to grow up and learn how the world works. Obtaining a degree, finding a career, seeing your kids go through college have always seemed like a sensational lifestyle. Society isn’t perfect, and I am OK with that.
    Also, I will say again, I am astounded at the sentence structure and grammar throughout this whole post.

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  22. … So because a couple of jackasses tried to pull something completely messed up means we’re a gang? Let me try to clear this up. I have an example for you: How many Johnny Cash fans have been to prison? He did a concert in a jail for his locked up fans- did that mean all of his fans were criminals? Certainly not. Most groups have people like that, as unfortunate as that is. I like to paint my face- I have never smoked pot or did any sort of drug in my life. I am a college graduate and Assistant Corporate Manager of a major lighting company and; I am a Juggalette. There are thousands more out there like me. I’ve always found it funny how people are so quick to judge what they don’t understand. I’m sure you have had at least one friend in your lifetime that you love like a sister/ brother- millions of people, non-juggalo related, have their children call their friends auntie this or uncle that. You love them to a point that you consider them like family. It’s the same thing, but on a larger scale. The music, though violent sounding, is basically a horror movie in music form, like Halloween with a beat. It really isn’t anything to be afraid of or worried about. For the most part we are descent human beings, each with our own set of problems and issues. We are not a gang, nor a cult, and we don’t condone in criminal activity- especially when they are attempting to bring down the Juggalo name. I love my family, and though you may not like us, I love you, too. One love. Whoop whoop.

  23. Then why do so many Juggalos end up on crime blogs? More than Cash fans I suspect. If you read the article you’d see that I don’t think you’re a gang – but a drug culture which explains the fights, running people over, goat rapings etc.

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