Popular Pagan Site Posts Death Threat Against Red Alerts!

As a result of the efforts of PACA, Warriors for Innocence, The Ultimate Evil and Red Alerts working hard to expose the depraved indifference of PaganSpace to pedophiles grooming children on their site “Starrfire” Price, who co-founded PaganSpace (and is senior Vice-President of Alexandrianarchivesinc.com) was finally goaded into action. In a long and sullen missive she banned minors from the site rather than monitor the behavior of adults there and ensure they were not violating her own rules.

Afterward, PaganSpace allowed a person known as Peter the “Stone Warlock” to post this threat to me and the three women involved via his sock puppet account Shadow34:

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Scary stuff. Since he goes out of his way to tell us he has our home addresses I assume this is to be taken as a physical threat. But more important is his claim he will “ruin” us, because later in the thread he makes the outrageous claim that I’m a convicted felon who is on the sex offender list!

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Note to Tom Madison and the crew at Alexandrian Archives-this is defamation. This comment asserts a fact about me which isn’t true maliciously contrived to harm my reputation. I’ve never even been arrested much less convicted of a crime and I’m certainly not on a Sex Offender Registry.

The defense against defamation, by the way, is to prove that the statement is true or given as opinion and therefore wasn’t presented as being a true fact. That’s why calling Tom Madison a filthy degenerate (my opinion based on the facts of his sex offense conviction) isn’t defamation, but “Stone Warlock” claiming that he “knows” I’m a child molester is. So boys and girls, open up your wallets..

Starrfire herself knew about this comment and even appeared on the thread after it was published thanking everyone for being supportive. I assume that one of the “everyone” she is thanking for their support includes her old friend Peter who is affiliated with Starrfire’s Pagan Pulse magazine. More importantly however is that she allowed the comment to stand for some time after it was written. It wasn’t until I contacted Ning and complained that the offending post was removed. But alas, the damage to my reputation has already been done. Other blogs are already talking about this.

So of course, I have no other option, but to go to court.

As for the death threat. Yawn. There’s not a man on PaganSpace or any other social network with the stones (pun intended) to show up at my door. I’ll sleep soundly.

60 thoughts on “Popular Pagan Site Posts Death Threat Against Red Alerts!

  1. Well Druidoak I’m a Republican not a conservative but whatevs.

    You are the one mixing your Christianity with paganism, crying over the treatment of the American Indians and demanding we not judge anyone. If you were going to be honest about American history you’d read The Conquest of New Spain by Bernal Diaz where we see what Aztec culture was really like, or some of the “captive” tales written by the hundreds of Americans whose families were slaughtered by Indians who then captured them. An honest person knows some tribes were peaceful, but many were violent barbarians. I won’t cry for the Apache my friend, I’ve met them.

    You may also want to read the Vinland Saga. We pagans have had our run ins with the “Skraelings” ourselves.

    As for needing a pat on the back. Sorry guy I run a business. I’m not here to get accolades, just publish what’s going on. Your buddies at PS allow adult men to attempt to connect with children sexually. You think that that’s just fine. I don’t. there’s the issue, not your childish version of history, your thoughts on Christians or whether some supposed old man thinks I’m Black or Pagan enough for him.

    You should also look up what slander means. Nothing I wrote was slanderous. But I will say that Satanism is nonsense. That’s my opinion (meaning it can’t be slander, by the way) and anyone who in the same sentence claims he doesn’t defend Satanism then defends it is a moron. I’ve always been irritated by how Wiccans looked down their noses at Satanism, blaming them for every negative perception others had about them. But I prefer that to this new parental protectivenesses of them by you Wiccans. Egads. Is there no one (besides Christians) you won’t defend from criticism?

    As for Christians maintaining control by weaseling their way into power (in a process we call getting voted in) maybe you should read a census sometime. We live in a majority Christian country, and if that were to change it would likely become a majority Muslim country (though it’s more likely given the influx of Catholics from Latin America we’ll stay a Christian majority country) so it seems to me there isn’t much “weaseling” to be done. By your theory Barack Obama (who will have Rick Warren at his inauguration) is weaseling his way in to maintain Christian control. In that light your analysis is not just childish, but paranoid.

    But since everyone answers your questions, why aren’t you answering mine? Are you still looking up information on Wikipedia (the refuge of the ignorant) that will prove something you’ve made up? Why the racist comments? Why yelp about Christians instead of pedophiles? Why defend pedophilia but claim you’d kill the practitioners?

    let me guess. Drugs are involved?

  2. I was in a rush so just caught these two .. I’m thoroughly laughing my ass off now!

    “…I did not even have to consult my pendulum…”

    ROFLMAO!!! So, Druidjoke, which page of “Rabid Charmed Fangirl” mag was that pendulum featured for sale?

    “As for my presence on PS, keep reading what I and others post, you might learn what it is to be pagan.”

