Food Inflation Update

I was at Costco a couple of days ago and the price of honey stopped me dead in my tracks. I’ve been buying 5lb containers of clover honey there for a few years and since me and the Mrs. use it in our tea and I sometimes cook with it we do go through a container faster than you would think. So I always pick up one at Costco for the larder so we have a few on hand. About a year or so ago I was paying around $8.99 for one. The it went to about $10 bucks a piece.

This week it was $11.45.

I must have had some trouble keeping my dismay to myself because my reaction started a conversation with a nice gentleman who informed me that his popcorn had similarly spiked. We chatted briefly and conversation quickly turned to the dreaded “h” word – hyperinflation.  We had a nice conversation and my wife and I were heartened to meet people who understood the disaster we are heading into as a country.

Massive Fed printing leading to dollar devaluation, attacks on farming limiting food supply, increased global demand, peak oil – there’s a lot of blame to go around and this inflation we’re seeing s the product of a perfect storm that is sweeping across not only America but the entire industrialized world. The politics of whom to blame might be interesting but the reality of the situation is that we need to learn to live in a world where we will have access to less and less.

My wife and I went to a local diner yesterday and noticed that both the meals we go, while delicious, were smaller and skimped a bit on the meat. I no longer buy meat at my local grocery because it’s too expensive – I buy from Costco or Aldi.Gone are my veal chop dinners as I begin eating more ground pork and turkey which is always cheap.

Onions, peppers and potatoes have become staples of my diet and right now I’m starting a bunch of pepper plants so I don’t have to buy them. They too are too expensive.

On my site Hunter-Trader-Trapper I’ll be adding a frugal living category where I’ll be sharing with readers my tips on how to save money on food in these tough times without going hungry. I’m also looking for articles if anyone would like to submit.

But the warnings are there. We are heading off a cliff and there is nothing politicians or parties can do to stop this. It’s time for you to prepare for what is coming which is a long period of prices raising so much that only the very rich will remain unscathed. The days of dollar dominance are over and everyone know it. I just read a Daily Caller article dealing with drug dealers accepting bottles of Tide laundry detergent as payment rather than money. Think about that for a second.

Dealers are now bartering for drugs because they know Tide is now as valuable or more valuable than money. They are selling the Tide on the black market for half price as the prices in stores become too much for the inner city poor.

We’re partisans here at Red Alerts but right now it’s time to put away the partisanship and think about how you will feed yourself and your families. These warnings have been made for years but it still is not too late to put some food away and think about what to do when the bread is $15 a loaf.

2 thoughts on “Food Inflation Update

  1. I actually use reward credit cards to get around inflation, I get money back from them even though if it’s one percent if it’s a large bill, if it’s groceries, it’s about 2 percent and 3 percent on gas.

    So if your annual income is good, think about getting a rewards credit card to get around inflation.

  2. I think we’re a ways away from the $15 loaf of bread, but food is now requiring a lot more of our income to feed our families and I only see it getting worse. I love beef,but due to inflation buy more chicken and pork. I blame a lot of that on corn being made into ethanol rather than feed. Also the high price of gas needed to ship food to market naturally ends up in the consumer price. Even if the government doesn’t recognize it inflation is here in the form of higher food and fuel prices.

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