Lancet: Jews Cause Muslims to Abuse Women

Palestinian Child Brides

Of course the new Lancet study phrases it a different way but in essence the organization that once released an Iraqi causality count that was almost triple the actual number of deaths has yet again used their supposed scientific findings to advance pro-Jihadist anti-Western agi-prop that only the most dedicated anti-Semite could pretend to believe. Like maybe the men posing as women who write Jezebel who had their own little anti-Jew screed going recently.

But perhaps Phyllis Chesler explains the new Lancet study best:

First, let’s follow the money. This study was funded by the Palestinian National Authority as well as by the Core Funding Group at the University of Minnesota. The Palestinian Authority is not a disinterested party. But even worse: The data was collected by the Palestinian Central Bureau. These are the people who told the world that Israeli soldiers shot young Mohammed al-Dura, committed a massacre in Jenin, and purposely attacked Palestinian civilians (who just happened to be jihadists dressed in civilian clothing or hostage-civilians behind whom the jihadists hid).

Second, let’s note that the study has a political goal which trumps any objective academic or feminist goal. (These researchers claim to have a “feminist” perspective). In my view, this study wishes to present Palestinian men as victims, even when those men are battering their wives. And, it wishes to present Palestinian cultural barbarism, which includes severe child abuse, as also related to the alleged Israeli occupation.

Third, therefore, the study has purposely omitted the violence, including femicide, which is routinely perpetrated against daughters and sisters in “occupied Palestine” and has, instead, chosen to focus only on husband-wife violence and only on couples who are currently married. The honor murders of daughters and sisters by their parents and brothers is a well known phenomenon in Gaza and on the West Bank.


Fourth, if one is completely serious about violence against women, the researchers would have factored in the role of Hamas, which has “occupied” Gaza both militarily and religiously. Since they have done so, more and more (previously modern) women have been forced to veil; more child marriages as well as arranged marriages are now taking place.

And of course the study doesn’t explain why the Grand Mufti of Palestine was Hitler’s very best friend (even having himself declared Aryan) and supported the pro-Nazi revolution in non-Jewish Syria. Nor does it explain why there is a Muslim perpetrated genocide in Sudan which targets women for slavery and rape, why the Saudis have sentenced a rape victim to prison and 100 lashes, the propensity of Muslims for rape of non-Muslims in Europe or why the man who invented Bridges TV chopped his wife’s head off in Buffalo New York.

By the way she was one of four wives he had and he’s claiming he was “emotionally abused” by the victim which justifies him killing her. Sounds like he was raised to really respect women.

But I suppose given time Lancet researchers, funded by C.A.I.R. no doubt, could find a way to assign the ultimate responsibility for those atrocities to Jews as well. After all, Lancet is the best peer-reviewed journal money can buy.

6 thoughts on “Lancet: Jews Cause Muslims to Abuse Women

  1. At first glance, that picture looks like a “First Communion” photo… those little girls look to be about six years old…. please tell me that those are their fathers “giving them away” to be married to someone their own age (like an arranged marriage) and not their husbands?

    That second little girl has such a haunted look in her eyes…

  2. Sorry, I was so disturbed by that picture and the subject of child marriage, I forgot to comment on the subject of the post…

    I always call BS whenever any abuser or sexual predator blames anyone else for their actions. This case is no different. Abuse, in any form, is a choice. One can not force another to abuse. Are the authors of that study made up of Dereks and Marys? Enablers, victim blamers (seriously… “honor” killings???) and (this is a new one to me) race blamers? I mean, how do you put things into perspective for people like that so that they’ll “get it”?

  3. Child marriage and polygamy are now serious problems in the USA. We really are not prepared to split up African families in NYC. Polygamy in a small apartment is not safe and violates our laws.

    The funny part is an ex girlfriend wanted to write a paper on this subject in grad school. Her professor turned down the topic and was angry that she learned of this situation from a law enforcement officer. It is funny how politics trump people in certain places.

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  5. Damien, I have no Earthly idea.

    Belchspeak, I’m confused… why is having a source who witnessed the problems first hand or has direct access to records of the problems such a bad thing?

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