Juggalos: Crazy Clown Cult or Asinine Drug Subculture?

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I’ll go out on a limb and say a little of both. The hardcore fan of rap group/pro-wrestlers/D-list comic convention guests Insane Clown Posse straddles the line between gang member and cultist in a new and exciting way. New and exciting if you’re some guy with a degree in Religion blogging about them from the comfort of home that is, but if you live by any these face painting pot smokers you might feel a little different about this potential threat to you and your children:

Two teens with their faces painted like clowns were arrested by West Valley City police last weekend for allegedly trying to kidnap a 5-year-old boy – the second time in recent weeks that members of the so-called Juggalos gang have crossed paths with law enforcement.

On July 29, two suspected Juggalos attacked a Kearns teen outside his home with a knife and a four-bladed replica of a medieval battle ax topped with a spiked ball.

The victim suffered life-threatening injuries, including an 8-inch gash to his neck, and required more than 300 stitches to close his wounds.

The two alleged attackers waived their right this week to a preliminary hearing in 3rd District Court.

Cody Jesse Augustine, of West Jordan, and Scott Tyler Stapley, of Murray, both 21, are each charged with one count of first-degree felony attempted murder. Arraignment is set for Oct. 3 before Judge Judith Atherton.

The attempted child kidnapping occurred Saturday evening near 4000 South and 1500 West, where two teens with faces painted like clowns – half smiling, half frowning – tried pulling a 5-year-old boy to a car. Police said one teen threatened to kill the boy.

The pair finally let go of the victim, who ran to his apartment, where his father called police, according to Capt. Tom McLachlan with West Valley City police.

The two suspects an 18-year-old and a 15-year-old – were found in the area with paint still on their faces.Police said they acknowledged involvement in the incident, but offered no explanation. The 18-year-old was booked into Salt Lake County Jail on suspicion of an attempted kidnapping, a potential felony, and marijuana possession, a misdemeanor.

I thought pot smokers were mellow. Apparently not if they’re Juggalos. I don’t doubt though that the two kids had no explanation as to what they were going to do with the kid, I’m sure if you get high enough and are the type of person who paints themselves up like an evil clown grabbing kids to scare them is second nature.

The Juggalos apparently have their own religion based on the lyrics of a six album concept arc by the band. No, I’m not joking. They even have an online petition up to have their “faith” recognized which has close to 4000 signatures.

There’s been a movement among police to classify Juggalos as a gang, which seems too similar to the whole “goth gang” nonsense so-called police experts spread about. But unlike goths Juggalos do glorify violent behavior so while they’re no MS-13, they’re dangerous enough in their own right to be taken seriously.

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130 thoughts on “Juggalos: Crazy Clown Cult or Asinine Drug Subculture?

  1. Yes it is frightening, but in most cases you are taking the extreme and using it as the PRIME example of a group. Let us say for the sake of argument we did with oh, let me think, christianity.

    The KKK, a home grown branch of christians, is once again stirring up trouble. Spreading the word of intolerance and ignorance that christians have become so famous for. When will people realize that Christianity has spread it’s message of intolerance and hatred for far to long.

    Apparently never, if they’re still here after the witch trials, the inquisition, the suppression of women, and the crusades. And the intolerance of this ever growing christian group doesn’t just stop at lynching blacks, it’s gays, lesbians, any race other then white, even italians are considered to be one of their “Mud races”; The Jewish community, the Catholics, those without religion. Even those who just don’t want any part of their association are at risk.

    Earlier this month, an Oklahoma woman invited to a rural
    Louisiana campsite for a Ku Klux Klan initiation ritual was shot
    and killed after she asked to be taken back to town, the sheriff of
    a New Orleans suburb said Tuesday. Eight people were arrested after
    authorities found the woman’s body hidden under some brush, on the
    side of a road several miles from the remote campsite where the
    initiation was planned.

    And on Jan. 12, 2008, a local of virginia, was picked up by police, after it was reported by child youth services, that she had burned the hand of her 6 year old grandson over the flames of her oven. “So that he could know what it is like to burn into eternal hellfire, if he did not give his life over to Jesus.” Like a six year old really knows about that? Sunday school is one thing, but to torture a small child into christianity is just a bit too far.

    I could go on but you get my point. The fact is you are getting in a hoot-and-holler about a very low percentage of people. And my guess is, as well as that of your local psychiatrist, these people had issues before they were “affected” by the music. What about the number of kids who listen to rap music and way outnumber the amount of juggalos out there. I live in allentown P.A. and it seems to me, just about every teen to young adult idolizes the world of gangs, drug dealing, pimping, and shooting people to prove your manhood. No, the fact is most Juggalos, and I’ve met quite a few, are pretty laid back, or at least not in the tendancy to commit atrociously violent acts. The music, most see, is just music. But when something like this gets to be so big and popular it is going to have some nut cases in it, just like christians, or any other cult, and yes christians, from a purely un-biased stand point, you too, are a cult.

    And incase your wondering, I have nothing against christians, I truly believe we have the right to our own beliefs; though I sometimes wish they were more INFORMED beliefs.

  2. The KKK started as a branch of the Democratic Party, and were not a “Christian” group as one of their main targets was Catholics (as you mentioned) but aside from Blacks their main target was White Republicans until the early 20th century. But since I’m not a Christian I’ll not defend them in this instance but you cannot be seriously drawing a parraple between the religion that laid the foundation for modern Western Civilization and our laws and philosophical beliefs (the Christian doctrine of free will is the forerunner of most people’s conception of personal freedom) to Insane Clowns Posse?

    Frankly rap music is responsible, in part, for much of the violence that ravages the Black community, only in that it provides children with role models who promote the criminality that plagues us. In terms of ICP fans I’d put forward that to claim your choice in art does not both reflect and influence who you are is disingenuous It is no coincidence that many crime bloggers are metalheads for example. This idea that “music is just music” is like saying the clothes you wear, the paintings you hang on your wall or the books you read don’t in some way reflect who you are as a person which simply isn’t true.

    I’m not anti-Juggalo, but let’s be honest about what being a Juggalo means.

