5 thoughts on “My New Red State Article on Supporting Newt Gingrich

  1. Although I’m not sure Newt will win the nominee, either way I’m not going to be a Republican anymore after this election no matter who wins or loses.

    I’ve had it with the hypocrisy, the Democrats are far worse hypocrites. Seen Ann Coulter lately? She’s trying to get Obama another four more years with Mitt Romney. Even someone like Sean Hannity batted for the Massachusetts governor when the media thought he won first place in Iowa, when Santorum did and he may drop out due to financial issues.

  2. I’ll still be for fiscally Conservative, pro-Israel and pro-American causes though even if I do become an Independent after the election.

  3. I am also not a Gingrich supporter at all, but I’m quite annoyed that Romney supporters would accuse me of being a Gingrich supporter. Doesn’t that sound too much like what wRONg Paul and his supporters do?

  4. No offense if you’re a Gingrich supporter, but I wrote a few critical pieces on his connections with those in the Likud Party whom support the current disengagement policies Israel has….and yet the “anti-Zionists” will accuse Gingrich of being “controlled” by da Joos in such a vile Nazi-like tone.

    If there are similar affiliations with Romney, and especially Obama, I’ll say the same thing about them as well….that they are being supported by Jews whom want to see Israel be disarmed. Paul is the obvious as the Neturei Karta recently endorsed his campaign.

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