    Well, crap. And here I was giving you credit for studying for your acting by using legitimate sources. Research Pagan Space for what it is to be a real Pagan? Surely you’re joking! Um, I think I’ll refer to more reputable areas if someone needs to learn about Paganism, thank you. Learn what it is to be a Pagan from Pagan Space. LMFAO!!! And you wonder why I keep coming back to read what you write. The greatest comedians on Earth couldn’t come up with this stuff!

  3. You want a REAL threat to deal with?

    Here: wwwscientologyorg Edit. No Links to Scams)

    The Church Cult of Scientology is a bigger threat than a bunch of wannabe wizards ever will be.

    ‘Course, they’d probably eat you alive . . . but seeing you guys trying to take on the Scilons would be a lot funnier than anything Anonymous or the Operation Clambake folks could ever do 😉

  4. Yeah. Scientology is MORE important than degenerate baby boomers having sex with children. How could I have missed the “real” threat, a ponzi scheme aimed at morons?

    Scientology, the scourge of planet Earth, much worse than child rape. Of course! I’ve been so stupid. How could I equate a 52-year-old degenerate convincing some teen girl he gives drug to have his love child with idiots giving their money to Scientology? By the gods I must have forgotten how Scientology being a scam is the world’s best kept secret.

    After that I’ll go after the Shamwow guy, then the guy at the Yonkers county fair that guesses your weight. Then the strippers most of whom are either married or lesbians and will never go home with a customer.

    Thank you “ranger six” for your smiley face festooned epiphany. Being active in the fight against child abuse is a total waste of time as long as Scientology continues to get suckers to buy books detailing a “religion” made up in the 20th century and perpetuated by the mentally unstable.

    Hmmm. Put that way Scientology is no different than modern Wicca, right?

  5. Except for the fact that, well, Scientology has actually KILLED PEOPLE.

    I have yet to hear of a single case of Wicca doing that.

    Matter of fact . . . under the “Fair Game” policy of Scientology, everyone who’s not a Scientologist is a valid target for all kinds of illegal acts, ranging from base harassment up to murder. (Mind you, they usually only target their most outspoken critics . . . but still, I’d rather have Wicca around than Scientology. Or, for that matter, you lot. Which, you know was kind’a the whole POINT of the original post.)

  6. Right Ranger Six and child molesters NEVER KILLED ANYONE.

    We’re talking about people who allowed adult men to obviously run scams on children. This isn’t a religious argument, this is about allowing pedophiles to operate freely.

    Maybe you should read my most recent post about this. If you’re so blinded by sanctimonious rage at some fake religion that you’d argue they are worse than a website that enabled adults to have sexual contact with children then you need to rethink where your life is.

  7. Rob, sounds to me someone is feeling a bit threatened. That’s when you know all the efforts to expose the fiends is working. 😉 I like how people like Ranger Six make such pathetic spectacles of themselves with their completely illogical, totally irrational arguments (like comparing financial scams to child rape). You don’t even have to debate them. Just mock their stupidity. Great post follow up!

  8. I’m wondering if you people get as upset at having children permitted on Christian boards. We all know that Christians are as dangerous to children as are pagans. Do you advocate similar restrictions on Christian boards, or are Christians,. by being “washed in the blood” absolutely harmless?

    The trouble is that what most Christians know about pagans is a pack of lies, promulgated by the falsehoods of Chick Tracts, Bill Schnoebelen and others.

    I personally know a number of people who were molested by Christians, and have yet to meet one child hurt by a pagan. I tend to think that it’s the Christian sites that need restrictions. People are far more likely to be beaten, sexually assaulted or killed by a professing Christian than by any pagan.

    But, I suppose, you do need to remain angry at pagans for some reason … after all, you can’t burn them anymore, and the gays aren’t as easy targets as they used to be, and you lost the war against interracial marriage … so, yeah … go for it. It’s far easier than policing your own ranks. And if you lie in the name of Jesus, it really doesn’t count as a lie, so go on and make the accusations about Pagans … it will only help you get to heaven, and it’s more fun. Right?

  9. Indeed Deirdre I think children shouldn’t be on any site frequented by adults looking to score. Although I’m not sure what the “washed by blood”point is if you know of a Christian board where teens are encouraged to take adult men as “teachers” let me know where it is.

    Again I’ll say that not being a Christian I won’t defend them, I know people that were molested by an Irish person, that anecdote doesn’t mean the Irish are more likely to molest does it? But that’s what you’re claiming.

    But as for your nonsense:

    A) I’m a pagan, just not a Wiccan. I’m not angry at pagans, I am embarrassed by Wicca and it’s long history of condoning pedophilia via the Frosts controversy. Look it up.

    B) I’m pro-civil union and most of my friends throughout my life have been Lesbians. I don’t target gays.

    C) I’m bi-racial. It’s extremely offensive for you to co-pt racism and aplly it to my criticism of Wicca as if wiccans aren’t White douches who need to feel oppressed.

    D) Here’s a post about a child molested by a pagan. And here’s one about the Frost controversy (they have a ritual in their book where children are molested by the coven) I guess now that you’ve heard of it you believe it.

    E) There is no Jesus.

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