  3. look i know that its all been said here already but these kids are just idiots… im a juggalo down with the clown and all im not some crazy person… im a well educated individual with my own beliefs.. every ones in an uproar over these kids, personaly i think its rediculous to say its the fault of icp or psychopathic records or any of it..how many devout christians do you see murdering and kidnapping and raping and robbing and all that… the bible doesnt teach that does it? dont think so. so please dont lump all juggalos in with the dumb asses that try to kidnap little boys or kill innocent people thats the kind of stuff our music preaches against so like all the other los and lettes let me ask you to speak to a real juggalo and get to know us before you pass judgement were a family and we love eachother and we deserve as much respect as any one else….MCL all and see you at the gathering soon

  4. lets get some things straight.

    you cant put everyone in the world that is a juggalo into one group. saying that everyone who is a juggalo is a cult member or “drug crazed” is like saying that anyone who is muslim is a terrorist. yeah, there are a few dumb ass’s out there that do take the music to seriously. but when you break it down, its that, just music. im a juggalo and i always will be. does that mean im going to go out and kill 44 people just cause its in a song? hell no. maybe if you actually talked to one of us and formed a real opinion based on real facts rather than what other people tell you is facts you wouldnt sound like an idiot.

  5. I’m a juggalo and have never been in trouble with the law, i just recently graduated highschool and i’m going to be attending a local college this fall. I wish that people would stop classifying us as a gang, and the whole article was interesting to read but honestly, a few rouge teens doing stupid stuff while high does not make every juggalo a bad person, nor does it make us a gang, i mean, honestly ever kid does stupid stuff. Also, some one asked where these kids parents are. well i’m a juggalo as i said earlier, and my mom knows i’m a juggalo, so does my dad, my aunt, uncle and grandma. They love the lo’s and lettes i know, and don’t think we are bad kids, they know about how people think we are a gang, and a cult, or what ever you wanna call it, but in reality we are just a loyal fan base. ok Rant over.
    Much Love to my fellow ‘los and ‘lettes out there

  6. But where are the parents of the teen girls posting topless photos of themselves on that Juggalo site? Why is it hard to accept that Juggalos will include some specific kinds of people who will commit crimes, just as Black metal fans will include some actual satanists?

  7. ok alot of good points have been made on both sides. Yes, i took the time to read the article and every comment posted. Im cool with a lot of juggalos. I’m not one myself, but i’m not “anti-juggalo” either. I agree that most of them are pretty good kids. yes, there are a few rotten apples, but such is the case with any trend. I dont listen to that shit (i listen to death metal, thrash ,black metal, grindcore, etc.), but i am familiar with the music. I actually find alot of humor in ICP’s songs. Like “the dating game”. thayt shit is HIGH-larious. Now as far as the pot smoking, yes all the jugalos i know do smoke pot. I smoke it with em. Im a THC advocate hardcore. i think it does in fact have medicinal properties, as without it I am more psychotic and violent than all the juggalos i know put together. But when im stoned im a nice, caring person and a loving father. I also want to clear the name of the Satanist, as that happens to be my religion. Anyone who thinks satanists go out and sacrifice dogs to the devil or some gay shit like that has been nbrainwashed. In fact, satanists adhere to a concept of self-worship, not devil worship. Some people will have oyou believe that, however a real satanist will tell you that devil worship is merely an inverted form of christianity. The first Satanic statement is “I am my own god”. this is meant in a very literal sense, as the whole reason for being a satanist is so that one can live up to his own standards, not that of some organization (the catholic church) that has been scaring people into following its altuistic dogma of subservience for centuries. Basically, dont bash juggalos, because as an unbiased third party, i can honestly say that unless you are one or hang out with them, you really have no idea. And dont bash satanists, because many of our founding forefathers were closet satanists, and you still follow the laws they wrote. Fuck the police, whoever said they are the most dangerous gang around must live in phoenix because that shit is true as hell. Rob, you got a great point however. ost of these fucks didnt read the article and i could tell. There were a few who did, and i give them props as well because for the most part those people had some intersting shit to say. But seriously, folks. Fuck the police.

  8. OK, first I would like to answer the question of “where are the parents”. Until my daughter turned 14 we had a very good relationship. Not perfect of course but we were close and she hardly ever got into any trouble. When one of her friends started getting into the whole Juggalo thing she actually made fun of it. Shortly after that she got sucked into it. It fairly quickly took over her whole life. She started acting out more and more (in excess of normal teenage rebellion). Majority of her new friends did drugs, had criminal records and were violent. I tried EVERYTHING to get her out of that. She began doing things like running away, stealing, fighting, etc. According to her, yes the cops hassle them a lot, but they have had many “gang type” fights with the various gangs present in Tucson. She hopped a train to LA with some of her Juggalo friends and lived on Hollywood Blvd for a while and then ended up in Reno where she was arrested and put in a psych hospital for a few days. I got her home and she lasted 2 weeks before she took off again and stole my car to go back to Reno to pick up her “homies”. She was caught and I agreed for her to go into a group home up in Mesa for 90 days. She was isolated from all her Juggalo friends, ICP music and Gear. She was very angry at first but by the end of her stay she was as close to who she was before this Juggalo thing as ever. She was even going to GED classes. She came home and we continued individual and family counseling. She was doing well until she started hanging out with her “homies” again. I had to watch her backslide into that angry violent unhappy kid again. No matter what I tried I could not stop it. And believe me I tried EVERYTHING. I just had to move because all her “friends” knew how to break into my house and were constantly doing so and eating all my food and stealing from me. This was even happening when my daughter was in LA and in the group home. They even broke into my neighbors houses as well. Now, I have always been very open minded and encouraged individuality and supported my daughters rights to listen to what she wanted, wear what she wanted and speak her mind etc. I was unfairly stereotyped as teenager too. I was a metalhead in the 80’s and most adults thought I was some druggie slut satanist. The truth was I was a complete goody two shoes. I didn’t even swear. I had friends that did all of the above (well no satanists that I know of). But, they never tried to pressure me into anything. Because of this, I have always been on the side of teenagers in general. I was against school uniforms and any kind of persecution of teens in general. I have opened my home to my daughters friends when they needed a place to stay or just to hang out. I have volunteered with homeless teens for years.
    I never had any problems with this until she got involved with the Juggalos. Those same friends of hers that I tried to help out repaid me by stealing from me. I could no longer have a conversation with my daughter without some story of violence and some mention of one of her friends being locked up. I have met and heard about dozens of her “homies” and the “non-violent, upstanding citizen” variation seems to be the exception not the rule. This includes those she met in LA and Reno. The symbol for the group in the hatchet man and many carry actual hatchets around. As far as whether or not it is a cult, I don’t know but it certainly has a lot of similarities. The “leaders” ICP themselves may not be personally trying to influence the Juggalos but they certainly seem to be doing just that through their music. I personally think their music is awful and I have since they came out. However, that is a personal preference. I have no problem with people wanting to listen to them I even did a paper on censorship in college over the whole PMRC thing (am I dating myself a bit?). But, a group can have a similar following without all the anger, hate and violence that ICP breeds. They even have their own concept of heaven and hell and what you have to do to get there etc. And, I do believe that it encourages isolation from family and friends. The “Juggalo Family” takes precedence over their actual family. I have heard stories of beat downs when people have tried to leave the group. And when members have “dropped the hatchet” ie. left the group, they are shunned. They “swear on the hatchet” as if it was sacred and anyone who breaks that type of vow is in trouble. My daughter was pulled more and more away from her real family and her non juggalo friends. I have had several of her “homies” ask me if I thought Juggalos was a religion because that is how they looked at it. I admit I said to one that I thought it was more like a cult. He said no we are a family. I said so were the Manson’s. I have truly tried for years to be open minded about this but I have seen too much and been through too much. I am sure there are many “normal” people who are also Juggalos out there but my experience has been that most are not. I even considered moving to a new town but you can find them anywhere. My friend’s nephew was even getting involved in it in New Hampshire…and yes they were the same angry violent type. I had to tell my daughter she could not live with me when she turned 18 and I moved. It truly broke my heart and I never thought I would ever do that but at that point I had no choice for my own safety and peace of mind. I allowed her to stay at my new place for ONE night to visit. Before we left in the morning she apparently unlocked my back door and came back and stole my laptop and digital camera. She has finally managed to wreck our relationship. She is no longer welcome in my home. I am not saying that ICP is responsible for everything she has done in the last 4 years. I always hated when people blamed movies or music for bad behavior. That being said, she did not start exhibiting this behavior until she became a Juggalo and her fellow Juggalos seem to encourage it. I do think that ICP has a responsibility to at least try to send the message to their fans that violence is not OK instead of encouraging it. And I have been there all along trying everything to get my daughter back. And I do mean everything. Finally, we as a society need to work to give teens more positive outlets. I have been saying that since I was a teenager. They have few places to go and, positive activities to participate in. Programs are constantly being cut and parks and rec centers are being closed. We need to give them other options. As for me, I can only continue to hope that someday my daughter will get her life back on track and that it happens before something happens that she can’t come back from. To any Juggalos that read this, all I ask is that you try to let go of any anger you have and encourage others of you “family” to do the same. In the end you are only hurting yourself.

