Did You Know All Nazis are Christians and All Pagans are Good People? Why Wiccans Hate You

At least that’s what emailer “Marlene,” who took umbrage to a post I wrote about the pedophile enabling hippy sex cultists on PaganSpace (three or four months ago), claims in a missive as childish as it is inaccurate:

in reverence to your red alert on paganspace.net concerning the accusations on
that site, i just wanted to say that there are bad people everywhere and from
every religion, if you choose to make a website about terrible people that prey
on children then you really should do your homework since most child abusers are
christian . as well as the nazi shit heads , yeah they are christian too.
wiccans and witches believe harming none and protecting everything under mother
nature’s sky and above it. Pagans are good people!!!!!

If you find her writing hard to follow blame the teachers’ union. But I thought it was important for readers, many of whom are not familiar with the inner workings of the “New Age” and neo-Paganism, to see exactly what the average Wiccan thinks of them and mainstream American society. So let me apologize in advance for boring some of you with this short essay describing why your children will hate you when they convert to Wicca.

After this piece I would recommend that you read a book called America: Religions and Religion by Catherine Albanese which is the bible of comparative religion. It is a bit pricey and hard to find but you may have some luck at a college bookstore or used book shop. Chapter eight of this dense but readable tome is entitled “Homesteads of the Mind: Occult and Metaphysical Movements” and reveals to readers something that most Americans (and all modern Wiccans) seem to very much be unaware of: America had a thriving occult movement prior to the 1960s “New Age” movement. And it wasn’t full of hippies.

Understanding why modern Wicca and most of the New Age in general are oddly secular exercises in doctrinaire leftism disguised as spirituality is impossible without understanding that the current “occult underground” is the product of the 60s counterculture infiltrating, dismembering and transforming the American metaphysical movement which came before it. The prior movement had a centuries long lineage and encompassed dozens of traditions ranging from Marie Laveau’s exotic blend of Voodoo and European occultism to the Pennsylvania Dutch “Pow-Wow doctor” who cured illnesses on the farmsteads with remedies and prayers found in his coveted copy of Joseph Hoffman’s Long Lost Friend. The modern movement is full of Atheists who think the Gods and Goddesses (and Witchcraft) are metaphors for “reclaiming their power” which itself is a metaphor for living in a state of perpetual adolescent rebellion against non-existent oppressive forces.

Prior to the 1960s, occultism was a diverse spectrum of fairly conservative traditions and movements which were populated by men and women who dedicated significant time to the study and practice of a variety of arts mainstream society would have found unseemly if not unlawful. Those people have been replaced with what Israel Regardie referred to as “Tent Women” – under educated, sanctimonious loud-mouths who are so consumed by misandry they seek out “goddess religion” lest they be forced to lower themselves to worshiping a man.

I paint a romantic picture of pre-New Age metaphysics and I understand many readers will see occultism in a very different light, but I want those same readers to understand the vast difference between the “witch” of the early 20th century who cobbled together a grimoire in secret using books like Aradia: Gospel of the Witches written by credulous but thorough folklorist C.G. Leland and the spiteful, obnoxious perpetual teens of today who wave their copies of Fiona Horne’s latest literary skidmark around while screaming out moral platitudes so simple you’re not sure an elementary school teacher would waste time writing them on a chalk board. The former could be (and mostly was) a good neighbor who left you to your pursuits and simply asked for the same courtesy. The latter are pentagram festooned propagandists for the left who demand you change your views and habits to suit their childish view of reality.

The rise of Wicca (which as a matter of historical fact was invented by Gerald Gardner in the 1950s) coincides with the rise of Radical Feminism, Radical Environmentalism and the neo-marxist academic Utopianism that defines the left in this country and just as those deconstructive forces transformed the Democratic party from hawkishly anti-Communist to a party that is the American version of the Fabians, Wicca changed the occult underground into the watered down yet highly political “New Age” movement it is today. It was primarily radical feminism, as embodied by degenerate Jew haters like Starhawk, which de-emphasized the private, personal pursuit of esoteric knowledge and practice of traditional metaphysics and re-imagined Wicca as a vehicle for the neo-Marxist armchair class war the baby boomers still play at to this day.

Wicca is the bludgeon with which the emotionally crippled lash out at society, the mask behind which the untalented and unimportant hide when confronting their superiors. It is a religion only in the most academic sense. The truth is that Wicca is simply a collection of petulant narcissists who make childishly grand gestures designed to insult or provoke others as both a way to share the psychic pain their emotional retardation causes and give the Wiccan (statistically speaking, most likely to be a downwardly mobile White American from the middle class) fuel for their fantasy of being a victimized minority.

