One Million Dead Fish in Boliva as New Ice Age Begins

Our world will die Not by Fire but by Ice. From

Over 1 million fish and thousands of alligators, turtles, dolphins and other river wildlife are floating dead in numerous Bolivian rivers in the three eastern/southern departments of Santa Cruz, Beni and Tarija. The extreme cold front that hit Bolivia in mid-July caused water temperatures to dip below the minimum temperatures river life can tolerate. As a consequence, rivers, lakes, lagoons and fisheries are brimming with decomposing fish and other creatures.

Unprecedented: Nothing like this has ever been seen in this magnitude in Bolivia. Inhabitants of riverside communities report the smell is nauseating and can be detected as far as a kilometer away from river banks. River communities, whose livelihoods depend on fishing, fear they’ll run out of food and will have nothing to sell. Authorities are concerned there will be a shortage of fish in markets and are more concerned by possible threats to public health, especially in communities that also use river water for bathing and drinking, but also fear contaminated or decaying fish may end up in market stalls. They’ve begun a campaign to ensure market vendors and the public know how to tell the difference between fresh and unhealthy fish.

In university fish ponds and commercial fisheries the losses are also catastrophic.

Here’s a video embedded, it’s in Spanish but hang in there until about :39, the pictures speak for themselves:

In the Gylfaginning and the Voluspa we learn of the northern European vision of the end of the world. Ragnarok is preceded by the “mighty winter” which lasts three years and in which the world is not spared the ravishes of cold by the summer. As people here talk about record breaking heat in the Western Hemisphere the cold is still killing people and more importantly destroying vital food supplies world wide, truly giving the world no respite.

That same time period will be a time of wars, depravity and the breaking of long standing taboos. It is plain to see that the long winter has come.

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