  9. That’s a sad story Michelle and I agree with you on several points. I too was (and still am) a Metalhead so I was predisposed to defending Juaggalos but I have seen what you have, though not first hand of course.

    I think that it’s the drugs however that are the real problem. The stealing for example is likely because of a drug habit, as all drug users will steal eventually. I think the Juggalo culture developed around drug use to such an extent that it becomes too attractive for people with drug problems to leave it because it validates their using and the Juggalo lifestyle actively seeks to compromise members sobriety.

    I’m praying for your daughter and hope everything works out eventually.

  10. First off,all dis shits funny to read,i love watchin ppl bitch over stupid shit ya know?I am a juggalo and i love the family but personaly i dont support the what i call the “fuck ups” that call themselves juggalos,sure i love to to party,but i got a stable job and i got enough cash to last me,im sorry that i like listening to what ppl call “garbage” but i dig it and everyone has their opinion,imma wrap dis up by sayin i got a kick out of the forum and thank you

  11. im a juggalo and those niggas dat tried 2 snatch a lil kid wud not be considered family 2 a real juggalo, and icp and all psy artists jokingly endorse violence but threaten 2 kill women beaters child abusers and rapists they also thank god and the juggalos for all their success.

  12. I’m a Juggalo and would just like to say that this is the most unbiased middleground post I have ever seen. I don’t personally condone that kind of action as most juggalos use the violent music style to escape the regular ups and downs of life. I appreciate the fact that you can just post the facts and not hate propaganda. We don’t endorse violence. What these people did was wrong. Plain and simple.

  13. and just one more thing about the whole gang thing…Being a juggalo doesnt make you gang related but there are juggalo gangs. nuff said.

  14. I think th whole juggalo juggalete thing is stupid i mean why do u even believe in that crap… wheres ur proof that it is real anyways… i mean christian, jewish ppl, we at least have a bible to go by but what do the clown posse ppl go by. I thinkn ur all idiots

  15. I’m not going to lash out at a bunch of ignorant people with nothing better to do than make fun of an entire society, but i would like to make a few points…..
    – Just because some people claim to be a “juggalo” doesn’t mean they truly are. A juggalo has no definition because….oh yeah! you can’t define an entire group of people sorry to burst everyones bubble….
    A true juggalo isn’t super violent, it doens’t mean you smoke weed, in fact if anyone did their research…you could see that members of bands under icp’s phychopathic record label don’t even like to smoke pot. I’m a lette and have never smoked pot and never drank one sip of alcohol not even during communion at the church i do attend every week. I’m ranked pretty far up there in my class, and do a lot of community service…and NOT because I have to. The thing that makes me a lette is the fact i don’t fit in with people…i’m a misfit..always have been always will be. The first time you wear a shirt tht represents who you listen to in public you meet the most incredible people with some of the worst families but have grown to be AMAZING people. They would give you the shirt off their back even if you had never spoken to them before… thats why when you hear juggalo the word FAMILY is usually right after it. It’s one of the few concerts you could go to and hear people say…”i’m home” and have pretty much everyone else around you know what you mean.
    You can’t judge someone because they have their face painted and hair twisted up…well you can but why? You see baggy pants and a big shirt and think theres trouble doesn’t mean there is…saying juggalos are violent and terrible people has two things about it i would like anyone to take into consideration…

    1) Saying we are horrible human beings is like saying all jews are tight on cash, all black people should be under everyone else, natives are lazy, hispanics are illegal, and all white people are biggots….just because there are people who do stupid things in all those groups that agrees with that stereotype it you can’t say it about an entire group…

    2) all you do when you say we are horrible is prove US RIGHT!!!!!!! woop woop if you listen to the meaning behind the music you would understand what we are there for… yeah some songs talk bout murder… but then again so does all the music tht when you let your kids go to dances they listen to… along with keepin their hoes n line n f’n some b***h…. but when our music talks bout stuff like tht it’s not bout killing cops (thats a mainstream thing) it’s about wanting to be equal and not have anymore biggots…

    sorry if you hate us but don’t post horrible things bout us…
    big woop woop out to all the ninjas

    M C L
    u l o
    c o v
    h w e

  16. Who said you’re all horrible human beings? What I will say is that it’s pretty typical of Juggalos to not actually read the article before commenting.

    And Juggalos aren’t a “society” they are a sub-culture, like the old Metalheads or Emo. How offensive would it be for some Emo kid to say judging them by the music, clothes and attitudes they adopt are the same as racism? You’re equating me making a judgment about things you decide to do with racism. That’s asinine. It’s a minimization of racism by claiming it’s similar to what we adults call common sense.