Modern Wicca (unlike it’s Gardnerian and Alexandrian forerunners) is not an organized religion but a sub-cultural identity with definitions so loose that there are even “Christian” Wiccans nowadays. Unlike the occultist of old, the only knowledge the modern Wiccan actively pursues is the knowledge of consensus, and the Wiccan is keenly interested in what general dogma this amorphous mass of people with no set ideology accepts as true so they can better parrot popular pagan opinion. This is the result of the influx of free-wheeling, “anything goes” types in the 60s who would unctuously lecture anyone who claimed that the occult isn’t about pedophiliac orgies and playing dress-up pushing out anyone serious about exploring the boundaries of reality.

In this vacuum of spirituality the erstwhile Wiccan need only recycle a few leftist talking points and she or he can be considered as authoritative and knowledgeable as anyone else. Therein lies the allure of Wicca for many of the wrong people, and the reason most Wiccans you meet will hate you if you aren’t willing to march in lockstep to their inanity. All pagans are good, all Christians are bad and America is full of fascists and/or Nazis. I defy any reader to go to any Wiccan forum and show me that 80% of the entire site isn’t some permutation of those three post-modern cliches. Wiccan identity is completely tied into a particular set of anti-American,”radical” political views that have replaced spells and rituals as the required knowledge to be considered well versed.

Which brings me to Marlene, who has a dreadful website full of cut and paste material she barely understands (no Marlene the Havamal isn’t just the “story of Odin receiving the runes,” it is the “High One’s” instructions to mortals covering every facet of life) and will never even try to because it is more important to her and her standing in the Wiccan community to “fight the real enemy.” That fight of course only entails emailing me a criticism she couldn’t be bothered to spell check then patting herself on the back for her bravery. It should be instructive to the reader that Marlene didn’t comment on the post publicly where she might have to defend this pinched off dispatch, but shot off an email that she only shared with her fellow “witches” at their weekly book club meeting.

Also instructive is that Marlene didn’t bother to read the post at all, but was told what I said and shot off an email to me to score points with her fellow Wiccans without investigating their claims at all.

That is a perfect metaphor for Wicca.

Marlene probably hates me not because my response to her was intemperate (to say the least) but because at this point their are a great deal of Wiccans who, for many reasons, dislike me, my blog and the group I’m affiliated with, Pagans Against Child Abuse. That I’m a “Christian” out harassing Wiccans is the new canon in some parts, and like lemmings the majority of Wiccans will simply accept that as truth. So I must resign myself to the near constant stream of emails by the lowest common denominator that all basically say what Marlene said above. Christians are Nazis, all pagans are by definition good and for not regurgitating such, if I may steal a phrase, sinister piffle, I’m some sort of ignorant fascist.

And when your 15-year-old reads in some hack’s mass marketed “Book of Shadows” that Christians/Conservatives/Small Business Owners/Guys named Ted are “the enemy” of Wiccans, you’re going to be treated just the same.

30 thoughts on “Did You Know All Nazis are Christians and All Pagans are Good People? Why Wiccans Hate You

  1. “christian . as well as the nazi shit heads , yeah they are christian too. pagans
    wiccans and witches believe harming none and protecting everything under mother”

    Wait, didn’t Hitler and the Nazis misused some Norse Pagan roots in creating their “mythical” Aryan race? Last time I checked, Those National Socialists didn’t have anything to do with Christanity. They were purely opportunists whom used whatever symbols they could come up in effort to attack the European Jewish community.

  2. Ok, I just came from Marlene’s site, and I couldn’t stomach going through it entirely. All the information I read was rote and incomplete. Sorry Marlene, but you really aught to do a bit more research. And I highly recommend reading the Frosts’ “Good Witches’ Bible”, particularly the section on initiations, before attacking those who call them on their ILLEGAL recommendations of sexually initiating CHILDREN, for which they give step-by-step instructions, which includes having a young girl’s father “assist her” in the use of home-made adult sex toys.

    Right off the bat, I can tell this woman how incredibly irresponsible she is, just with the page on herbs. Much like her asinine belief that “All Wiccans are good”, she must believe that “All Herbs are safe”. She has absolutely NO warnings listed for any of those herbs. For example, the mints: Pregnant women should avoid using Pennyroyal because it can cause her to have premature contractions, which can cause premature labor or miscarriage. Anyone who has studied medicinal herbal use would know what the contraindications are for each herb and for each medical condition.

