Multiple Injuries in D.C. Metro Mini-Riot

Lawlessness spreading like wildfire as people sense a collapse nearing? Maybe, maybe not but can you afford to not prepare for that possibility?

At least four people were injured and three arrested late Friday night after a brawl in the Metro system involving as many as 70 people, a Metro spokeswoman said.

The brawl apparently began about 11 p.m. at the Gallery Place station and then continued in the L’Enfant Plaza station, according to Metro spokeswoman Cathy Asato.

Transit police were called to Gallery Place in Northwest Washington where a disorderly group was reported, she said. Then police were sent to the L’Enfant Plaza station two stops away in Southwest, where a fight was reported on the platform for Green and Yellow Line trains.

She said two persons under 18 were arrested along with one adult. Of the injured, she said two were juveniles and two were adults. One of the adults was reported early Saturday to be in serious condition. At one point, a spokesman for the D.C. fire and emergency services department said as many as seven people were being examined for possible injury.

It was not immediately known what prompted the fighting.

I’m betting nothing in particular caused the riot, just a population of young people used to living in an area where people aren’t allowed to defend themselves and class and race animosity are stirred up by politicians. What will you do when this happens near you?