Possible Human Sacrifice by Narco-Cultists in Mexico

Zionist Anti-Communist pointed out this story the media has quietly slipped into their smear campaign against Governor Palin, hoping that no one would notice and demand the journalists do what we pay them to do which is investigate important stories:

MEXICO CITY – The heads of 11 decapitated bodies discovered in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula last week may have been burned in a ritual, investigators said.

Police said they found an altar to the skeletal figure of the “Santa Muerte,” an unofficial patron saint of death, in the home of two men arrested in connection with the slayings, while several scorched spots were discovered in a nearby clearing.

Police suspect the heads were burned in the clearing, according to a statement from the Public Safety Department. The department did not say what evidence it had to support that theory. Public Safety officials declined to give further details Monday, citing an ongoing investigation.

Decapitations have become more frequent in battles between Mexico’s powerful drug cartels. The 11 corpses appeared to be the largest group of beheadings since gunmen tossed five human heads into a bar two years ago.


But Santa Muerte rituals normally do not include blood sacrifice.

If police suspicions about the ritual burning prove true, it would recall the 1989 killing of a Texas college student and 12 other people by a drug trafficking cult.

Student Mark Kilroy’s mutilated body was unearthed a month after the 21-year-old vanished while on spring break in Matamoros, a border town across from Brownsville, Texas. The cult believed human sacrifice would protect it from police and rivals. Its high priestess and four of her followers were sentenced to more than 60 years in prison in 1994.

The “drug trafficking cult” Associated Press reporter Alexandra Olson drops in so causally was the coven of Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo who was an initiate in Palo Mayombe. Though most scholars accept Palo as a religious tradition in its own right, many Santeria or Voudon practitioners consider it to be a form of witchcraft. It is not unusual for practitioners of other religions to seek initiation into Palo Mayombe, in fact.

Key to Palo magical practices is the dreaded Nganga, a cauldron containing certain remains of a dead person which houses a powerful spirit that is “fed” offerings. Castanzo’s Ngnaga was found to contain the brains of Mark Kilroy whose dismembered and burned body was found on Castanzo’s ranch. Crime scene photos of the various occult instruments also found in Castanzo’s ranch include a small Santa Muerte figurine. One such photo, as well as a detailed account of Castanzo’s crimes, can be found here.

This detailed report on the cult of Santa Muerte or “Holy death” reveals that one of the honorifics of the figure is La Madrina which means The Godmother. Castanzo’s female acolyte Sara Maria Aldrete Villareal was named La Madrina by him and given the equivalent of the role of high preistess in the group. Castanzo himself was called La Padrina, or The Godfather. After being sentenced for her roles in a massive number of human sacrifices, Villareal said the following:

“I don’t think the religion will end with us, because it has a lot of people in it. They have found a temple in Monterrey that isn’t even related to us. It will continue.”

At the time of the Kilroy murder Mexico City had a suspected 74 ritual murders, and only 16 of them could be pinned on Castanzo. 14 of the victims were infants.

Many in the Reconquista movement have been taken to calling for Latinos to adopt the Aztec religion, one that we know historically involved bloody human sacrifice. This dangerous nostalgia may not be confined to the professional protester but may have bled into the more fringe radical movements. One online grimoire claims Santa Muerte is actually an Aztec goddess of death Mictlantecuhtli. Mictlantecuhtli was offered the skin of sacrificial victims and was said to devour the dead.

It is known that MS-13 has huge numbers of Santa Muerte cultists in their ranks, but despite the media portrayals, the cult of Santa Muerte is not a religion, but can more rightly be described as a magical tradition, a kind of witchcraft which anyone can practice. Therein lies its danger because it has no theology of its own and places no demands on adherents. Instead cultists are presented with an amoral entity that will grant favors in return for offerings and which many of her followers believe is an incarnation of a bloodthirsty demon-god that demanded human sacrifice.

Is it any wonder ritual killings would happen in her name?

The question is, is this a new phenomenon or has this been happening all along, hidden in the incomplete files of unsolved murders in Mexico? And is it going on in our own country even now?

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  5. witchcraft has nothing to do w/ these cultist. witchcraft has gotten a bad name since the days of the salem witch trials. witches are humanist, lovers of caring for the earth, environment and people.

  6. I’m a Witch and not a humanist nor a carer for the people of the Earth. Witchcraft is a term that covers a variety of practices, Wiccans included. But Wiccans are not the standard for who is termed a witch world wide.

    Traditional Witchcraft is concerned with sex, power and vengeance. Since ancient times and today that’s how it is. Witchcraft is a practice, like karate, which does not have a particular set of religious values or morals attached to it.

    Had you read the piece however you would have seen that I do not claim Sante Muerte cultists are Witches. I point out that Palo Mayombe is considered a kind of Witchcraft by other Diaspora practitioners.

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