    WARNING: Never take medicinal advice from someone who copies and pastes the information from other sources without verifying the information for accuracy and for warnings! It could be harmful to your health!

  3. Mah- Indeed and the Nazis co-opted the burgeoning Germaic pagan movement by demonizing and eventually banning Pagan groups while stealing their symbols. Hitler himself is on record as claiming pre-Nazi Wodenists were cowards for not taking part in the Nazi vs Communist street fights that happened in Germany as he was coming to power.

    Trench-So now I know your name.

    DodiaFae-I didn’t even catch that. I wonder how many people have been sickened by reading her tripe about herbs. Not that she cares I’m sure.

  4. Yeah Rob, it was the first thing I went to check on because I do have a little knowledge on it beyond the rote “all herbs are beneficial” spew seen on so many of the copy & pasted sites, because I’ve actually done some of the research. I didn’t bother to look at much else on the site, because if she were *responsible*, she’d have at the very least added a disclaimer saying that the herbal info was in no way complete, that she hadn’t personally tested each claim, and that everyone should do their own research to make sure that there will be no harmful side effects for them if they use of any of those herbs.

    Herbs *are* medicinal, and certain herbs can react with certain prescription medications. It’s not uncommon for folks on anti-depressants to experience side effects when self-treating with herbs that they haven’t researched thoroughly.

    One thing that I learned the hard way many years ago, when stupidly following the advice I read on one such site, was that if you have low blood-pressure you should absolutely avoid herbs like Gingko Biloba, because it can cause sudden drops in your blood pressure which may cause fainting spells. My doctor told me this when I was blacking out in the shower. Guess what… stopped taking the Gingko, and the blackouts stopped. Hmmm… if there had been a warning on the few sites I saw the recommendations on, I would have done further research rather than assume that it was perfectly safe for me to take it.

    *Everything* medicinal has potential dangers, even homeopathy, which some claim boasts none. If you take the wrong thing, or too much of something, you can “prove” the symptoms it’s meant to fix, which means you can create symptoms in your body which weren’t there to begin with.

    These are things that piss off a lot of people who are actually certified in one part or another in the field of naturopathy, that people post this shit online and make the whole business look bad when people follow the advice of hacks and people get sick from it.

  5. “Indeed and the Nazis co-opted the burgeoning Germaic pagan movement by demonizing and eventually banning Pagan groups while stealing their symbols. Hitler himself is on record as claiming pre-Nazi Wodenists were cowards for not taking part in the Nazi vs Communist street fights that happened in Germany as he was coming to power.”

    I also should note the Nazis stole the Swastika symbol from Native Americans whom originally used it during battle. Communists also steal Pagan causes such as pretending to be for the indigenous people in Third World. Even while FARC terrorists have murdered countless of innocent indigenous Colombians.

  6. You know, Rob, when you sent me that letter, I laughed wholeheartedly. Now that I come here and read your blog in its entirety then visit her site to see what you indicate as her account of the Havamal, I am infuriated! As the Havamal is part of my heritage and was even used as guidance in the writing of my Viking Saga, this woman is an IDIOT and I am fuming at her illiterate, ignorant b.s. into a half-assed description she clearly made up after reading someone’s assessment of other aspects of the Sagas and ancient texts!

    Thank you for setting her straight on all counts. I wish you’d post your letter to her because it was brilliant!

    She’s clearly an idiot who only cares about LOOKING like a Pagan rather than actually BEING one. A true Pagan and follower of Pagan paths educates themselves on the religions and various spiritualities BEFORE writing about them, including Christianity. It is clear she is only in this for attention. Smacks of a lonely teen trying to fit in with the grown ups, and as usual, the grown ups have not much more of a proper education and fall for it hook, line, and sinker.

    Dodia: I agree! Let’s hope she doesn’t recommend a peach pit as any form of health benefit – unless the benefit is death. I’ve heard of hacks like her “prescribing” herbal remedies after having read books and then getting the recipes mixed up. I agree with your warning: NEVER TAKE MEDICAL ADVICE FROM ANYONE OTHER THAN YOUR DOCTOR OR SOMEONE YOU ACTUALLY KNOW IN PERSON AND CAN VERIFY THEIR SOURCES!

