Interpol Announces Congressman James McGovern Worked for Narco-Terror Group F.A.R.C.


The Massachusetts Democrat has been working diligently to sever American ties with Columbia where F.A.R.C. has led a violent Marxist insurgency for decades. McGovern’s work to undermine the wildly popular President Uribe is a criminal act that should be prosecuted and now Interpol has certified that evidence found in a F.A.R.C. laptop implicating him in dealing with the group for political gain is true it is time the Department of Justice arrested this traitor and sent a strong message to people who would side with the enemies of freedom and prosperity.

From The Wall Street Journal:

Mr. McGovern’s press office says the Congressman is merely working at the behest of families whose relatives are held as FARC kidnap hostages. However, his go-between’s letters reveal more than routine intervention. The intervenor with the FARC is James C. Jones, who the Congressman’s office says is a “development expert and a former consultant to the United Nations.” Accounts of Mr. Jones’s exchanges with the FARC appeared in Colombia’s Semana magazine on March 15. This Mr. Jones should not be confused with the former Congressman and ambassador to Mexico of the same name from Oklahoma.

“Receive my warm greetings, as always, from Washington,” Mr. Jones began in a letter to the rebels last fall. “The big news is that I spoke for several hours with the Democratic Congressman James McGovern. In the meeting we had the opportunity to exchange some ideas that will be, I believe, of interest to the FARC-EP [popular army].”

Mr. Jones added that “a fundamental problem is that the FARC does not have, strategically, a spokesman that can communicate directly with persons of influence in my country like Mr. McGovern.” Semana reports that in the documents Mr. Jones “rules himself out as the spokesman but offers himself as a ‘bridge’ of communication between the FARC and the congressman.” Semana says when it spoke with Mr. Jones, he verified the letter and explained that “he made the offer because the guerrillas need interlocutors if they want to achieve peace and that it is a mistake to isolate them.”

But communications among FARC rebels suggest the goal was to isolate Colombia’s government. A letter that Reyes wrote to top FARC commander Manuel Marulanda on October 26 reads: “According to [Jones’s] viewpoint, [President Álvaro] Uribe is increasingly discredited in the U.S. . . He believes that the safe haven [for the rebels] in the counties can be had for reasons mentioned. Congressional Democrats have invited him to Washington to talk about the Colombian crisis in which the principal theme is the swap.”

Semana reports that Mr. Jones made some proposals to the FARC, including a Caracas meeting with representatives of Venezuela, Colombia, the FARC, other South American countries, U.S. Congressmen and the Catholic Church. “It would be almost impossible for Uribe to reject such a meeting,” Mr. Jones wrote, “without burning himself a lot, nationally and internationally. If he persists in being against it, I have understood that there are ways to pressure him from my country [the U.S.].”

In a letter to Semana, Mr. Jones said his words were taken out of context. He says he is not in favor of the “violent methods of the guerrilla” or “the military solutions” of the government. He had only a professional relationship with the FARC and had to address them as he did because he had to build trust. Mr. McGovern’s office says it knew what Mr. Jones was doing and engaged with him because “we need to find an interlocutor who could discuss these things including the safe haven” for the guerrillas.

We think the documents reveal something else entirely: Some Democrats oppose the Colombia trade deal because they sympathize more with FARC’s terrorists than with a U.S. antiterror ally.

What would J.F.K. say is he knew his party was dealing with Marxist insurgents? I’d say he was rolling over in his grave now but he already is given his brother’s treasonous relationship with the Soviet Union which was aimed at undermining the presidential campaign of Jimmy Carter of all people.

What is it about violent Marxists who rape, steal and kill that tugs at the modern leftist’s heart? Immature hero worship or the secret desire of White liberals to kill large numbers of people because they feel otherwise powerless? We may never know, but why don’t we start looking for answers with Jim McGovern? Here are his Washington office numbers:

Phone: (202) 225-6101
Fax: (202) 225-5759

Vcrisis has a post up about the Interpol report as does The Real Cuba.

Gateway Pundit has been following the F.A.R.C/Democrat connection for weeks, so a big tip of the hat goes to him.

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