Somalia Pwns Islamic Courts Union Forces!


Finally some good news from Africa, as the forces of Somalia’s beleaguered government and their Ethiopian allies put it on the the Al-Qeada backed I.C.U. who’ve been largely victorious, and belligerent, until now.

Arab-league backed peace talks only emboldened the Islamists, and the (non) intervention of the E.U. and the international community have done nothing to temper the ambitions of this African Taliban who seek to drag the entire continent back into the dark ages of Islamic dominance and Arab enslavement of non-Muslim black Africans.

This victory will temporarily curb the I.C.U.’s advances into areas they don’t already control, and the heavy losses suffered by the Muslim invaders will give Somalian and Ethiopian forces the opportunity to push back into occupied territory and drive the I.C.U. back from the capitol city. All in all a day for any freedom loving American to celebrate, and congratulate those brave warriors who provided an example of the courage we’ll need to fight the Islamic Expansionists in the years to come.

I’m glad they’re on our side.