    As for this woman, I hope she reaps the karma of the ill advice and venom she has spread to the unwitting victims of her wreckless ignorance soon!

  7. All these American non-Christian religions are “hippy”.

    It is jacobin self-worship nonsense that is perfect for the mores of our age, an age of decay. Whether which religion it is and how “unique” it is, all branches of these “alternative religions” are rooted in the Kabbalah, a demonic jewish text of spells meant to undermine and destroy the Truth (Christianity).

    State-worshipping globalist internationalist neocons are ga-ga for these “alternative religions”, par for the course.

  8. Oh, look, it’s Copperhead – resident Islamic extremist sympathizer – slash – racist Nazi.

    No, you moron, you’re dead wrong. Christianity removes the spiritual connection with the higher power that we are all naturally born with and demands we follow the strict guidelines of mortal man. I am not against Christians – it is their choice to worship as they wish. I am just stating fact, unlike you who spew anti-semitic garbage every time you are here.

    Seems like you are one of those Christian extremists – who are no better than the Islamic extremists in that your kind would see all non-Christians destroyed one way or another. I don’t think that’s what Christ said, and being a Christian, you are by definition supposed to follow the teachings of Christ.

    Paganism is far from self-worshipping. Paganism is about spirituality. Period. There is nothing selfish about allowing the spirit to connect with the higher power. On the contrary, it is about letting go so the soul can follow its own path. But then, as a christian extremist full of hate and slander, you would have no clue what spirituality or having any connection with God means.

  9. Okay, Rob. I was just looking through her pathetic homage to Norse gods. This stupid cow is pissing me off more and more. Clearly, she knows absolutely nothing about the ancient religion and has copied this little-researched drivel from some source not really interested in Norse beliefs but posting for the sake of merely posting it – or an attempt to sound “wise” to other beliefs. I always go to the definition of Hel to see if they are real or not because frauds always miss the true identity of Hel. Always the dead give away, as is her entire site! FRAUD!!! There is a lot more to “Hel” than she put, and any true student of Norse belief would never remove it! If you know what it is, e-mail me. Don’t post it here. 😉

  10. Copperhead this is just another subject you know nothing about. If Jewish texts are “demonic” then the Old Testament (which is the Jewish Torah) would be demonic as well. Arguing that Christianity is demonic in origin is Gnosticism-one of the sources of today’s new age movement.

    But I know you aren’t a gnostic. You are a product of the Anglo-Israelism movement which was a “new age’ movement of the 19th century. The idea that Jews aren’t the real tribes of Israel and they’re religion isn’t valid is itself one of those new religions you just complained about.

    In short, you are no different than the Wiccan above. No more worthy of respect and nowhere near as knowledgeable as you think you are

  11. “It is jacobin self-worship nonsense that is perfect for the mores of our age, an age of decay. Whether which religion it is and how “unique” it is, all branches of these “alternative religions” are rooted in the Kabbalah, a demonic jewish text of spells meant to undermine and destroy the Truth (Christianity).”

    Your anti-Semitic ways copperhead puts Christianity in a bad light.

  12. Rob- Don’t forget Charmed LOL.

    Mah29001: Don’t worry. No one who matters believes he speaks for Christianity. It’s clear what he comes here for. 😉

  13. Rob, I like to blog about wiccans too, and compared to your awesome skewering of them in this epic post, it seems I have only been poking at wiccans with an usharpened stick. Wow, great writing, and it captured so many of my own thoughts. Thanks for clarifying the link between liberalism and the modern wiccan movement. I will be on the lookout for that book too, sounds like a fun read.

    I look forward to quoting your writing here often.

  14. wiccan is not a real religion it is a form of paganism and none of you need to make funny of it. christian has pagan root and nazis where jews. not wicca or pagan

  15. Wicca is an officially recognized religion in America, as is Paganism in general. Nazis were not Jews however and that’s the kind of anti-Semitic nonsense peddled as historic fact by modern Wiccans that makes them look so bad.

    The National Socialist party was open to all Germans except Jews, a policy Nazis follow to this day in countries that have an active parties to this day, including America, Mexico and Turkey.

    Read a book.

  16. HA! Rob, I hadn’t even seen that last post until now. Strikes me as odd that anyone would be stupid enough to read your OP on this and then post *those* statements. She obviously hasn’t done any research, either to disprove your statements or to prove her misconceptions about the subject matter.

