Anti-Catholic Hate Crime in Arkansas Ignored by Media

Members of a Catholic student group called Tradition Family and Property Student Action were assualted by some Obamunist thug while praying the Rosary during a protest. The group is a Fatima-ist Conservative group founded by a Brazillian intellectual named Plinio Correa de Oliveira so this is not the American version of Conservatism but leans a bit toward what we would consider Falangism.

But that’s not really important – after all you don’t see leftists physically assaulting other groups that promote Syndicalist economies (like elements of OWS) or Muslims whose Sharia law is a type of Falangist system. These people were targeted for waving an American flag and praying to their god in public which is pure anti-American bigotry and frankly a hate crime:

h/t Gateway Pundit

2 thoughts on “Anti-Catholic Hate Crime in Arkansas Ignored by Media

  1. I know some people who live in AR, and others who did live there. It’s not very Catholic-friendly, since they consider Catholicism another form of Paganism, which they consider Satan-worship. While they tend to be polite to tourists (believe it or not, there are actually some tourist attractions there), they’re still very bigoted towards anyone not from there. In other words, if you move there and have a dispute with a native Arkansian, the native Arkansian is almost always right.

  2. Pitiful. Disgusting. They ought to post his license plate on the internet. He was old enough to assault those students, he should be bold enough to suffer the consequences.

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