Alec Baldwin is a Wife Beating Communist … Explaining Why He Hates Sarah Palin

Alec Baldwin is a wife beating communist who has become rabidly anti-Palin. If you don’t believe that he’s one of those armchair communists who supports the revolution that will eventually slit his rich, fat throat enjoy this prelude to his Palin Derangement Syndrome:

I thought McCain was the next Bush. I said so, like countless others, on this blog. More war. More debt while keeping taxes low and mocking the Democrats who want to pay down that debt. No vision regarding the energy issue. Or education. Or health care. More fear. Less solutions. No call for sacrifice where it really counts in terms of America’s consumption. More favored treatment for American corporations. More foxes called to guard the henhouse in terms of our government’s regulatory stewardship. And on and on. The Bush Nightmare, chapter three.

Something tells me the rotund Baldwin isn’t going to sacrifice his consumption … of donuts that is. And have you ever met an old fat man with an anger problem who didn’t have his AC turned down to sub-arctic levels? Nah. He’s talking about you peons out there that he doesn’t have enough respect for to turn in a half-way watchable performance. It’s you and me who will pay more taxes without access to his tax shelters and will be living through rolling brownouts while he sits in a mansion smacking around his new old lady while telling her Kim Basinger is evil.

As for the Palin hatred, voila:

But McCain is not Bush. No matter what you think of McCain, you can’t pin that on him. Now Palin? Palin is Bush. What helped propel Bush into the White House was not only some effective electoral nullification. It was his lack of a record in public office. The governorship of Texas is one of the more ceremonial of all the governorships in this country. The state legislature calls the shots. Bush came into power with less foreign policy experience than Barack Obama has now. And was “elected” to two terms. Bush had no foreign policy record to examine. He had only his father’s rich friends and their stranglehold on the Republican National Committee to call upon. It proved to be more than enough.

Bush was elected and, of course, allowed a cast of neocon savages to take over from there. We knew next to nothing about Bush and even less about how Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell, Ashcroft, Gonzalez, Addington, Bolton, et al would manage the world post 9/11.

We know nothing about Sarah Palin. Nothing. Which is not anywhere near enough information to elevate her to the position whereby she would succeed McCain if he died in office or suffered a catastrophic illness. At 72 years of age and in questionable health, McCain’s fitness to coach a high school football team would be in doubt, let alone the grueling reality of the presidency of this country.

Of course we all know that to the rabid child abusing liberal calling someone Bush is the absolute worst insult there is. It’d be like calling a washed up actor who is known to have threatened female co-stars in a Broadway production a boozed-up hack who can’t control their anger and will likely die alone.

But who’s surprised that a man who abused his wife and daughter would be angered by the very sight of a strong, accomplished woman who knows how to handle a gun. It’s not as if a guy like that would be worried that the women he terrorizes would get ideas from seeing a Palin. Ideas like buying a gun so the next time some unnamed person gets drunk and comes banging on the door they’d be able to defend themselves, or that as a woman she was truly an equal with a man, not just the aggrieved victim feminists like to portray themselves as. Those are the same feminists that happily defend the Alec Baldwins of the world. Right Meleah Hawthorne?

It is also indicative of Baldwin’s shallowness of thought that his argument for supporting Obama over McCain is that he doesn’t know anything about Palin. It’s fitting this dung heap of an idea come from the man just honored by N.Y.’s carriage riders with the change of the name of the diapers used on horses to “Baldwin Bags.

The best part of his essay is actually his apology to some other people for flying off the handle, complete with a smear against one of the people’s Scientologist leanings. Alec Baldwin, don’t ever change. I mean unless you wanted to stop hurting the people around you and become a better (sober) person.

3 thoughts on “Alec Baldwin is a Wife Beating Communist … Explaining Why He Hates Sarah Palin

  1. I just find it amusing that Baldwin now claims that Sarah Palin is “like” Bush. Even though I found a report that she taxed oil companies while she was governor. The same oil companies which Barack Obama wishes to tax!

    I’m pretty sure, John McCain would also follow suit as well. But I guess it doesn’t matter to someone like Alec Baldwin and other Obamaphilles.

  2. mah29001 – Obama also said this weekend that Palin is like Bush, but even more so. Of course, Obama also wants us to believe we know nothing about Sarah Palin and her credentials. So which is it, Obama? Is she Bush or a complete unknown? Can’t have it both ways.

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