    If someone decorates their pick-up truck with a confederate flag we can safely make some assumptions about them. If someone has an “ironic” beard and drinks Pabst blue ribbon we can safely make assumptions about them. If someone has gang tats we can safely make some assumptions about them. If someone is on the sex offender registry we can assume they aren’t a good choice to watch children.

    But according to your logic that’s exactly like being a Klan member. This is foolish. The inability to make judgments about others based on the internalization of some lesson on tolerance you learned in elementary school is dangerous, as the many stories I do of mothers allowing drug users/sex offenders/gang members to baby-sit their kids (with horrible results) often proves.

    That you can judge a person by their likes and dislikes, their attitudes and behaviors, is something you should know. That you will be judged by those things is also something that you should know. It’s simply childish to claim it’s unfair for people to judge you based on your own persona that you have adopted and chose to project.

  17. Hello there simple people. Insane Clown Posse was before batman get it straight. Not all Juggalos and Juggalettes are the same. (arent we simple minded). Im a living breathing Juggalette for 3 years. Ive never once harmed another human over my religion. But i guess if u would like to talk that way Then if your going to stop Juggalos you should stop preps, on that not lets just go russian and show no diffrence in appearance. Rite that what you want.Preps could be considerd cult like, drinking, drugs, bullying less fortunate people, there not all sunshine and rainbows no one is. Your kids may seem good but what there do while your not around would probly make you blow ur wig off. So please haters get educated before u descriminate on something you know nothing about. We follow are religion like christians follow theres aside from the fact taht were not hypocrites and liers were jsut like you. Open up your mind let the Clown is be down for a day and you’ll realize how the distraught lyrics are metnt o draw in un godly people and show them the light

  18. You do know Batman and the Joker character date back to sometime in the 1930s right? And that the Joker was influenced by a movie called The Man Who laughed? The point here is that although I’ve not claimed Juggalos or ICP are ripping off the Joker, they are part of a continuum of “evil clown” archtypes in Western culture.

    As for the “cult” of “preps” or whatever a cult has a very specific (and neutral) academic definition apart from the pop culture understanding. In studying religion we say “religions” like that of the Juggalos (and most Juggalos I’ve been in contact with say that they don’t follow that religion) is an Expansive Emergent Religion, which simply means it is an outward looking tradition in it’s developing phase. Outward looking simply means the tradition is influenced by other traditions. In a essence, you belong to a cult by definition.

    As for not hurting anyone and everyone else being evil. That’s pop-culture cult talk. I’m sure ALL “preps” are evil, ALL Juggalos are good, ICP cares about you and you’re smarter than me even though you think a blog post about Juggalos amounts to discrimination. Have fun with that, you’ll go far in life.

  19. Insane Clown Posse is a horrorcore rap group from detroit, they rap about murder, dead people, wicked clowns and carnival freaks. There are six Jokers cards and in the last card Icp reveals that there was a hidden CHRISTIAN message in all there music. They rap about gory un god like things because it draws the attention of people who have fallena way from god. After they dropped teh 2nd jokers card they started getting followers, they called them juggalos and juggalettes. As A Juggalette or Juggallo u consider each other family. So know I would like to ask a questions. What is the difrence between Juggalos and the kiss army? Or juggallos and The maggots? I don’t hear people going on about how SlipKnot followers are related to satan(which they arent). Your targetting Juggalos because were diffrent, because are music disturbs you because ur to flat like to look deep into something and uncover whats underneath it. The over all look of things is your all hypocrites. You tell your littel angle children to not judge people and look beyond the outside look at the inside. Well nun of you are looking at more than a painted face and a couple of bad kids, and you have decided that Juggallos are cult based. Juggallos are not a cult, and i do think its descrimination on the fact that theres music that raps about stuff that attracts teenagers when there in a rebelious stage, I think it scares you that music may be abel to call out to your child and grab his or her attention more than you can. Why dont you stop looking at one group of people and look at the mast vagority of American teenagers. You blame allot of things on music, but when it comes down to you its because people get feed up with thesquare views on how only certain groups have bad kids if I wear black Im bad, im into drugs, i injure myself….ect. But look at all those kids that make good grades wear bright clothing allot of time they bully less fortunate kids, they make people feel worthless like they dont deserve to live…Im not saying its just prepps Im saying you need to look at the big picture instead of something you consider a problem

  20. A) Having read ICP lyrics and studied Christianity when receiving my degree in Comparative Religion I can authoritatively say that ICP’s “religious” message is no closer to Christianity than Islam, Thelema or The Manson family. Co-opting references and ideas does not mean that a belief then belongs to the group it has taken the ideas from.

    B) The Kiss army doesn’t make the news everyday for members hitting people with hatchets, axes and other sharp things. The Kiss army is a fan club, the Juggalos are, technically a cult. I don’t mean that in the pop culture definition as “bad” but simply that the Juggalos are an expansive emergent religion at least according to Juggalos.

    C) I’m not targeting Juggalos and frankly you’re not different. You shop at Hot Topic with the rest of the sheep. Juggalos do end up on the crime blogs more, because they yell “Woop Woop” while attacking children and other such asinine behavior. I have written before about Juggalos, including in the above essay which you clearly haven’t read because I come out in support of allowing Juggalos to be Juggalos and make the point they really aren’t that different from other sub-cultures so I’m not going to go into it now.

    If Juggalos are so different why is it none of you read the essay before commenting on it and all said the same thing?

    D) I have never told anyone not to judge people on the clues, physical and verbal, that they themselves put out there. If I had children I teach them how to recognize a gang banger, a person on drugs and other people they should avoid. Only morons tell people not to judge others and the morgues of America are full of people who decided not to be judgmental.

    E) You should look up what discrimination means.

    F) I don’t blame anything on music, which I pointed out in the essay I wrote that you’re commenting on without reading.

    G) No one accused you of injuring yourself.

    And finally you say” But look at all those kids that make good grades wear bright clothing allot of time they bully less fortunate kids, they make people feel worthless like they dont deserve to live…Im not saying its just prepps Im saying you need to look at the big picture instead of something you consider a problem”

    This is unrelated to the issue. You’re vomiting out your emotional pain on me to deflect criticism of Juggalos. Sorry people are mean to you but they can only make you feel they way you let them. That’s something your parents should have told you. It has nothing to do with whether the Juggalo sub-culture attracts more criminals than others.

  21. WOW. Motah fucka you need to take a step back, cause u dont know me like that.
    1- I read ur stale ass shit thats why im commenting on it
    2- I rarely ever see shit about ICP hitting people with hatchets, Ive heard of them getting into a fight over women and childern abuse.
    3- Don’t you have something better to do and worry about real cults and or gangs.
    4- Why are you writing about something you truly know nuthing about?
    5- Your lasing at twoards and entired culture of people, not a gang
    6-Were all individuals we have diffrent minds, diffrent suroundings, and diffrent living styles so we all do things diffrently were not barbie dolls.

