ACORN Caught Promoting Child Sexual Slavery!

Breitbart’s new blog Big Government has started of with a bang. ACORN workers help a filmmaker posing as a pimp and an actress posing as a hooker fraudulently fill out mortgage and tax forms to set up a brothel. The workers also tell the couple to claim the underage human trafficking victims they were going to house at their brothel as dependents, and one woman tells the “prostitute” to teach the children forced into sexual slavery to “keep their mouths shut.”

I was going to write a long essay about morality, but watch the video and you’ll know what I was going to say anyway. These people are animals:

Part II

What kind of people don’t even blink when you tell them you’re bringing girls as young as 13 into the country and forcing them to turn tricks? What kind of people don’t call the police? A degenerate. When will we start an investigation on these scum?

3 thoughts on “ACORN Caught Promoting Child Sexual Slavery!

  1. I was going to say the same thing… “she didn’t even bat an eyelash when the girl mentioned that these girls were minors”. That is just sickening and evil.

    I haven’t had much exposure to anything dealing with ACORN, but they’re on my shit list now. I’ll do my best to make sure others are aware of these disgusting tactics they’re using, as well.

    Thanks for posting this, Rob. I do plan to get a “Human Trafficking” section going on PACA. People just don’t realize what a huge problem it is, right here in the US. Hell, I don’t even have a clue yet just how bad it is, but what I’ve seen of it so far is just horrible to think about.

  2. Rob Taylor,

    You’re right to say that these people are like animals! I haven’t even finished watching this yet and they are upsetting me. Do they not have a problem with sexual slavery? And child sexual slavery at that?

  3. If oboma and this SCUMFLESH called acorn are not finished now the American people desirve what they get.

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