Barney Frank Calls for 25% Defense Cut, Higher Taxes

Welcome to the New America, where in the face of drastic increases in defense spending from Russia, China and Iran the new power’s that be will defang America and cripple our wealth generating economic model:

Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) said Democrats will push for a stimulus package after the November election, and called for a package reducing defense spending by 25 percent while saying Congress will “eventually” raise taxes.

Frank told the editorial board of the SouthCoast Standard-Times that he wanted to reduce defense spending by a quarter, meaning the United States would have to withdraw from Iraq sooner.

“The people of Iraq want us out, and we want to stay over their objection,” he said. “It’s extraordinary.”

Frank also said the post-election stimulus package will focus on spending for building projects, extending unemployment benefits, and further supporting states’ healthcare costs. “We’ll have to raise taxes ultimately,” Frank said. “Not now, but eventually.” Frank told the Standard-Times that if Democrats cannot secure the votes they need in November, they will try again in January, when they will likely have stronger majorities in the House and Senate.

Frank, the Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, was an instrumental figure in engineering the bailout legislation to the U.S. financial industry, and indicated a new package may seek to ameliorate fears about investing. “The psychological problem is even worse than the real problem,” Frank said.

The Hill neglects to inform readers Frank was also instrumental in creating the crisis.

Arm yourselves, because when Russian and Iranian advisers lead Bolivarian troops across our borders, there won’t be much of a military to stop them.

2 thoughts on “Barney Frank Calls for 25% Defense Cut, Higher Taxes

  1. “The psychological problem is even worse than the real problem,” Frank said.

    This is a great problem.

    When Government is attempting to teach children that boys can should and have a right to marry other males and women can should and will have a right to marry other females, YES there is a problem with the PSYCHE of our leadership and the Citizens of America. Although turning Americans into sissie whipped humans sucking and humping each other without any over whelming force or even firing a shot, says a lot for the use of tactics.

    I would say “CORPORACRACY” is on track. Socialism is soaking in nicely, keep massaging.

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