  17. Well well well, a whole page of devoted Christians trashing me and my site . I’m honestly flattered. I’m not concerned with your opinion of me or my site , I made that site with info for myself mainly . I get maybe 2 visitors a day.I am not however surprised at the hate you have bestowed on me. I think you guys have proven my point very well.
    Blessed be ,

  18. Marlene can you read at all? I’m not a Christian and I said that very clearly. It isn’t surprising that you did EXACTLY what I said Wiccans tend to do and call me a Christian (like it’s an insult) rather than debate the points.

  19. So let me get this straight.. someone disagree’s with your views on Wiccan’s..call’s you on it.. and you then go to this persons website and attack her for not having as much knowledge as you do on paganism? Maybe she is a beginner. Maybe it’s a website in progress. Maybe she doesn’t know anything and her site is garbage. What is the point ??? Does it make you feel the better man to spread so much negativity at one person?

    So within a minute of reading your little blog here I am aware that you are not Christian. I will tell you that I myself am no lover of Wiccans. Every one I have come across have been converted fundie christians and are now carrying it over to another religion. I consider myself to be pagan. that being said. I am a bit surprised at the extreme negativity that is being thrown around here. Why attack someone for disagreeing with you? Maybe she should have red the site better but still to go out of your way to come across as an obnoxious arrogant ass. Where does that get you? Why not POLITELY explain your point in a nice tone that will get it across to her in a way that doesn’t harm someone and cause so much negativity? Why bash? What’s the point in that ? Why not explain to her where you are drawing your conclusions from rather than attacking her and her site? No one starts out anything with a font of knowledge. Show some patience and possibly some kindness. You might be surprised by the response.

    I would also like to point out that one set witches that write books with rites like the frosts which was mentioned in a comment above.. that would be THEIR beliefs and they in no way represent Wiccan’s as a whole. I have read quite a few books on Wicca and NEVER have I ran across anything that has to do with children initiations and sexual rites with them. So why not disagree with the authors and their so called path rather than bashing a group as a whole. I’m sure that if we were to dig around hard enough we could find all kinds of little goodies that all of us so called pagans do to harm the world and those around us.

    In short. Grow up. You are behaving as bad as you claim she is. I’m sure I will be your new pet of the week to attack. Maybe I have a typo here and there or maybe I spelled this wrong or that wrong. Or maybe I won’t be “Pagan” enough for you either. Who gives a crap? Did I make my damn point? I think so.

  20. Let me get this straight. A woman comes here defending CHILD MOLESTATION by claiming all Pagans are by nature good people so it is OK for PagansSpace to allow adult men to groom teen girls and I’m childish for telling her the truth? Really?

    She MADE UP interpretations of the Havamal and when I correct her I’m being negative for not allowing her to pass around false information unchallenged?

    You haven’t read the Frosts book with the pedophilic rite in it, so even though the Wiccan establishment DEFENDS them to this day and allows them to be honored guests at gatherings it’s just beyond the pale I would be critical of that?

    I get a nasty email and I’m supposed to show the sender patience and kindness? Are you kidding?

    It’s you that needs to grow up. No one is above reproach (that’s in the Havamal) no person is undeserving of criticism. No person has a right to attack others and not be attacked in return. This idea that some poseur can send me an email literally calling Christians Nazis and that ALL child molesters are Christians etc and not be mocked is just an indication of the perpetual adolescence of Wiccans who live in a fantasy world so delicate that they have to ignore any debate and attack the critics because their positions are indefensible.

    Had she wrote in politely with out the nonsense I may have corrected her off-line, but to expect me to simply accept being lectured by some hipster douchebag playing Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is naive to say the least.

  21. Please be kind enough to point out to me where she said that all child molesters are Christians ? I must have missed that. Maybe the Frosts are “grooming” their child initiates for sexual rites but I have never had the desire to read anything by them so I have only your word for that. Please give me some sited references of other Wiccan authors or other Wiccan sects that are doing this. One author does not define an entire group. I have read quite a few Wiccan books and I’m a manager for a bookstore so I can get anything out there. Give me some references to what you are saying. It would be beyond ignorant to take someone at their word when there is nothing listed to back up the claim. As I have said I am not a Wiccan lover. Most of the Wiccan’s I’ve ran across are wannabe’s or ex fundies. That doesn’t mean I discredit the entire religion though. Where is your back up for these claims? I’m more than happy to do my own research and I’m the first person to admit I’m wrong when I’m wrong. I just want proof. Nothing wrong with that now is there ?