    Know I dunno wat you do with ur spare time but maybe u should listen to some of there songs like Hall of Illusions or Under the moon and rly listen to them not just teh gritty real parts.

    and on that note why the fuck do you let you kids listen to lil wayne he raps about drugs,killing, and all this other shit and hes at the top of the fucken charts……I think you need to worry about shit you know about not just what you hear or see on tv…didnt your parents ever tell you not to believe everything you see?

    They are Christian based its fucken everywhere it drops in teh 6ths jokers card its in ther biography that there trying to attract people away from god and enlighten them.

    Im not saying your discriminating, but personally you attaching stuff you dont know. and as for the personal attach on me, you make me laugh with ur “educated” way of speaking to me, maybe u should be a good blogger and not attach people who comment cause they make good points 🙂

    MMFWCL to my family

  22. I thought pot smokers were mellow. Apparently not if they’re Juggalos

    u stated this
    thats lashing at at the whole group…Ive never harmed anyone
    U seem to be slightly biast and stuck in ur own mind set

    so tell me what metal bands u like
    I enjoy metal as well I considerd myself a metalhead
    till I found Icp

  23. also to all the juggalos out there blamin shit on the younger generation is fucked up there your fam either way you gotta keep dem mugs on track not dis them and claim them as the reason for people hating on us we will always always be wicked clowns and the world will always look down on what we do and how we stand out just cause a couple of juggahoes do something bad dosent mean you should turn your back on your younger fam

  24. Amanda you’re clearly high. You didn’t read the essay and your hostility to an essay that’s at least six months old by now proves your taking being a “Juggalo” way to seriously.

    I did the research, read the lyrics, spoke to Juggalos and even watched video of the Gathering of the Juggalos. Including the recent ones posted, you know, where two “thieves” are locked in a cage while people throw rocks at them and over weight underage girls stripped for a crowd. Unlike you I actually know what I’m talking about.

    And I never said every Jugalo commits crime, YOU MADE THAT UP. This is what’s called a strawman argument, where you argue against things your opponent never said as a way to distract from their argument. I also never said I had or kids or if I did I let them listen to lil wayne. If I had kids there are man things I wouldn’t let them listen to until they were old enough to not be some sucker at Hot Topic spending my money on some hatchet man t-shirt made in China.

    You know nothing about Christianity. Read a book. Charles Manson claimed to be Jesus Christ and Satan in one, does he represent Christianity? Does the “Saint Death” cult represent Christianity? I’ve never met a more sheltered group of people than Juggalos, including Wiccans and Sci-fi fans.

    And while we’re talking about personality flaws, unless you’re 11 you should be ashamed of your uneducated hillbilly dialect you write in. I know you think it makes you cool, but that’s mainly because you’re a sheep. It’s almost ironic how all Juggalos do the exact same things, including write in a very, very, White version of Ghettoize, then claim they’re so different. You’re not, you’re a mark and ICP has your number. You and all your friends are walking ATM cards with pretensions.

    So let’s try this, read the article and comment on what’s actually in it. Otherwise get lost. Also you should learn what “lashing out” means. And keep laughing at educated people, we’ll return the favor when you’re on welfare.

  25. I’ve been a juggalo for nearly 15 long years now. I understand the concern people have when they see painted faces all lined up at a show wondering what the hell is going on. I don’t paint my face, I don’t really wear the merch, but I have nothing but love for the fam. I’ve been down since Riddlebox. It’s wrong to point at a group of people and discriminate. We all learned that pointing fingers is childish, lets move on from blaming ICP and their lyrics. ICP isn’t to blame. If they were truely serial killers, do you think they would still be here today strong as ever? The young and immature juggalos are the ones who need the help, need some sort of influence in their lives so that they can seek a much better result instead of being overpowered with rage and hate. Everybody has been in a sort of position where they feel truely alone and have nobody to talk to. The juggalos are there. Their not all bad people. I’m a college student majoring in Computer Forensics. I party, I drink, I blaze, I have fun. Sue me cause I listen to them.

    Who hasn’t thought about killing someone? And if you say you haven’t, then maybe something is wrong with you. Especially with todays generation, and how things are.

  26. Did I say ICP is responsible for Juggalo criminality? If you could read you’d see that I didn’t make that point at all. What I said is that sub-cultures like the Juggalos will attract criminals just as the gangsta rap movement does, just as “cutters” are attracted to Emo and blood fetishists are attracted to Gothic Punk. These sub-cultures aren’t the cause of their criminality, but the do inadvertently support it.

    This is not discrimination. To discriminate against Juggalos would mean that we were literally not allowing them to have the same rights as others. This is clearly untrue. No one however has the right to go through life unjudged by others, this is childishness. My actions and behavior cause people to form opinions about me. Your actions and behavior cause people to form opinions about you. Claiming this is discrimination is asinine, it’s simply life.

    Your sad life and opinions that those of us who don’t think about murdering others as being the real misfits is a product of your immaturity, which is caused in part by your drinking and drugging and is encouraged by those people and ideas you surround yourself with specifically to validate your misanthropy and nihilism. Why should the rest of the world embrace your call for self-medicating joylessness? I don’t sit around thinking about killing folk, I think about my business, my wife, books I’m reading etc. In other words the asinine drug sub-culture you chose to join functions to keep you in perpetual adolescence. This isn’t the “fault’ of the Juggalos, it’s simply one aspect of how that sub-culture can function.

    If you’re in college you understand what I’m saying.

    Which brings me to the main point. Unless you’ve been a Juggalo since you were 6 you pretty much should have been done with college AND getting high. It’s time to leave childish things behind and start taking care of yourself, what we used to call being a man. But since you’re likely to be at least say, 27, I would put forward that you’re not being judged anywhere near enough. At your age you should be in control of your feelings, able to moderate your “partying” and setting a better example for the teens you’re still hanging around. But you aren’t. You’re treading water intellectually and emotionally. There’s no difference between you and a 15-year-old and that should tell you something.

