Are Justin Raimondo and Brian Wilson White Supremacists?

How else do you explain the exuberance with which White Supremacist sites embrace Raimondo’s and Wilson’s anti-war, anti-“empire” rhetoric? The Civic Platform, one of the vilest race hate sites on the Internet, has yet again reposted essays by Raimondo and Wilson cribbed from and respectively. Of course, lest you not know where Civic Platform stands on issues other than the war in Iraq or American foreign policy, here’s a list of posts that Raimondo and Wilson are happy to have their essays share the stage with:

Hagee’s D.C. Meeting worries Kikes

One law for Murderous Kikes, Another for Palestinians

Cherokees Vote to Exclude Stupid & Violent Nigger Animals from Tribe[What Took Them So long]

Not to worry though, they incorporate enough mainstream leftism to make radical libertarians comfortable, like their applause for Christopher Hitchens’ attack on the religious version of himself or their concern for the environment (the Sierra Club are a bunch of sellouts they claim) almost as if White Nationalism has converged ideologically with the anti-war left.

Of course, Raimondo and Wilson don’t necessarily endorse Civic Platform’s views, indeed they may not even know they’re being cross posted, but now that they’ve been alerted (I’m shooting off an e-mail to both) what will be their response? Will they do as I would and demand Civic Platform take down their writings? Will they decry the racism of the site? Will they do a little soul searching and ask themselves why their writings are so popular with actual Nazis, but not the people they imply are Nazis in their essays?

I doubt it, these days it seems like it’s more important that someone is agreeing with you than who is doing the agreeing. Raimondo and Wilson aren’t Black or Jews, so they won’t be offended, just happy they have found new allies in their struggles against the “evil empire.”

Update: Here’s a nice piece on Raimondo that should put his palatability to Nazis in perspective.

Update: Brian Wilson’s Response:

Not being a “white supremacist”, am not aware of such sites or blogs.
Without being taken out of context, misquoted and/or twisted to the max, I cannot imagine anything I’ve written or said having anything to do with “white supremacy” in any context – other than negative.
Then again, people who call themselves “white supremacists” tend to be sufficiently demented to accomplish that.
As for “the site” being aware – assuming you are referring to, – only Mr. Rockwell can comment on that.

I guess he’s no fan, but if White Supremacists are so “demented” whay does it say about Wilson’s essay that they are so enthralled by it? If those you yourself despise become proponents of your ideas, isn’t it time to examine those ideas?

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