    Oh.. and why is it I need to grow up? Wasn’t it you who just said ..

    “No one is above reproach (that’s in the Havamal) no person is undeserving of criticism.”

    I’m only doing exactly what you are claiming everyone has the right to…criticism .. What’s the problem?

  22. O.K. she said “most Child abusers are Christians” but that’s splitting hairs isn’t it. It’s simply a false claim designed to make people think child molestation is a Christian phenomenon when if you look at resources like Perverted Justice’s Wikisposure most active on-line pedophiles are Atheists or involved in alternative religions or sub-cultures (like their newest entry about Elminster trueheart).

    The point of the Frosts isn’t that they run Wicca, but that they are still allowed to represent Wicca without anyone speaking out against them. Oberon Zell of the old The Green Egg defended the Frosts for years, and on PaganSpace there are Frost style initiated Wiccans who support them. If you don’t believe me simply copy the portion of the book, which can be found here, and paste it into PaganSpace and watch the fur fly.

    I think your theory that I should be on the receiving end of sanctimonious lecturing without responding is immature, thus the “grow up” comment. I am not above reproach indeed, but neither are you. I can be a bit pretentious, I tend toward decadence and I’m told I snore. I’m not immature however. You are free to disagree, but if you’re criticism of me is that I have no right to criticize others, then you’re simply being childish.

  23. The best quote from the Frost which expose them as degenerates:

    ” It is hoped by Wicca that the first full sexual experience will take place in the plesant surroundings of the coven and that the spiritual as well as the physical aspects of the experience will lead the child to a complete life.

    The horror stories through which the Establishment attempts to downgrade this aspect of Wicca and the threatened terrible consequences of obeying natural instincts cause Wicca to more time and trouble in preparation for the sexual experience than of old. The physical attributes of male and female virginity are destroyed at the youngest possible age, either by the mother or by a doctor. In the female case, the hymen is painlessly broken surgically. In the male case, the mother makes absolutely sure that the foreskin can be drawn fully back by cutting the underside attachment membrane.

    At the last sabbat or eshbat before the initiation, the female novice is given the sacred phallus and the instruction sheet in Table 5 so that she can learn to insert and remove the phallus quickly and comfortably. She is also taught how she should lie and what she should do during the initiation ceremony.

    The male novice is instructed by his sponsor on his role and responsibilities in life. She reviews with him the functions of his various glands in fertilization; she also examines him to make certain that he knows precisely what he must and must not do during his initiation. ”

    Then they follow up:

    “The final three days before the initiation are a time of fasting. Ideally, only honey, water, and homemade bread should be taken, Throughout the fast the novices are given a demonstration of introitus by a couple selected by the coven.”

    Do you need more?

  24. I actually went to the link last night you had posted and was horrified myself that something like that would be in a book that is claiming to be a Wiccan Path. I am not sure why the Wiccan community would want to endorse the Frost’s. I can eat crow and when you are right you are right. Thats horrible. I suppose the only thing I was getting at was that I truly felt there was a better method of explaining to her. Thats all. As far as criticizing others I was not saying you didn’t have the right I was merely saying I think that your point will come across better if your tone is nicer. You came across very arrogant to me when I first read the blog and in attack mode. Maybe her site isn’t as articulate as yours but she is a good person and you don’t know her. Can she be naive? Sure. Should she have read the sight more thoroughly before assuming you were just some fanatical Christian. Yes. I don’t agree with the Wiccan community for still endorsing the Frost’s but at the same time I don’t think that makes all Wiccan’s pedophiles. It just makes the Wiccan powers that be horribly wrong for allowing them a space in their community. I think had Mar actually read everything she would be as horrified as I am. I don’t believe she has ever read a book by the Frost’s either. She tends to look for the good in people and sometimes she gets let down a lot. Everyone here who is sat here saying “Oh her site is horrible etc etc” It’s just a little site that she is doing in her spare time. She isn’t trying to change the world with it. Just to clairfy.I’m her best friend and have been so for 20 years. I’m not a part of the group she goes to though I’ve been there before. I believe most of them are Wiccan and I’m not. I’m Pagan and do not belong to a “coven”. I had a bad experience 5 years ago in one and have no desire to do that again. That was when I actually realized I wasn’t Wiccan. I was still reading and studying and what the coven at the time had to offer just wasn’t for me and still wouldn’t be.

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