When Perverts Attack: Tom Madison and “Zman” Threaten Red Alerts

As I was clearing out my Bloglines this morning and taking care of blog minutiae I saw that a person linking to a “sex offender advocacy” blog in his signature was criticizing my post about degenerate pervert Tom Madison verbally abusing a rape victim on syndicated television. The erstwhile blog critic was none other than the infamous Michael James Gregg, otherwise known on the web as Zman, a person who plead guilty to child molestation and has spent every waking day since trying to convince America that we’re “Nazis” for putting him on a sex offender registry.

Zman also got picked up for a D.U.I. in the late 90s, and I think he must still be on the sauce because for the most part his critique of my piece was based around the idea that Madison wasn’t a predator, he was a sex offender, and the two are somehow different. I’m not sure why the metaphor of a predator bothers him, especially since it was applied to someone else, but this is textbook hair splitting that one expects from unemployed Internet trolls.

I’d not have really cared, in fact, except that Red Alerts wasn’t Zman’s only stop of the day, as just minutes after Zman started commenting I got this email missive from Madison himself:

You have allowed an article to be published that is slander and gives me a case
for libel.

Article: “Filthy Pervert Tom Madison Goes Ballistic on The Mike and Juliet


-Tom Madison
Executive Director
SO Clear Media Productions, Inc.
501(c)(3) Non-Profit
Portland, Oregon

Website: Www.SOclear.Org

Sorry Tom, but libel and slander are two different things and neither definition fits my post. I used Tom Madison’s outrageous conduct on television to put forward my belief that the medicalization of degeneracy, the idea that pedophilia is an orientation or mental illness, sanitizes the truth about sex offenders. Tom Madison was purposefully rude to a rape victim and another woman and was completely disrespectful of every woman on the panel. This sort of misogynistic sadism, evidenced by the intentional distress he tried to cause these women, is at the core of sexual abuse. This is the video of Madison in action:


You’ll notice if you watch the whole thing through that Tom is aggressive and rude with everyone except the one man there. Why is that? Well I would theorize that Tom doesn’t respect women, specifically ones who are not submissive to him. That would explain why he was arrested for abusing a teen.

Is that slander? No. Analysis of public figures and their ideas and actions is covered by the First Amendment. And the above analysis is pretty much what I said in the other post. What lawyer is telling Tom I’ve libeled and slandered him? The one he made up, I assume. Maybe it’s time to stop taking legal advice from Zman and start doing a little soul searching.

To make matters more laughable, one of Madison’s other groupies left this comment:

Well well well, wehave MORE propaganda from the cyber-terrorist group Absolute Zero. The SAME Absolute Zero who called Patty Wetterling, Sarah ofte, and the Pope a “pedo enabler” and even claimed Wetterling had a sex offender son. The SAME Absolute Zero which is being sued in federal court for harassment, cyberstalking, and defamation of character. The same group who has come to the rescue of many thugs who terrorize people they consider “pedo enablers.” Oh, and the same group that takes up for Mark Lunsford, whose 18 year old son was busted for illicit sexual contact with a 14 year old, while simultaneously condemning every other 18 year old for having sex with 14 year olds (seeing how Rob supports Paln with her pregnant unwed teen it counds like AZU will have a problem with him BTW) Go to and see what Absolute Zero is REALLY all about!

I find it ironic “Rob Taylor” is spewing such rubbish on a site peddling “Tila Tequila Lesbian Scene (pants down) Preprint Coas.” Sounds a bit contrary if you ask me. Perhaps ol’ Taylor’s got a few cognitive distortions of his own to sort out

So this person is arguing that the Shopping Ads that fund Red Alerts featuring adult women is the moral equivalent of raping children, but I’m the one with “cognitive distortions” to sort out. It’s interesting that perverts are so disgusted by adult women isn’t it? Perhaps because adult women represent sex partners they can’t subjugate?

And yeah, he was bashing Jessica Lunsford’s father.

But pop psychology aside, does anyone think I personally choose the ads that appear in my Shopping Ads block? Anyone besides idiots?

And if I did, is looking at Tila Tequila somehow worse than raping children?

Zman and some other pervert spent a good part of their day in the comments attacking me. Why? It’s because I’m right about them; it’s because these cretin aren’t “sick” and they don’t “love” children, they’re sadists who set out to victimize children because they’re filled to brimming with anger, hatred and selfishness.

Just to clarify something for Tom and Zman and every other moron who has written in to Red Alerts threatening to sue me, I will NEVER remove one of my posts. You’ll need to pry my keyboard from my cold dead hands if you want something taken down. You want to sue me? Go ahead. Have your lawyer contact me and let’s go. You want to “bash in my skull?” Come on with it. I will not have some lowlife child rapist intimidate me into stroking them.

I reserve the right, granted by the divine and protected by the Constitution, to call a man who plead out to abusing a teenage girl a filthy pervert and no amount of childish email will stop me from exercising that right. Tom Madison, get used to being on Red Alerts, because you have just helped create an entirely new category for this site. In honor of Tom Madison and his flock of child raping sheep I proudly add the Filthy Degenerates category to Red Alerts.

3 thoughts on “When Perverts Attack: Tom Madison and “Zman” Threaten Red Alerts

  1. I think these people deserve to be sued back, are they the ones that are really promoting libel and slander? What about the victims of child predators? Do they care about them?

    Most likely not.

  2. Wait, wait, wait… Okay, I have to stop reading for a minute or else everything I keep wanting to remember to say will be forgotten. I had to stop at the idiot’s reference to the Tila Teguila ads. He/She is comparing images of TT to child rapists?! WTF? Please tell me where these people, including that charlatan lawyer (if he actually exists), went to school so my daughter will never go!

    Oh, I just moved on and saw you say just what I did/thought! LOL I swear, sometimes I think we are sharing the same brain. Niiiice….

    Now, as for all this mail you receive about slander and whatnot.. They think they can bully you with ludicrous accusations and empty threats because it works on the gaming boards and majority teen message boards where they troll for their prey. They compare people like you and me and AZU to the teens and tweens they target because their own mentality hasn’t risen above the maturity of a 16 year old.

    I remember getting into this huge blog war and comment war on an art site with the same pedophiles who use those boards for hunting. Long story but at the time, we didn’t realize they were pedophiles (became clear later after investigating why they were fighting to keep a particular piece of art on the site) and none of us realized we were dealing with adults until the owner of the site had enough and posted their identities. Ages ranged from 23 – 46!!! And for 2 months, everyone arguing with them believed them to be no older than 17.

    So, don’t think they have the brain function required to actually win anything. They are uneducated, unrefined, and intellectually, grossly inadequate.

    Can’t wait to watch “Filthy Degenerates” ! Go Red Alerts!!

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