The Case Against McCain and for Fred Thompson

John McCain has stood side by side with Democrats and authored assault after assault on our free speech and individual liberty. Here’s a short list of leftist bills sponsored by McCain that run not just counter to mainstream Republicanism, but are anti-American at their core.

Fred Thompson stands in stark contrast to McCain as a man who values conservative principles over the feel good bi-partisanship endorsed by McCain. He in fact stands in stark contrast to all the Republican front runners and is the clear choice of any voter who loves our country more than they love faddish political stands:


I’m with Fred!

This is Why I’m With Fred

Mike Huckabee is basically a European style Christian Democrat while Mitt, Rudy, and McCain have all abandoned Republican principles at one time or another and will do so again.

The less said about Ron Paul the better.

Only Fred Thompson embodies the values of the Reagan Revolution and is willing to fight for freedom and individual rights at home and abroad as this clip shows:


As a (newly arrived) South Carolina resident my vote was always meant for Thompson, and I hope to vote for him in the general election. I urge anyone who believes in Federalism, individual rights and a strong America to do the same.

I’m With Fred

I’m Still with Fred!

Fred Thompson may have finished third in Iowa, but the results of the Republican caucus prove that more than ever Fred’s message of authentic Conservatism needs to get out to the people. With the evangelical driven victory of Mike Huckabee, the G.O.P. and America are faced with a disaster of epic proportions.

While I respect my Evangelical friends, I have to say that in a world as dangerous as we live in now we need a president whose leadership is is more Reagan and less Aquinas. We need a leader who will confront, and destroy, our enemies not someone running on a turn the other cheek platform.

The Taliban are poised to use the chaos in Pakistan to re-establish an Islamist state, and are already warning Pakistan to capitulate to their demands or face “total war.” Al-Qaeda will no doubt help them, as will the Chechnyan Jihadist mercenaries who’ve become the shock troops for Islamist causes world wide.

The world is marching steadily toward war, and when an Al-Qaeda backed Taliban government has control of Pakistan’s Nukes who do you want in charge Fred Thompson or the Republican Jimmy Carter.

I’m not trying to sound flippant or anti-Christian by any means, but the war waged on the West by Jihadists cannot be defeated by a leader, Democrat or Republican, who promises compassion beyond reason, who will lead by the example of Jesus and not the example of MacArthur.

Huckabee granted more pardons to violent felons than his previous three predecessors combined, some of which were granted because the violent felons got a good word from their pastors.

As a governor he made the compassionate Christian decision, but not the right one. As President during the most critical time in America’s history we can’t afford those kinds of mistakes.

Fred Thompson is a strong leader who understands that the Jihadist war on the West will continue until they are victorious or defeated. He understands how critical it is that America maintain a strong presence in the world and a stronger defense at home. Fred Thompson can lead this country into a prosperous, secure future.

Mike Huckabee will lead us to ruin.

I will vote G.O.P. no matter who the nominee is, unless it’s Mike Huckabee and others have echoed this sentiment. But right now Fred is still in the race and if you want a real Reagan style conservative in the White House in ’08 it’s time to support Fred Thompson.

Update: Evangelicals ignored Huckabee’s real record, found here courtesy of the Hot Air commenter MT, to vote for him. Slublog thinks if they keep that up it’ll split the party, as it apparently already has.

The above Hot Air link has a clip of Huckabee guaranteed to make real Republican blood boil. It also has more of his over the top religious rhetoric; watch it to see why you need to support Fred.