Giuliani To Finance Boob Job?

Giuliani Girl Adelina Kristina Spencer“Soon my measurements will be changing,” Giuliani Girl Adelina Kristina Spencer recently announced on her Model Mayhem profile.

Have I confirmed that the 21 year old model will be using the proceeds from the viral “Obama Girl vs Giuliani Girl” video to pay for breast implants? Sadly, no, but that won’t stop me from exercising my right to spread unsubstantiated and sensational rumors.

By the way, if you somehow managed to miss the video that’s helping Adelina Kristina launch her career to new heights, you can catch it on the Barely Political Web site.

Since the rumor’s already been started, I might as well share my speculation that maybe Giuliani Girl was inspired to surgically enhance her career by her busty counterpart, Obama Girl Amber Lee Ettinger:

Amber Lee Ettinger, Obama Girl
Any nominations for Fred! Girl?