Breaking News! Haitians Practice Voodoo!

Actually this Fox News piece was fair and informative, giving what is no doubt a predominantly Christian audience a look at actual Voodoo practices without theological comment. Some lefty trolls are already claiming this is evidence of some sort of racism but frankly this report on Voodoo is boilerplate and unlike Generation Hex author Jason Louv or lefty hero Martin Sheen’s hate fest The Believers (which was 90+ minutes of racist slander) doesn’t paint Voodoo as evil. But there aren’t many complaints about that interestingly:

The L.A. Times has a interesting piece on the tension between Protestantism and Voodoo in Haiti.

4 thoughts on “Breaking News! Haitians Practice Voodoo!

  1. I believe this is one of the likely reasons why Pat Robertson justified the Haitian tragedy. Just because someone doesn’t practice your religion makes it okay for you to justify something horrible like a massive earthquake onto them?

  2. Robertson sees God’s wrath in everything. Remember he claimed 9/11 was actually God’s punishment on America for not hating gays enough.

  3. Rob Taylor,

    I remember that, about Robertson right after 9/11. By the well, that news report was very well done.

  4. Just reading the title of this piece made me laugh. Uh… haven’t they always? O.o

    I thought it was a very objective piece, as well. More positive than negative, actually, in that it is helping the people to cope with the enormous tragedy they’re dealing with. Isn’t that part of what any given religion is supposed to do?

    What do you call someone who sees racism in anything and everything? I’d call them racist.

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