Sleeping Sickness Link Round Up

I apologize to the various people who I was emailing with and left hanging but for about three days this week I was sleeping. A lot. I believe I contracted the sleeping sickness, or it could be toxic shock syndrome! Whatevs. Here’s a selection of stories I was thinking about working on when I was lying in bed reading The Great God Pan by Arthur Machen:

Here’s a Pagan that agreed with me about Martha Coakley. I’m working on an essay about Wiccans accepting Satanic Ritual Abuse so if any Wiccans out there have stories about that let me know.

The Mother of All Conspiracies – The A.T.F. buys cigarettes from “Big Tobacco” to run sting operations to catch people who smuggle smokes into New York, and ran afoul of C.A.I.R. when they targeted Muslim businesses that were involved. Anti-Tobacco groups are actually pushing the A.T.F. to run more stings like this even though it meant the A.T.F. dumping 250 million illegal cigarettes into New York most of which are thought to have been purchased by minors.

The Pagan Temple examines the O’Keefe arrest in The Sting.

La Russophobe is not a fan of Barack Obama or his Russian policy. Read Barack Obama, Rat Bastard.

G.S.G.F. takes Obama to task in American Exemptionalism.

The strange and sad case of Wolfie Blackheart. A 23-year-old brain damaged “werewolf” who may have murdered someone’s lost dog, has definitely desecrated said dog’s corpse and proudly claims she’s “owned” by a “master” in a BDSM relationship. This girl needs help. Now.

The Shield of Achilles debunks The Guardian’s pro-terror Gitmo article.

Jenn Q. Public introduces the Naomi Wolf Award.

Jason Pitzl-Waters doesn’t like the new book Sanctifying Misandry: Goddess Ideology and the Fall of Man. I haven’t received my copy yet (ahem!) so I’ll reserve judgment on the book but after experiencing “goddess worshipers” in all their obese and pretentious glory Jason and I will have to agree to disagree on whether or not they actively promote hatred of men.

CrimeShadows News has a great post up. Read The Piano Man’s Bad Vibes.

Back page escort locked her kid in a closet to turn tricks. The kid was also so severely abused that police said “This child wouldn’t laugh or smile to anything we would do. In any of our attempts to get a reaction out of this child, there was nothing. It’s like he had given up. There was no fight in this child”

BelchSpeak has an update on the James Ray Sweat Lodge death case.

T.D.K.O.M. has the arrest of Kristen Carol Barnett, who molested children at the pre-school she worked in.

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  1. Rob,
    Hope you are feeling better! What have you been doing? Wrangling Tsetse flies in Rhodesia? Actually you might be suffering from Seasonal Affected Disorder in these long dark days of winter. Try to get some exercise, maybe it will help.

    As always, thanks for the linkback!

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