  27. First off, if you notice everytime I post something its around 10-10:30. That means I’m in school, therefor I’m not high. Secondly, I would really appriciate it if you wouldn’t use my name, simply for the fact were not on a name basis. I did read your articel, I have read most of the comments posted. This is not an attach on you since everything i say makes me high, uneducated, or white ghetto, but it seems to me like no matter what point any juggalo makes we did read the article and were wrong. I personally don’t care what my Fam dose, you wanna show off your skin thats your business not mine and i’m not gunna judge on it and you shouldn’t either. The over all title of the article seems to be either were drug crazed face painters or were so killer clown cult. I’m not saying that people who get into the sub-culture arent crazy or drug crazed, I actually know some do have issues and use drugs heavily, but you can find drug use in and sub-culture. You may have done your research and what not. But your articale dosen’t seem to be giving any juggalos the benefit of the dout. I don’t know who you are and what you do and what sub-culture you catagorize your self in. and the same for you is you dont know me. SO acting like you have a total knowledge of my whole being is a mistake. You may think your higher or better than me because i consider myself a juggalette and your whatever you are. Also ” There’s no difference between you and a 15-year-old and that should tell you something.” i ripped that from one of your comments and i alos believe its wrong to use age as a maturity level when its just a general estimation of where the average maturity level should be. I’m not attaching you or anything like this I’m just stating my opinions openly i have been open minded about your but simple fact is theres fucked up people in the world you can find them everywhere and anywhere, but if you listen to “play with me” off the jackle brothers at the very beging of the song there raping baout pedifiles, women abuse and stuff along those lines and how its fucked up….

  28. Kid I have no idea what your name is, who you are etc. I do know that when one of you reads the article and comments on it respectfully you’ll get a respectful answer. If you want to PRETEND I said all Juggalos are criminals why should I bother “opening my mind” to some Hot Topic driven subculture full of people who won’t “open their minds'” (or eyes) to what I actually write.

    Not to mention the threats. Here’s a missive from one of your “Fam” that I got around Friday night/Saturday morning:

    “ZAC wrote:
    please take down the juggalo post. It’s full of lies and only breeds hate. I
    promise you dont want these people mad at you.


    Yes yes and I promise that I have no interest in whether or not anyone is angry with me.

    But anyway that’s the latest in a string of asinine threats by douches that have been coming in since I wrote this article. But I suppose I can’t judge Juggalos for that either.

    You say maturity shouldn’t be linked to age then claim that “pedafiles” are a better use of my time, yet the idea that 15-year-olds can be as mature as adults is pedophilia 101. Adults should be different from teens, because we have more experience and thus grow.

    Do I know your whole being? No. But I never claimed knowledge of your soul, only your sub-culture. This is hyperbole at it’s most hysterical, and I don’t mean hysterical as in funny.

    Look if you don’t want to be judged you’re in for a rough time because all people are judged everyday. You yourself are judging me. But if you want to not be judged as uneducated write in English (run your comment through a word processor if you can’t) and stop making up facts on the spot to suit you. If you hate being judged why link to your MySpace. Maybe no one’s told you this before and I’m sorry that it hurts but grow up a little. No one has the right or ability to go through life without others forming opinions about them based on their own behavior.

    If you don’t want me calling you Amanda leave a “cool” handle like Wickedtripp. But anonymous posters on the Internet are cowards. I use my real name and I don’t even mind if you call me by it.

    Now I have a question for you. What exactly is wrong with this article? I was very fair to Juggalos in it, but I’m willing to hear criticism.

  29. look im a juggalo,..omg..and yes i smoke pot n beleave killing certin ppl is just fine…..rapests,pedafiles,whomen beaters,the evil go’s on n on….n yes i truely beleave that these kind of ppl should b delt with by ne means nesscerrywoop woop.. i am true to this so called gang….its a fam like no outher n to those outher ppl listed in the article r not true juggalos there hyrocrits,defying our true purpose …..clow 4 life and in death..the darkness in people will b riped out of there chest …mmfwcl

  30. think of us as a bunck of ppl who feel the world has turned its back on,hurt ur just ignored….the outcasts,…n while we sit on the sidelineswere smokin pot..lol.but were opening out minds to much more than the avrage jo….me personaly i listen n look at the miracles of every day…things ppl miss nemore..things as simple as the crickets,ur the stars…but as in everything else theres a + and a – everywhare u go….light dark,sunrise sunset,left right,boy girl,good bad…and if u are able to c all the good in the world…then u can c the bad…ant to the ppl who r standing on the sidelines of life…..theres nothing stoping us frum doing whats right no matter how bad it sounds…..ppl say taking anouther life is wrong….i beleave that as well but think about it like this,if u had a little boy ur girl..loved them with all ur hart..n bam..missing fur three days of rape..still alive..if u ask me a pice of her life was riped frum her…in a way she died inside…..ill bet u changed ur thought process on right n wrong…..and i know most ppl in this world if u found out its as simple as a psycopayh with a heart like mine could have gotin to him b4 he got to her….n him.n her .n him….doin this over n overto meny children…..whats so wrong with him catchin a bullet in the back of his head..?…..everyone knows the corts r unjust at times…..what would b so rong if someone in that cort room made shure the victoms got justice….

  31. I have been respectful to you, and yea I don’t write like you do, but I’m probly not as old as you. Maturity is supposed to connected with age and experience but its not something that is written in stone that when you hit a certian age your maturitys at certain level its and estimated thing. Your artical can come off in certain ways depending on how you want to look at it, Its fair to an extent but its still crude and vaugly judge mental, if you think I’m being disrespectful please point out what you believe to be disrespectful. I don’t shop at hot Topic, thanx onlytime i ever get ICP gear is from Hatchet gear….Your not very open minded with what I say and my spelling realy shouldn’t have anything to do with this is a comment, I’m not a blogger and I never intend to be, so I could personally careless about my spelling. I don’t care who or what you judge but most of the time you judge it in an unbiast way which is something you have somewhat done but not completely. No shit, everyone is getting judged every fucking day, Do you think if i gave a fuck about peoples thoughts Id be a lette, but on that note I don’t care, most juggalos/lettes dont and anymore thats the way to do it. You may yous your name because your not threaten by me, I don’t use my name cause I dont wan’t it plasterd all over the internet for some old guy to use to try and make me feel like hes supirios, Sorry. So yea I may seem disrespectfull, which I’m not being until this point, But you need a fucking shrink caues you are out of your fucking mind all your coments come up with off the wall shit that makes no fucking since and has nothing to do with anything that was previously said.

  32. Actually neither you none any other Juggalo has been respectful to me. Then you all cry when I respond. Your spelling may not matter to you, but the fact that you write on a 2nd grade level is a big deal. It’s a big deal because you can’t understand me. I have said time and again that I have never said all Juggalos do this or that, but you and all the others have been arguing against an argument you’ve either made up or more likely you simply don’t understand what I wrote and refuse to try.

    As I have said I really don’t blame you for this, ever since they started handing out teaching degrees public education has been a joke but you are the one who will suffer for your English teacher’s laziness for decades to come. I mean you really don’t know Judgmental is one word? Come on. Your inability to communicate with others and more importantly understand what they are saying is a fast track to poverty.

