Charles Barron is Indeed a Son of a Bitch

NYC City Council hack Charles Barron, a violent Marxist who has openly called for a violent revolution in Gotham, was called out by Fox News reporter Adam Housley on his open propagandizing for communist dictator Hugo Chavez’s crackdown on free speech. Barron tried to carry water for Chavez on Cavuto, claiming he was doing nothing wrong by shutting down RCTV, a popular station that ran opposition pieces to Chavez’s policies, as the media in any free society should do.

Barron sees things differently. He believes that free speech has limits; specifically it should be limited to communist indoctrination and propaganda. Barron doesn’t think stories about Chavez turning his loyalist supporters loose on student protesters should make it to the media. Barron doesn’t want images like this being broadcast:


The above movie shows the red-hatted “Chavistas” taking pot shots at unarmed protesters. In a couple of scenes you can see protesters taunting the gunman or throw stones at them, hardly a reason to shoot at them. People like Barron think it’s an act of bravery for Palestinian mobs to throw rocks at Israeli troops, but a few unruly protesters are deserving of heavy handed suppression. One of the protesting students was shot to death, likely by Chavistas.

But Charles Barron, in true S.O.B. fashion, simply doesn’t care.

An American student was savagely beaten by police. Barron doesn’t care.

Chavez’s paid thugs attack a second station. Barron doesn’t care.

Police attack peaceful demonstrators. Barron doesn’t care.

He is a son of a bitch, isn’t he? Chavez could napalm the masses, “the people,” rising up in support of freedom and Barron would smirk and tell the world Chavez is a hero. Because to Barron that is heroic, killing those who disagree with you is heroic. Oppression is heroic, denying freedom is heroic, because it is essentially the perfect Marxist state. This kind of dictatorship is what Barron wants for New York, America and the world.

And that makes him a son of a bitch.

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