3 thoughts on “Fred Thompson Rallies Republicans

  1. Entrenched long term Politicians are going to have one chance to save the Republic. We must divide this pie of Landmass. Give California to the Socialists along with New York Louisiana and other rat holes of Socialism.

    Citizens arm them selves. Let us shoot it out. We can pick our neighbors and our friends. CORPORACRACY has conspired with the government to undermine the value of a mans labor. This is why CEOs are getting such high bonuses. Our American Government helped Corporacracy steal wages. An now they just helped steal $ 800, billion ++ dollars. This money represents over payment of taxes and under payment of wages.

    Our Government backed Corporations to break Unions.
    Addressing to much individual accumulation of individual wealth. There by shining light on actions showing collusion between government and developers, infringing on property rights of individuals, thru developers, to individual property owners on delivery of deeded (convents codes and restrictions).

    Using a legal tactic to extract rights guaranteed individuals under the constitution, (rights which supposedly cannot be infringed).

    Infringing those very rights thru deeded transactions on private property. Allow regulation by local Government imposed Ordnances. THIS IS INFRINGEMENT.

    We are living in a POLICE STATE. It is time to act. Talking is over. Either crap or get off the pot.

    I know Fred Thompson. He might make a good Division Commander ?

  2. TO: Rob Taylor

    From: Liberty Is Freedom

    Subject: Liberty truely is Freedom

    My gut reaction to my training says, “I need to hear the ajenda in private.” Organization is the key to success. The current multidecades organizational ajenda has caused this failure. A lot more that regrouping is needed. The security of our Country has been BREACHED !

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