    But more importantly it’s at the bottom of this whole argument. You THINK I said things I didn’t, you claim I believe things I don’t. And you’re not the only one. I’ve gone out of my way to be fair to Juggalos and in return I have received about a dozen death threats from the same Juggalos complaining that I shouldn’t be judging them. You want me to be “open minded” about what? Teen drug use? Emailed death threats? Having people slander me by claiming I made claims I didn’t?

    It’s time to “open” your mind. I don’t want your name, nor do I want to plaster anything “all over the Internet” but I do want Juggalos to stop claiming I’m “discriminating” against them, telling me “I’d better take this post down” or “I’ll get my wig split” and demanding to be respected without having the decency to at least pretend to be respectful of me.

    This is what you call respectful:

    “Your targetting Juggalos because were diffrent, because are music disturbs you because ur to flat like to look deep into something and uncover whats underneath it.”

    “We follow are religion like christians follow theres aside from the fact taht were not hypocrites and liers were jsut like you.”

    “You blame allot of things on music, but when it comes down to you its because people get feed up with thesquare views on how only certain groups have bad kids if I wear black Im bad, im into drugs, i injure myself….ect.”

    None of that is respectful. Also none of it is true. You claim I’m making false claims about you but your very first comment was a series of lies about me. Why do you think you have the right to not be challenged on falsehoods you make about others?

    You think my comments make no sense because your teachers screwed you. They make perfect sense. Why not sit down, open up a dictionary, and re-read what I said and try either debating the points I actually make or finding some other stand in for your step-father/uncle/abusive boyfriend to screech nonsense at. But don’t expect me to treat you with the deference you assume you deserve when you couldn’t be bothered to even think about any point I made, instead vomiting out your FANTASY of being persecuted because you’re so “open minded” and so much cooler than we “old people” etc.

    I am curious though. Do you really think that you deserve to be treated better than you’re willing to treat others? That you deserve to not have people portray you as what you believe is a stereotype when all your comments portray me and others as stereotypes largely based on a couple of years of high school? Again, I don’t blame you for this, I blame your teachers who have replaced the self-respect that comes from education with the “self-esteem” teachings designed to make you a downwardly mobile servile pseudo-minority.

  33. My education has nothing to do with this. I’m not a blogger, I’m not writing a paper, I have no reason to be formal. I’m arguing with some unknown guy over Juggalos. I’m a Juggalette, thats as simple as it get’s for me, what my family dose, is each individuals buisness. I understand your looking at the vast majority of the sub-cultures behavior, but in a way it makes it seem like its the whole groups behavior. I smoke, but I rarely smoke anymore, I have to much to lose at this point. I listen to ICP daily, I don’t snatch littel kids or carry a hatchet, I love there music, it relates to the darker animalistic side of every human, wether your will to explore that side of the human mind is your own personal choice I choose to stimulate the darkness of my mind through there music. I’m not saying your making false claims, I’m merley stating the possibly way it comes off. your articles crud and blunt, thats why it comes off so harsh twoards Juggalos, I’m not saying thats a bad things, but being slightly less blunt wouldnt hurt. I’m a metalhead to I can answer almost any question, But music has been blamed for the trouble of teens for decades, It shouldn’t be the music, it revolves around the parents, Why arent they around to punish ther kids, for there wrong doings? that was vaugly off topic but I think in some way it relates.

    This is totally of topic I just though it was something you might find interesting but, my moms in collage to be a teacher and its been said that parents are now claiming Fantasy books lead to children and teens gettin involved in Wiccan and Satanisum. I think it’s a bit of an obsured statement, but yea I just though you might see that as interesting

  34. But you’re arguing points I never made. Your education has everything to do with your misinterpretation what I wrote and this is not an attack on you but on the system which I’m much more concerned about than I am with ICP or Juggalos:

    “I understand your looking at the vast majority of the sub-cultures behavior, but in a way it makes it seem like its the whole groups behavior.”

    Not at all. I made a cursory examination of the sub-cultures mythography and social mores and extrapolated what sort of behavior you may or may not expect from members of that group who do commit crimes.

    “I’m not saying your making false claims…”

    You did actually, several times. But I’ll concede that it’s possible you didn’t realize that you were.

    “But music has been blamed for the trouble of teens for decades, It shouldn’t be the music, it revolves around the parents, Why arent they around to punish ther kids, for there wrong doings?”

    Here we agree and I’ve made that point several times on other posts about Juggalos. I have also started a new crime blog for my local area (greenvilledragnet.com) and am working on an essay now about the areas “Juggalo problem” where I make much the same point, that what we have is a parenting problem.

    However public schooling has been forced on parents by the government for decades and is often the primary agent of socialization for children.Schools cannot be let off the hook for the damage they do to children.

    I would also put forward that the music you listen to is indicative of the person you are, so you can make some judgments about people by looking at the art they like including paintings, literature and music. My favorite Playwright is Lope de Vega (16th century Spanish) and you could make some judgments about me through reading his works. I’m not saying you can completely understand a person through one facet of their life, but you can glimpse some things about them by knowing their likes and dislikes.

    “its been said that parents are now claiming Fantasy books lead to children and teens gettin involved in Wiccan and Satanisum. I think it’s a bit of an obsured statement, but yea I just though you might see that as interesting”

    It is and it’s been going on for a while. Christians especially tend to believe that Wicca is primarily transmitted through children’s books etc. Ironically modern Wicca is overly influenced by fantasy books (just as modern Satanism is influenced by Black metal) so what Christians are observing is not Wiccans creating children’s literature but children’s literature (like harry potter) influencing newer converts expectations and socialization.

    Many Pagans from my generation are as disgusted as Christians of fantasy fiction and televisions influenced on Wiccan belief and practice, but for obviously different reasons.

    It’s slightly different because Wicca tends to be only inwardly harmful, as in the main problems with Wicca tend to be downward mobility and lifestyle choices that adversely effect children of Wiccans so there’s little reason to post stories about them. However as a former Wiccan (now pagan) I have blogged just as harshly about Wicca as I have about Juggalos when warranted.





    And Christians:




    So don’t feel picked on. I treat Juggalos no different than anyone else.

