Marxism in Focus

The “hard Left” often levels charges that our Capitalist system is the root cause of evil in the world. Following the enlightened principles of Marxism, they claim, will end corruption, inefficiency warmongering and inequality. Or will it?

Dissecting Leftism reports that Socialist leaning England runs the world’s most inefficient asset seizure program. The program, designed to seize the assets of criminals, has spent 65 million Pounds in tax revenue to collect 23 million Pounds. Bureaucracy at its finest.

Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe, not satisfied with a pogrom against white Africans, or soaring inflation Mugabe is rubbing his peoples face in ti by garnishing civil servants wages to pay for his birthday party. Hot Air has more on this.

Just days after Al-Qaeda threatened Venezuela, among others, Venezuela is announced its plans to fight America with with “asymmetrical warfare” in an attempt to show the murderous theocratic animals who follow Bin laden just who’s side Chavez is actually on.

Looks to me like their plenty of the “sins of capitalism” running amok in areas of the world where Capitalism is a distant memory. Perhaps Marxist rhetoric is primarily projection, where Marxist tell you what type of world they want to live in, and how you’ll be treated in it.