More on the Democratic Convergence with White Nationalism

According to Hot Air John Edwards has “clarified” his earlier statements regarding Israel being a threat to world peace, claiming that he meant a nuclear Iran was the biggest threat to peace. An impressive spin, but it came too late as the radical left continues to move into territory previously only occupied by Nazis and their philosophical heirs, Islamists.

Wonkette tried to distract readers from the implied anti-Semitism of Edwards statement by resorting to base anti-Christian rhetoric that even satanic groups like the Temple of Set wisely avoid. The money shot’s in the last paragraph, where “Jesus freaks” are at once blamed for loving Israel too much while at the same time eagerly awaiting the day God will destroy it. Wonkette outdoes itself with 80’s style sataniteen smugness that is painfully embarrassing to read. host several screeds by anti-Republican conspiracy theorist radical Carolyn Kay who was one of a host of “liberals” who were distraught to find out America helped the U.N. backed Somali government drive out Arab fighters who were hunting Black Africans for sport. One of her new conspiracies; that an evil Israel will attack poor defenseless Iran because “Bush needs another war.” Haven’t we heard something similar form the grand pobah of white Nationalism? Spend a few minutes with on the site and you’ll see dozens of quotes that could just as easily have come form a neo-Nazi as a “Democrat.”

Wesley Clark has a new site demanding we not go to war with Iran. Ever. I wonder what if his protectiveness of Iran is based on some shared value with the current regime?

Don’t forget my buddy Robert Lindsay, who wants to make sure that everyone knows his repeating the theories of August Kreis doesn’t mean he supports them per se. This distinction, between presenting an argument and giving it half hearted criticism before endorsing parts of it and endorsing the argument in it’s entirety is apparently a bone of contention between us. I say a man who calls Elie Wiesel a racist is probably on the Stormfront mailing list and a fan of Prussian Blue, but Lindsay will say I don’t know that for sure.

I could go on, but you get the idea. Find me a passionate anti-War Democrat, and I’ll show you a man who thinks passover matzos made of Palestinian blood. The Internet brings together all sorts of people from all walks of life, and in this case that’s a bad thing.

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