  35. I see well I unserstand that you can make a judgement by a persons likes and the way they carry themselves. ICP is not my only music genre choice though I listen to Hair metal, Grunge, Black, MetalCore, and simply heavy metal, I kinda study music in a simple way i find it to binteresting because you can find all genre roots in music, but I wouldn’t exactly say it influences a persons whole life style either it may influence some choices but on that not you have to be abel to realize when your taking something way outta praportion. Personally the religion thing is not my area I’m an athiest I look at all religions I see how most of them connect in one way or another an as for the fantasy books, I love them, I loved them as a kid but they never influence the things i was involved in, the more strict people become it seems the less fun kids are abel to have, which seems to be causing more rebelion and crime. Allot of people blame the kids but its not only the kids look at all the things that are being take from them. I’m 15, I’ve neverly really gotten to deeply involved in stupid stuff, but when it comes to ICP you have to realize its music, there not telling you to go place a hatchet in some rich guys head, I have read there biography, which is really good by the way, and throught the book i kinda picked up on the fact that they believe everyone should be seen as equal, it will never happen but its a good hope for todays society. That was pritty off topic sorry but in a way it kinda feed into my point

  36. I believe the Juggalo sub-culture and ICP are distinct. ICP is the music and influence of the Juggalos (as are other Psychopathic Records artists) but the Juggalo sub-culture has to be seen as separate from regular fandom. In my day there were many metal fans who were Satanists for example, but many Satanists listened to specific bands and understanding Satanism in its totality can only be done if you also briefly look at the music/literature/art that Satanists embrace.

    In the same way you can’t simply look at Harry Potter and claim it causes people to embrace paganism or Witchcraft but the fact that many Wiccans embrace Harry Potter (to an embarrassing extent frankly) as part of their sub-culture is something we can look at to see what sort of evolution a sub-culture is going through. It became common a few years ago for younger Wiccans (and some older ones) to call non-wiccans “muggles” which I thought was a bit distasteful but whatever.

    What was interesting is that there were all ready derogatory terms for non-Wiccans- “once-borns” in the 80s and 90s and before that “Cowans” when Wicca was more Witchcraft oriented. You could see the changes in Wicca through that, in the old days we Wiccans used Cowan to mean someone who was unaware of how to practice Witchcraft but it had no religious meaning (all non-Witches, including some Wiccans were Cowans) then the once-born slur became in vogue when reincarnation became Wiccan dogma. This coincided with Wiccans starting to claim Hindus were “fellow” pagans. The term Muggle is popular because Wicca has become more of a youth culture and has blended with the live action role playing community.

    This is a long way of saying we agree that art reflects a person’s values, but doesn’t necessarily create them.

  37. IF you think about ICP though like really think about it there music seems to come from the animalist side of there mind so maybe thats why there music attracts so many people with problems and what not. I persaonally am calmed by there music my brother on the other hand getg pissed when he listens to them so in some way i can see it playing on the unhuman side of people

  38. Wow. To many ignorant people opening their mouths and speaking. Maybe if you have a degree in many areas required to evaluate these boys, I would give in, but I’m guessing you dont. Juggalette all the way right here so let me ask you something, did it ever occur to you that these teens were troubled in many ways? Juggalos and ‘lettes arent all terrible or “gang” members, we don’t all wanna go and kidnap kids or hurt people or even scare people. For the most part, icp,twizted,etc. appeals to already troubled people( and i say people because I know 40 yr old ‘los and ‘lettes) who need help. It doesn’t necesarily mean the music is the number one culprit. For those who can see it for what it is, they know it’s about real life issues and problems with our society and the people in it. It just makes it more interesting and realistic coming from the musicians in a first person pov. The true meaning of juggalos and juggalettes is family, loving each other, being there for your “homies”, and knowing when to put your foot down. The people who call themselves juggalos and then go kidnap kids, are just looking to the music for an excuse and obviously already have issues. ~JUGGALETTE~WOOP WOOP

  39. Ok so I’ve been all around the internet and I’ve been seeing a lot of false information about juggalos. Most of these sites seem to have nothing but ignorant immature…I can’t believe I’m using this term but brats. I haven’t read a lot of things on here but what I have read it seems like there’s a lot of open minds on here. Now to start this off by saying no offense to any juggalos that come to this site as for I am a juggalo. Anyone who commited any of the said crimes listed at the top of this page are NOT juggalos they are confused misplaced souls calling for attention in a sick way. And honestly I think they need to be put in the middle of a lightning storm in devils playground which is a “park” of sorts I guess you would call it filled with desent sized rocks in which when lightning strikes it can bounce from rock to rock for hours on end but anyway that’s my opinion. I want to get on here to have a intellectual conversation about juggalos and what they really are what their meant to be how they started and clear up any confusions. Now I’m not saying I’m a know it all because ummbot but however I do know my resources are reliable. I feel that all this prejudice and hate against juggalos needs to stop. Also all the ignorance and slander being poorly aimed and fired at the real juggalo community.

  40. I really should have read my last post before submiting. Ummbot is supposed to be I’m not. I’m working off of a blackberry storm and it started to die while I was typing and it glitched so it didn’t respond to me hitting the space bar.

  41. My names hannah. im a lette. Which means im the girl version of a juggalo.
    Just because some ppl deciede to kidnap some kid dont mean were all horriblee. I love my wicked family and everyone in it. I dont blame them im sure they had a reason to want that kid. And being a juggalo isnt about that, its about family and love and our beliefs. And were nothing like a gang. We are a religion and we fallow the dark carnival that will hopefully lead us to shangra la.

  42. Hmm, I listen to a wide variety of music, and whether it is country, rap, rock pop, gospel, or soul I don’t allow myself to get aimlessly drawn into it
    I like to move with by music, to get moved by it, descend into it, allow it to be involved in matters pertaining to my life, and with that it helps make the connection to easier find interest in others based on what they listen to
    But still, morals-values-ethics, spiritual insights are what are supposed to attract you to a religion or a belief, based on your choice of god, deity –demon, whatever
    Don’t continue to defend masking violent tendencies because people are troubled, have a hard life and are finding a means to express themselves, when in reality they are just conducting them in a cult-typical existence, they cant/dont cope with realism.
    Marilyn Manson’s grandparents swear by his good christian faith, he could have followers on either side, light or dark, people here are claiming that they are just because they are juggalos, where as the others that commit crimes are not? What are they called by those who claim the genuine way, posers, wannabes? Well, that’s how it works, the righteous are called out as cult, while the corrupt are called criminals, that will probably remain until it is state recognized, until that time, it is referenced to by what is provided in the desk top dictionary …..

  43. “face painting pot smokers ” Well lets see i know juggalo who do not do any type of drug.
    Not “Evil Clowns” but Wicked clowns, if they were evil do you think they would put out songs that are anti-rapest, raseist, abuse, they use metaphors, just like ya’ll are using the joker thing.
    why both talking about us juggalos? do you really think we really car about what ya’ll have to say? picking on people who just want to be different then the rest of the world, living in “pleasentville”
    What ever!! say what will of us, WE GIVES NO FUCK!!!!

    The Twiztidlette

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